Top 10 Most Powerful Animal Bites


As we know human bite is very painful and skin gets badly injured from it. But the question arises how much force that the human bite exert? It is more than 160 pounds per square inch (psi). A human bite can easily break your skin. But did you know that animals have 10 or 20 times more powerful bite force than humans? Yes, such animals with exceptional bite force are also present in this world. Following is the list of the 10 most powerful animal bites.

10. Lion- Bite Force: 650 psi

lion-bite-force - Powerful Animal Bites

As we all know lions are the most dangerous species of cats and are also regarded as a king of the jungle. But here we are talking about the biting force of this incredible animal. Their bite force is considerably weak and only measures up to 650 pounds per square inch (psi).

In order to take down, big prey Lions work in a groups. You have also seen in movies that a group of lions try to take down big animals like elephants and buffalo etc. This social animal hunts in a group so that’s why they don’t need high bite force for living.

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9. Tiger- Bite Force: 1050 psi


The weight of the tiger is up to 933lbs and it is the largest among all other cats. Lions are known as the King of Jungle but they are stronger and faster than them. With a bite force of 1050 psi, the tiger marks its name as number 9 in the list of most powerful animal bites. The biting force is much stronger than the lions.

Tigers are solitary animals and they prefer to hunt alone except during mating sessions. Due to their strong biting power, they can take down any large prey alone.

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8. Spotted Hyena- Bite Force: 1100 psi


Hyena is an extremely famous scavenger of Africa. A lot of people underestimate this animal because they think Hyena only feeds on leftovers from other animals. But the reality is the opposite most of the time Hyena finds their food by hunting. They have tremendously powerful jaws having a bite force of 1100 pounds per square inch.  The pain of their bite is much more than lions and tigers.

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7. Grizzly Bear- Bite Force: 1200 psi


Grizzly Bear is mostly found in North America. Grizzly Bear is the subspecies of brown bear. With a bite force of 1200 psi, they come at number 7 on the list of most powerful animal bites. They are 7 feet high and weigh around 800 lbs. They are extremely popular for their huge size.

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6. Gorilla- Bite Force: 1300 psi


The gorilla is 1.73 m in height and has a weight of up to 352 lbs. Despite their huge size, they are generally shy. Another amazing feature of gorillas is that they have extremely strong jaws and long sharp. The question arises that they are gentle and shy so why do they have very strong biting power?? Because they feed on plant materials and grind some tough foods so for that they need strong teeth.

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5. Jaguar Bite Force: 2000 psi


Among all other big cats, their biting power is stronger. Jaguar is also faster than tigers and lions. Like a tiger, it is also a solitary animal and prefers to hunt alone. They are powerful and brilliant hunters and their diet includes different animals like turtles and caiman. They usually attack skulls and with their extremely powerful jaws, they even break the strong shells of turtles.

4. Hippopotamus- Bite Force: 1825


The hippopotamus is also on the list of most powerful animal bites because of its tremendously strong chewing power. Among all other mammals, they have a strong biting power. Their mouth is very big and contains large incisors and canines. They have very sharp and long teeth which they use for dealing with external threats.

3. American Alligator: Bite Force: 2125 psi


American Alligator is 11.2 ft in length and weighs up to 1000 lbs. They are also well-known largest reptile in North America. Its biting power makes it very special and that is the reason it is on the list of most powerful animal bites. Due to their extremely powerful jaws, they can tear the prey into pieces.

2. Saltwater Crocodile – Bite force: 3690 psi


When the discussion begins about which animal has the most powerful bite then no list is complete without Saltwater Crocodile. They have the most powerful bite ever tested and mark its name at number 2 in this list. They contain 40- 60 large powerful teeth. Their large jaw-closing muscles give them tremendous biting power but they have weak jaw-opening muscles.

1. Nile Crocodile- Bite Force: 5000 psi


Nile Crocodile is at the top of the list because their biting power is very high measured at 5000 pounds per square inch. No other creature in the world can match the biting power of Nile Crocodile. Their long and highly powerful jaws help them in grabbing their prey. It is quite impossible to escape from its sharp conical teeth.