10 Heaviest Animals in the World


There is an uncountable long list of such heaviest animals in the world while these animals are categorized according to their mass, volume, and weight. They are determined according to various aspects and categorized based on weight only. Hence such animals are not only the heaviest alive today, but they are also the largest to ever exist.

10. Bison


One of the heaviest animals in the world, its body weight is 950-2300 pounds with a height of 6-6 weight. Bison have short and spiky horns on the head, the length is between 23-29 inches. Furthermore, they have a thick and hard coat of skin which helps them for protection against weather changes. Bison used to stay in smaller groups. Usually, people get confused between buffalo and bison because they belong to the same family.

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9. Dragon


It is known as the Komodo Dragon or Monitor Dragon, it belongs to species of lizard. It is mostly found in the Indonesian island of Komodo, Rinca, Gili Motang and Flores. These heaviest animals in the world were first recorded by a Western scientist in 1915. The weight of this animal is 68-73 kg with a length of 2.6 cm long. Their huge size and horrifying character make them famous for zoo displays.

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8. Asian Gaur


Gaurs are the largest and heaviest animals in the world among wild cattle species. This species is a very powerful and ugly appearance, a white band on all four feet seems to like wearing socks and a high curved heap on the forehead. Long ears and tail with hairs at the end, overall body color is brownish-black. Bodyweight varies from 100-440kg, males gaur are one fourth heavier than females.

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7. Polar Bear


White Bear is an Arctic Region animal, the heaviest animals in the world. An adult male weight is 350-750 kg. It has developed to occupy a smaller eco-friendly corner, with many body features modified for cold temperatures. Its size is quite bigger one so they don’t have any enemies except the human being.

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6. Hippopotamus


One of the heaviest animals which are an herbivorous and semi-aquatic animal in the world. It is known as the third largest land animal and omnivorous at the trophic level. It can run 30km/h on land, weight is 1500-1800 kg. During day time they stay in the water to provide coolness effect, reproduction and childbirth both occur in water. These heaviest animals in the world among the most unsafe animals as it is highly energetic and inconstant.

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5. White Rhinoceros


Rhinoceros is known as dangerous for its poaching horns, many numbers of people killed in recent years. It has a wide mouth used for grazing and this is most common in the heaviest animals in the world. White rhinos have 1.85m height and can reach up to 3400 kg. They have a square-shaped face with broad upper lips and large spiky horns. The most factual thing about rhinos they can live without water for up to 5 days.

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4. Elephant Seal


It is the largest extant marine and one of the heaviest animal in the world, weight is about 5 tones and 6-8 meters in length. Their gestation period is 9 months, however, the baby is born after 12 months. It is one of the most social animals in aquatic life. Female seals weight is 600-900kg and males are five to six times heavier. Animals are born with fur and are entirely black. After shedding old skin, the skin may turn grey and brown.

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3. African Bush Elephant


These heaviest animals in the world consist of 6000kg more than 6 tons of weight while measuring up to 3.3m length. It has a unique combination of the nose and upper lips, an African elephant’s trunk is very different. It consumes 300 pounds of food each day. The trunk is used for smelling, detecting vibrations, breathing, feeling their young one, absorbing up water, and grasping objects. They have grey closing whereas up to 30 mm thick skin that is covered with scanty brown to black hair. It has two finger-like structure on the top. Giant ears help to lessen body heat because of flapped structure it creates airwaves and exposes the inner sides where large blood vessels develop heat damage during the summer season. They usually found in Western and Central African.

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2. Asian Elephant


One of the heaviest animals is an Asian Elephant that is an endangered species now. Its weight varies in genders like males 5,400 kg and females 2,700 kg furthermore its life span is 50 years less than the African elephants. They used to live in dry to wet climate and travel long distances for the sake of food. Elephant’s nature is extremely social due to this they always live in the form of groups like in six to seven. They consume a large amount of trees bark, leaves, and cultivated crops. Thus long muscular trunk is used for several functions like first to grab food, to spray water on the animals’ backs during the summer heat.

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1. Blue Whale


It is the largest and heaviest animal ever in the world, having a maximum length of 98 feet and weight is almost 190 tons. It lives up to 80-90 years in the world and this life span is desirable by all living things. Their tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant therefore, we can imagine the weight of the whole body. The global population of a blue whale is estimated at 4-11% all around the world. It has a long, slender body hence appears bluish because of water. According to research, an adult whale consumes almost 4 tons of shrimp-like animals each day.

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