Top Strongest Animals in the world


Different species of animals have different kinds of strength. Some are powerful and are capable of lifting, dragging, carrying or pulling an enormous amount of weights. Others may be much smaller in size and yet have immense power compared to their size. Following are the world’s strongest animals.

10. Grizzly bear


A grizzly bear is one of the strongest animals found on the earth. They are capable of lifting 500 kg, 0.8 times its body weight. They are extraordinarily intelligent and have super navigational skills. They have a brilliant sense of smell, sight, and hearing.

9. Anaconda


An anaconda has 250kg body weight and is capable of squeezing something with full force until the death. This giant snake has four different species. The green anaconda is the largest among all other species. You will find them in Amazon Rainforest and usually inhabit marshes, swamps, and slow-moving streams.

8. Elephant


When the discussion begins about brute strength then no list is complete without elephants. These unique creatures are the strongest animals found on this planet. Their weight is 6,350kg and is capable of lifting 9000 kg.

7. Musk Ox


Musk Ox is very strong they can carry 900 kg which is actually 1.5 times its body weight. Their shape is quite distinctive and the body is fully covered with long hairs.

6. Tiger


Tigers are capable of carrying 550 kg. Tigers belong to those strongest animals from which everybody scared. They are actually native to Asia. They inhabit a range of environment but usually prefer large areas. They are extremely famous powerful apex predators and fully capable of killing other animals. Tigers are so powerful that they can take down bigger animals like elephants etc. When they are going to hunt bigger animals they usually go in groups.

5. Eagle


Eagle is a highly well known strongest bird. Surprisingly this Eagle has the ability to lift something four times its own body weight. Eagles are among those largest birds that have brilliant eyesight. They are able to detect the prey up to two miles away. There are 60 different species of this unique creature. Majority of them lives in Eurasia and Africa and only 14 species found in other areas including North, Australia and South America.

4. Gorilla


They can lift the weight of 2,000kg which is actually 10 times their body weight. There two different gorilla species present in this world. Gorilla is highly famous for its unique and strange personalities. They are well observed by showing great emotions. They are herbivorous and their diet includes leaves, stems, shoots and also eats different fruits.

3. Leafcutter ant


Leafcutter ants are very famous for lifting weights from their jaws. Surprisingly sometimes they can carry weight 50 times heavier than their own body weight. More than 20,000 well-known species of ants are living in this world. Ants are social animals and the interesting thing about them is that their communities are headed by queen and queens. Male ants do only one thing that is mating with the queens.

2. Rhinoceros Beetle


Rhinoceros Beetle marks their name at number 2 in the list of strongest animals in the world. They are capable of lifting a huge amount of weight, Approximately 850 times of their own weight.

1. Dung Beetle


Dung Beetle is the world strongest insect living in the world. When compared to the body weight it is the strongest animal living in the world. They are capable of pulling 1141 times their own body weight. They are very hard working and inspiring insects.

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