Top 10 land animals in the world


Land animals are those animals that are entirely live on land. For example, cats’ dog’s tiger, etc… These animals are possessing different characteristics. there are so many land animals in the world, but we only discuss the top best land animals. Some are big and some are small in size. A list of the top 10 best land animals is below.



Tiger is also known as the largest wild cat. They are the strongest animals in the world. They stay alone. Tigers belong to the Mammalia class. This land animal is a carnivore and has many subspecies namely Bengal, south china, Sumatran, Siberian and Indochinese. If we talk about their looks they have fur coats with dark vertical strips This unique feature makes him prominent among the land animals in the world. They are a solitary hunter and like to live occupied large areas .it is necessary for rearing its cubs. This land animal grows as long as 13 feet and weight are about 296kgs. Tigers like to eat grasses and different fruits and various species of deer. Tigers are not be kept as pets. Female tigers are small in size than the male tigers.

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2. Lion


A lion is always known to be the king of the jungle. Lion has a long body and short legs. they are various in color. They live in groups. The newborn lion is called cubs .cubs are helpless and blind. Cubs follow their mother for about 3 months. Cubs can participate in their skills at about 11 months. lion possesses the leadership qualities. This land animal called the 2nd largest cat in the world. Life Spain of a lion is about 10-14 years. They are the symbols of strength. Lion used different sounds when they communicate with each other. each sound has a different meaning for meows, roars, growls, etc.

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3. polar bear


This land animal lives in the frozen wilds of the arctic region, Greenland, Norway. They are 6 ft tall and about 700 kg. they have a slim body and long neck. their body covered with hairs. The most interesting character about these land animals is a blue tongue. they sleep much time around 20 hours per day. The food of this animal is both plants and animals. He can fast for up to 12 months. they are active throughout the year. His cubs remain to stay with their mothers for up to 2.5 years.

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4. Maned wolf

Maned wolf

The maned wolf is a carnivore. It looks like the fox but it is not a fox nor a wolf .it is the largest land animal in South America. Its scientific name is Chrysostom brachyurus.most prominent feature about it is that it possess reddish coat, thin legs .they eat small mammals like rabbits cuts, etc .maned wolf prefer to live upon open grassland and mixed forest. They have fur which helps them to hide in the long grass and also protect them on a cold night. the maned wolf is the most active animal among the land animal in the world.

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5. Lynx


Lynx looks like a wild cat .it belongs to a Mammalia class. many people keep it as a pet animal but it is a wild animal. They may attack if they threatened. Lynx only eats meat such as small animals. The sound of lynx-like the house cat. The life span of lynx is 10 to 12 years.

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6. DOG


The dog is a common land animal. Everyone knows about it. The dog is a domestic animal. people keep it as a pet animal. There are many kinds of dogs they are very sensible they feel and understand our emotions. This intelligent creature can read our emotions. The most interesting thing about a dog is that it feels jealousy. their characteristics vary in different dogs. Most of the people keep them for security.

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Cheetah is a wild animal. this is a well-known land animal in the world. they eat meat like rabbits, birds, etc. the size of the adult male cheetah is larger than the female cheetah. They belong to Africa and the middle east and prefer to live in bushy areas. If we talk about their looks, they are very beautiful. They have a white belly with dark stripes. This land animals also live long about 10 to 12 years.

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Penguin is the flightless bird. They belong to the southern hemisphere and prefer to live in water. There are only one species of penguin. They have dark and white plumage. they eat to see food likes to fish. like other birds they have wings but it cannot help them to fly it help them to swim into the water. They are the most loveable birds among the land animals in the words.

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Ligers are not a tiger nor a lion. they are the hybrid by the male lion or a female tiger. Liger is a peaceful animal then lion or tiger but don’t underestimate it. it can be dangerous. The interesting thing about them is that they live in the zoo the reason behind it is that they are bread by lion and tiger. Life Spain of ligers is between 20 to 25 years. They also eat meat.

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10. DEER


The last land animal in the world is deer among the top 10 land animals. They have strong long legs which are suitable for the environment in which they live. A young deer is called fawn. Deer have a spot on their body when they bone but lose it within a year. They jump high. they like to eat fruit.

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