Top 20 Weirdest looking birds in the world


Abnormal plumage, unusual shape, and of course, infrequency in appearance make some species of bird so strange. There are about ten thousand birds in the world. Some are weird-looking because of their amazing habits in diet, flight, and mating. Below are some of the weirdest looking birds in the world.

1. Shoebill

Shoebill - Weirdest looking birds

The Shoebill has a creepy appearance. When looking at this tall bird, the feature that makes it look strange is the huge bill. The shoebill is a large, elusive stalk bird. It has an oversized shoe-shaped beak that makes it look peculiar. These weirdest looking birds are found in East Africa. Its color is grey. Its diet is mainly fish.

Shoebill has specific environmental needs for breeding, nesting, and hunting…

2. Blue-Footed Booby


Blue-footed bobbies look strange just because of their blue feet. The blue color of this bizarre blue-footed bobby’s feet comes from Carotenoid pigments obtained from its diet of fresh fish. It is a large peculiar seabird with heavy, long pointed wings and a relatively long tail. This creepy weirdest looking bird is brownish above and whitish below with a white patch on the hindneck.

Blue-footed bobbies are almost exclusively found in the marine environment…

3. Frigatebird


The creepy Frigatebirds range along coasts and islands in tropical and subtropical water. This peculiar Frigatebird has huge, red, leathery pouches that make it look weird. The Frigatebirds eat primarily flying fish. They also eat crabs and jellyfish. The strong toes of this spooky Frigatebird help them hold onto branches. But their small feet with short legs make it impossible for them to walk on land.

These Peculiar Frigatebirds spend most of the day in flight hunting for food and cliffs at night. The bones of this wacky Frigatebird are markedly filled with air making them very light and contributing 5% to total body weight.

4. Vulturine Guineafowl


Vulturine Guineafowl look creepy just because of their bald heads and necks, which resemble those of vultures. The food of this Peculiar bird Is seed and invertebrates. The slim neck of this wacky bird projects from a cape of long, glossy, blue and white hackles. This freaky bird makes loud chink-chink-chink-chink calls. This strange bird has a ‘’horny’’ helmet on top of their naked head. The heads of these strange birds are bright with blue, red, and yellow colors. Their eyes are red.

This Peculiar bird can be found in Eastern Tropical Africa. The Vulturine Guineafowl is also referred to as the ‘’royal guineafowl’

5. Kiwi


Kiwis are the weirdest looking birds and have many weird and amazing features due to New Zealand’s past isolation. They have feathers-like hair that make them look bizarre. They have nostrils at the back of their beaks, and they lay enormous eggs. Kiwis are flightless. This Peculiar bird has habits and physical characteristics just like a mammal so this bird is sometimes also referred to as an honorary mammal.

The Kiwi has since become the foremost well-known national sign for New Zealand. The beak of the Kiwi is very unusual. This freaky bird’s beak provides a special sense of smell…

6. Helmeted Hornbill


The Helmeted Hornbill is one of the weirdest birds in the world. This bird looks freaky just because of its huge bill, which has a big protuberance on top known as ‘’casque’’. The casque goes from the bottom of the bill halfway to the tip. This wacky bird eats mostly fruits, especially figs. The tail of this creepy bird is long and the two central tail features are much longer than the others.

The People of Punan believe that a big helmeted Hornbill guards the river between death and life. These weirdest looking birds are found on the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, and Borneo.

7. Great Hornbill


This Freaky species is the largest Hornbill found on the Indian subcontinent. It looks Peculiar because of its yellow and black casque positioned on top of its huge bill. Its impressive size and color have made it important in so many cultures. The spooky female Hornbill is rather smaller than the male and has bluish-white instead of red eyes. Hornbills become very vocal during the breeding season.

The Great Hornbill is the state bird of Chin state in Myanmar, Kerala, and Arunachal in India.

8. King Vultures


The King Vulture is a big weird bird found in Central and South America. They look Peculiar because of the appearance of their head. From the neck upwards, freaky king vultures explode into vibrant colors of red, purple, orange, blue, and pink. This wacky bird has a noticeable orange fleshy caruncle on its beak. Its weight ranges from 2.7 to 4.5 kg. They have bright red circles around their eyes that look freaky.

The Head & neck of the King-vulture is featherless. This helps to prevent bacteria and blood from ‘’fowling’’ up the feathers on the head.

9. Greater Sage-Grouse


The Greater Sage-Grouse is undoubtedly a comical-looking bird. The adult males look creepy because they have two yellow sacs on their necks. Their tiny heads poke out from white ruff. Greater sage-grouse apparently do not require open water for day-to-day survival if succulent vegetation is available. Oil and gas development disrupts the landscape and greater sage-grouse’s ability to reproduce.

The creepy Greater sage-grouse can live up to 9 years in the wild, but more often 3-6 years. Males Greater sage-grouse have a black head and throat. This Large sage-grouse is found nowhere except in the sagebrush country of the west.

10. Greater Lophorina


The greater Lophorina is one of the most bizarre species of Paradise. It is a little, close to twenty-six cm long bird. The male Lophorina bird looks freaky because they have black leather capes and blue-green breast shields, which spring in an upward motion and spread widely around their heads during a courtship performance. This species has an unusually low population of females, and competition amongst males for mates is intensely fierce.

11. Magnificent Frigatebird

Free Blue Sky Bird photo and picture

While the regular frigatebird is already strange with its large, red pouch, the magnificent frigatebird takes weirdness to the next level. The males of this species have a striking inflatable red-throat pouch that they use during courtship displays. The pouch, when fully inflated, resembles a giant balloon, making it stand out even more in their tropical and subtropical habitats. These bizarre birds engage in impressive aerial displays to attract potential mates, showcasing their unique and flamboyant appearance. With their captivating courtship rituals, these frigatebirds are truly the dandies of the avian world.

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12. Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise

Free Nature Wilson'S photo and picture

Found on the islands of Indonesia, Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise is a tiny and peculiar-looking bird. The male, in particular, boasts vibrant colors with an electric blue crown, bare turquoise skin around the eyes, and an emerald-green throat. Their unusual courtship dance involves intricate movements to display their striking plumage, making them one of the weirdest looking birds in the bird-of-paradise family. During these mesmerizing displays, the male Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise transforms into a living work of art, showcasing its extravagant features to potential mates.

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13. Spoon-billed Sandpiper

Free Bird Pied Sandpiper photo and picture

This small shorebird, native to northeastern Russia and parts of Asia, has an oddly shaped bill that sets it apart. The Spoon-billed Sandpiper’s bill is flattened and has a distinctive spoon-like tip, which it uses to sweep through mudflats and shallow waters to find tiny invertebrates. This unique adaptation showcases the bird’s specialized feeding behavior, making it one of the weirdest-looking birds in the world. As it forages with its spoon-shaped bill, the Spoon-billed Sandpiper demonstrates a remarkable example of evolutionary ingenuity.

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14. Andean Cock-of-the-Rock

Free Condor Peru photo and picture

The Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, native to South America, is a flamboyant bird known for its vibrant plumage and peculiar appearance. The males have a bright orange fan-shaped crest on their heads, which they use in elaborate courtship displays to attract females. These displays involve hopping, wing flapping, and vocalizations, creating a spectacle that adds to the bird’s eccentric charm. The Andean Cock-of-the-Rock’s courtship dance is a symphony of movement and color, showcasing its extravagant features in a mesmerizing performance.

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15. Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock

Free Guianan Cock-Of-The-Rock Bird photo and picture

Similar to its Andean counterpart, the Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock is a bizarre-looking bird found in the forests of South America. The males have a distinctively shaped crest on their heads, resembling a half-moon. This unusual feature, combined with their bright orange plumage, makes them stand out in their natural habitat. These weirdest-looking birds are known for their communal lekking behavior, where multiple males gather to display and compete for the attention of females. The Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock’s lekking gatherings are a vibrant and chaotic spectacle, with each male vying for the chance to impress a potential mate.

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16. Sarus Crane

Free Sarus Crane Bird photo and picture

Standing tall as one of the tallest flying birds, the Sarus Crane has a peculiar and striking appearance. These weirdest-looking birds, found in parts of Southeast Asia and Australia, have a distinctive red head and upper neck, contrasting with their predominantly white plumage. Their unique trumpeting calls and elaborate dance rituals during courtship make them captivating and unusual in the avian world. The Sarus Crane’s courtship dance is a graceful display of synchronized movements and calls, creating a spectacle that emphasizes the bird’s majestic and quirky nature.

17. Kakapo (Night Parrot)

Free Bird Parrot illustration and picture

The Kakapo, also known as the Night Parrot, is a nocturnal and flightless parrot native to New Zealand. Its bizarre appearance includes a moss-green plumage that provides excellent camouflage in its native forest habitat. With a large, owl-like face and a distinctive scent reminiscent of musty wood, the Kakapo is a truly strange and enigmatic bird. Sadly, it is critically endangered, with conservation efforts underway to preserve this peculiar species. The Kakapo’s unique scent and appearance contribute to its mysterious and captivating presence in the bird kingdom.

18. Secretary Bird

Free Secretary Animal photo and picture

Native to Africa, the Secretary Bird is an unmistakable bird of prey with an unusual appearance. Its long legs and neck, along with distinctive facial markings, give it an almost prehistoric look. Unlike other birds of prey, Secretary weirdest looking Birds are known for their ground-dwelling habits, using their strong legs to stomp on and dispatch their prey, which primarily includes snakes and other small animals. The Secretary Bird’s ground-hunting strategy and powerful leg stomps make it a remarkable and unconventional predator in the bird world.

19. Wilson’s Snipe Weirdest Looking Birds

Free Willet Catoptrophorus Semipalmatus photo and picture

The Wilson’s Snipe is a shorebird known for its cryptic plumage and bizarre aerial courtship display. During the breeding season, males perform a “winnowing” display, where they produce a distinctive sound by air rushing through their tail feathers during a dive. This unique behavior adds to their odd appearance, and their well-camouflaged plumage makes them masters of blending into their marshland habitats. The Wilson Snipe’s winnowing display is a mysterious and ethereal performance, adding an element of intrigue to this peculiar shorebird.

20. Wandering Albatross

Free Albatross Bird photo and picture

The Wandering Albatross, with its massive wingspan, is a majestic yet peculiar-looking seabird. Found in the Southern Ocean, these weirdest looking birds have an elegant appearance in flight, but their extended wings and long, slender necks give them an almost otherworldly look when on land. Known for their remarkable endurance in flight, Wandering Albatrosses are renowned for covering vast distances over the open ocean, making them both fascinating and peculiar in the avian world. The Wandering Albatross’s ethereal presence and unmatched aerial capabilities make it a true marvel of the bird kingdom.

The greater Lophorina is distributed throughout the rain forests of New Guinea. They can sometimes be seen foraging for food on the grounds of the forest for insects…