10 Small Birds with Long Tails


Birds look so amazing when they are flying at top of the blue sky. Small birds are very famous for their beauty and innocence. But did you know that there are many small birds present in this world that are famous for their long tails? These birds amazing flight inspire millions of bird lovers. Following is the list of 10 small birds with long tails.

10. Red-tailed Hawk


Red-tailed Hawk is a very beautiful and popular hawk found across North America. This amazing and magnificent bird can be spotted by a naked eye even when it is flying in the sky. Although this hawk has board wings the most stunning feature of this unique bird is its beautiful tail. Its wide tail is very famous among bird lovers.

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9. Motmot


Motmots belong to the group of plumaged birds. These small birds contain long tails and very famous because of their beauty. They live in neotropical regions of South and Central America. The long tail of this small bird is the most distinguishable feature and extremely popular among bird lovers. Their lovely plumage with shades of green, yellow, blue, orange, and turquoise is also one of the most striking features.

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8. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher


This small bird lives in Savannas and the shrubs of North and Central America. Females’ color is quite dull and has a shorter tail than males. The remarkable and beautiful long tail of males features white underpart and black upper part. Its head is grey with pink sides and belly. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher due to its striking features comes at number 8 in the list of small birds with long tails.

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7. Long-tailed Tit


Long-tailed Tit has a round body and is found in the temperate regions of Asia and Europe. This small bird can grow only to a length of 13 to 15 cm. But the unique thing is that almost 8 cm of this tiny bird is represented by its long tail. Surprisingly its tail is longer than its whole body. They are cute and have lovely plumage along with eye-catching shades of black, white, and pink.

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6. Golden Pheasant


Golden Pheasant is well known for its long tail and amazingly beautiful bright coloration. Males look more stunning and colorful than females. They have an attractive golden crest, elegant green upper back, bright red underparts, yellow wattle, and graceful long brown colored tail. Finding Golden Pheasant is not a difficult task because it is very colorful. Their natural habitat is dense woodlands and forests.

5. Long-tailed Widowbird


This amazing creature is highly popular for its beauty and long tail. Surprisingly its tail feathers measure up to 20 inches. Only the males have this fascinating tail while the females have the shorter one.  Most of the parts of this long-tailed widowbird are black except their shoulders. The color of their shoulder is orange. The whole personality of this tremendous African species is amazing and eye-pleasing.

4. Superb Lyrebird


Lyrebird marks its name at number 4 in this list because of its extraordinary long tail feathers. This amazing creature of nature is native to the rainforests of Southeastern Australia. Males consist of remarkable large tails (up to 28 inches). It actually took seven years to reach that amazing full length.

3. Indian Peafowl


It is also famous with the name of a peacock. Peacock is the name of a male bird that actually belongs to the Peafowl family. Among this family, the Indian Peafowl is highly famous. Other species of this family include Congo and green peafowl. As we all know peacocks are famous for their magnificent and elegant courtship display by spreading their beautiful large tail feathers. The only peacock has such kind of amazing colorful tails. Another striking feature of this amazing creature is its beautiful eyespots.

2. Wilson’s Bird Of Paradise


This colorful bird is renowned for its vibrant courtship display. They are native to the lowland rainforests of Papua islands of Batanta and Waigeo. There are only a few birds that have this type of magnificent mixture of colors. They have a stylish bluish head with black patterns, black upper wings, blue feet, turquoise, and a yellow mantle.

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1. Ribbon-tailed Astrapia


Ribbon-tailed Astrapia lives in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. This amazing creature has a length of up to 1 foot and is at the top of the list of small birds with long tails. Its white feathers look like a ribbon and can grow up to 3 feet. Their large tails give them a unique and beautiful look.

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