Top 10 Cute Small Parrots


If we talk about parrots a sweet charming voice comes in our mind, therefore beautiful and tiny creatures that decorate the environment. They are attention seekers by performing fascinating tricks and can concentrate on one person at a time. When small parrots settle down to sleep and fluff their feathers they cover their body with a tiny one. Furthermore, the little beak is like singing, pure and pleasant sound. Cute and small parrots want immediate attention when you come home hence, Parrots usually have reasonable expectations.

10. Pygmy parrot


These small parrots have a pink crown, rose-pink head, and grey-black wings. The colors of the younger parrots are duller than adults. These parrots are found in big crowds, usually near water. The most important fact about pygmy cute small parrots is that they feed on fungi and lichens. Their size is 8-10 cm in length with 12grams in weight.

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9. Lovebirds


World’s cute and small parrots that truly define the meaning of love and affections. Therefore are extremely social and welcome people with their innocent gestures. Love birds always move in the form of pairs they feed on grass, vegetable, fruits, and seeds furthermore, the body is full of the beautiful combination of colors, usually kept as pets in homes. This smallest cute parrot in the world is almost 7-13 cm in size and 37 grams in weight. Lovebirds do experience learning skills and can be charming performers in other regards.

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8. Parrotlets


Small parrots in the world rated as budgies. There is a vast variety of parrotlets like pacific parrotlets, blue-winged parrotlets and green-rumpled all vary in nature and body weight. Parrotlets are active, fond, and freely. If you desire a great partner one should keep only one bird because a pair of parrotlets will probably bond closely to each other. They are related to the Amazon family as they are famous for their clever and dodge nature. It’s better to keep parrotlets separate from other species as they will fight if mixed up. Parrotlets’ weight is 24 grams to 38 grams.

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7. Budgerigar


One of the cute small parrots also known as the Australian Parakeet. Their lifespan is very short 5-10 years and body weight is a maximum of 40 grams. They are found almost everywhere and people usually prefer them as a pet. Budgies use to mimic human speech and are of low cost. They bred in captivity with the coloring of blues, whites, yellows, greys, and even with small crests.

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6. Bourke’s Parrot


One of the cute parrot in the world found in Australia. It weighs 45g and length is 18-23cm. In addition, a prominent area around the white eyes that seems to like wearing glasses. Likewise, they have a beautiful contrast body grey-brown above and pinkish from the lower side. Parrots usually breed in August to October, In addition, a bird’s wing vibration is minimum and creates an audible hissing sound. The male head is having a blue forehead band. They made their nest at least a 3-meter above level from the ground.

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5. Small Conures


Their body weight is 90 grams and 30 cm in length with a life span of 10-14 years. These cute parrots are known as clowns because of their constant attention-seeking ability. Physical appearance if this bird is a long tail and small greyish-white beak. Most conures live in the form of a group’s 6-12 small parrots.

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4. Cockatoo


Cockatoos is a very social bird and amazing in talking but speaking capability is totally according to their trainer. These cute small parrots have beautiful crest feathers on the head. This type of species usually has fewer colors than other, single contrast feathers. Bodyweight is 95 grams.

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3. Poicephalus


They are one of the cute small parrots among 10 species. Its bodyweight is 120grams. Furthermore, they have a quieter nature and proved as an amazing pet companion. They have thickset of feathers with small wide tails and comparatively huge heads, bills for their size that often differ in appearance from their trunks.

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2. Galah


A small parrot is very famous because of its elegant grey and pink contrast. They have multiple species but most charming are the Galah cockatoos. Indeed it is mostly found in Australia and its surroundings. The weight of this cutest bird is 300grams only and 40 years of lifespan. furthermore, they have pointed feathers and color ranges from white to pink.

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1. Yellow-napped Amazon


This beautiful and smallest parrot is one of the Amazon parrots and belongs to the yellow-crowned category. Besides this, its weight is 400 grams but seems smaller from the original size. Most interestingly its lifespan is up to 80 years. As they have very social nature hence, known as talking parrot. Additionally, amazon parrots quickly try to interact with the human being and seek attention.

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