10 Ideal Guard Dogs for Security


As we all know barking is the hobby of dogs. Whenever they see something strange our their enemy they start barking. Dogs are the most loyal and highly trusted animals in the world. Some breeds of dogs are used as Guard dogs. Their main purpose is to protect the whole house and family as well. They are well trained and quickly perform an action when it’s needed. Following is the list of 10 ideal Guard dogs for security.

10. Belgian Malinois


Belgian Malinois resembles a lot to the German shepherd. They are actually small and short haired then German Shepherds. It is brilliant police and guard dog. They are mentally very strong and sharp. When trained properly they will learn things in a very short time. best for the security of your house and the amazing thing about them is that they have strong protective instincts. Their level of aggression can be increased through professional and consistent training.

9. Rhodesian Ridgeback


Rhodesian ridgeback is among the most amazing guard dogs for security. They are muscular, intelligent and loyal as well. They are among those dogs breed that is very protective and caring. Their behavior for strangers is very aggressive and starts barking when they found something unusual.

8. Puli


This medium sized dog is extremely famous for its long corded coat. Puli is basically a herding dog and remains always hungry for herding. Puli marks its name at number 8 in the list of amazing guard dogs for security. They are well known for their loyalty and intelligence and are also very protective of their family.

7. Komondor


Komondor is the most excellent and highly trusted guard dog. They are best for families because they remain very calm. The unique and most important thing about them is that they can be patient with children. The behavior for strangers is very aggressive especially if someone tries to hurt the family. They have a big muscular body and are 64-69 cm in height and weight up to 50 kg.

6. Rottweiler


Rottweiler is the most obedient, alert and brave dog. This amazing breed is a great guard dog for a family because they have a naturally protective nature. If they are properly trained they will only listen to you. And on your order, they can attack anyone. If they found anything strange or threatening to their family they will quickly show the aggressive response.

5. Akita


Akita is among those breeds which are very difficult to raise. They are very alert, dignified, courageous and loyal. They are very protective, affectionate and caring and can become a great companion. Their behavior with their family is very good. They are affectionate and respectful. Their protective and caring nature make them the most perfect guard dogs for security.

4. German Shepherd


When the discussion begins about which is the most amazing guard dogs for security then no list is complete without German shepherd. This natural god dog is extremely famous for its unwavering loyalty and protective instincts. Training German shepherd Is not a difficult task to perform. They always remain alert and perform suitable action when anything unusual happens.

3. Giant Schnauzer


They are a large, intelligent, affectionate and very caring guard dog. Giant Schnauzer is among those breeds which are used as military dogs in World War 1 and 2. As same as German shepherd they are also very easy to train. They show deep loyalty with the family and very aggressive.

2. Doberman


Doberman is a great family, military and guard dog. The energy and intelligence of level this breed very high. They can become a very good companion. They become very loyal when they are properly trained. They will be made a strong bond with your family and protect them is their first priority. They will remain good to your family but very aggressive and take immediate action against intruders.

1. Bullmastiff


Bullmastiff comes at the top in the list of amazing guard dogs for security. If you are in search of the best guard dog then no one can match the high standards of this breed. They are protective, extremely caring and supportive to their family. Their level of loyalty with family is very high and with intense socialization, they can easily distinguish between good and bad people.

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