10 Most Famous Volcanoes in the World


Volcanoes are a natural and drastic erosion of hard crust due to high temperature below surface level. A small hole burst in the Ziarat region of Pakistan created small lava with no prior volcanic activity. This drastic erosion of famous volcanoes allows muddy substance, molten lava and gases to escape. Whereas the dense ash changes the daylight into darkness. Pakistan has an amazing list of famous volcanoes in the world.

10. Yellowstone Caldera


The famous volcanoes of Yellow stone National Park are known as a supervolcano. The age of the rock is 2,100,000–70,000 years. Hence it covers almost 60-70 km of a large area of the park. There is hotspot caldera under plateau where molten lava originates toward the surface. This famous volcanoes in the world have a massive eruption due to this erosion. The history of this famous volcanoes begins with the depth of earth. Whereas, the center of the earth is a core known as the mantle.

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9. Mayon Volcano


It is also known as Mayo Mount or Mayo only with the base of 130 km. It rises to 8,270 feet above the shores of the Albay Gulf. As it is one of the famous volcanoes in the world but due to its dangerous erosion around 1200 people died. These famous volcanoes have almost 33 drastic eruptions since 1616. The geographical sharing of mayo mount is eight cities and municipalities which divide the cones like slices of cake.

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8. Taal Volcano


Taal Volcano is the most famous volcanoes and second most active volcano in the Philippine. Up-to 35 historical eruptions being measured yet with an elevation of 311-meter height. These famous volcanoes with its lake filled with 300 km and is having more deadly eruption. It is largely filled with 280sqm surface while 3 meters above sea level. Due to the devastating potential, it is declared as Decades Volcanoes.

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7. Krakatoa


These famous volcanoes in the world erosion with 1300 times more than an atomic bomb. Whereas the sound of erosion was heard a thousand miles away and many number of people died because of severity. Krakatoa itself is one of the famous volcanoes that fell into the boiling deepness of the sea. But a new land at the position was found in 1927, and it still hardly spits lava into the sky. The erosion was very dangerous almost 170 nearby villages were destroyed and 150 people seriously injured. The highest point of this island is 340 meters above sea level and confirmed height is 813 m.

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6. Mount Pinatubo


The famous volcanoes in the world imply that a wise person will climb Fuji once in their lifetime, but only a nerd would climb it twice. The consequences of the 1991 explosion were felt global. It removed irregularly 10,000, tones. The range of famous volcanoes that lie beside the western side of the island of Luzon called the Zambales Mountains. Each erosion of famous volcanoes is very large upto1000km while the height is 1,486 m.

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5. Mount Saint Helens


The last eruption of this famous volcano in the world was July 10, 2008. It has a height of 2550meters. Therefore its erosion was more frequent than any other famous volcanoes in the Cascade Range. It is much known for its pyroclastic fluid and its brownish dense ash that turn day into night. The most factual thing about Helens volcano is, it arises 80,000 feet of ash within 20 minutes only.

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4. Mount Etna


Most famous volcanoes in the world with the rock age of 350,000 – 500,000 years. It is one of the most active volcano and mostly in the state of activity. While the covered area of the volcano is 1,190 km² whereas height is 3350m long. Like other active and famous volcanoes, it changes in length. Whereas extending from removal as eruptions and reducing from the periodic failure of the crater’s rim. A number of subsidiary cones become settled on lateral holes reaching out from the center. The existing structure of the mountain is the result of the action of at least two main eruptive cores.

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3. Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji located about 3,776 m height in south-west Tokyo one of the famous volcanoes in the world. While it can be seen from there on a sunny day. It is a regular cone, which is covered by snow about 6 months a year. Hence is usually used as a representative of Japan. It is frequently represented in art and photographs, as well as encouraged by tourists and climbers. The creation of this word is not clear until the 9th century.

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2. Popocatepetl


This is the most active volcano in Mexico City. Whereas, the height of the tower to 5426 m and 70 km wide.  Its huge erosion produces a large quantity of muddy liquid that has buried Atzteque settlements, as well as entire pyramids. The historical name of this volcano is Aztec as the word of Smoke Mountain. Paleomagnetism studied declared that this volcano is about 33,000 years old.

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1. Cotopaxi


Cotopaxi is one of the highest volcanoes in the world with a height of 5897m. This volcano erupted more than 55 times since 1739. The symmetrical cone of this famous volcano arises from peak plains with a width of 3800m. To hike the Cotopaxi volcano you must have to wear proper warm clothes. Other than this you also have proper awareness to prevent altitude sickness like a coffee leaf.

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