9 Beautiful Highways for Smoother Drive


Travelling is often boring especially when you are traveling for a long route. But when you are driving on exquisite highways then definitely you will enjoy your drive. On these highways, you will find the most amazing views of beautiful oceans, breathtaking waterfalls, and glamorous green forests.

The exciting journey that you will experience on these beautiful highways is unforgettable. Enjoy your drive by discovering different magnificent sceneries. Because sometimes the destination is not very important the only thing matters is how cool your journey is. Following is the list of 10 beautiful highways.

1. The Milford Road

The Milford Road - Beautiful Highways

This beautiful 144-mile-long road will admire people with its stunning scenery. Milford Road is a part of state highway 94 which connects Te Anau to Milford Sound. This road has magnificent attractions and you will never forget this marvelous journey present in the heart of Fiordland National Park. Travelers will see graceful rainforests, crystal-clear lakes, and jaw-dropping waterfalls. You will find many amazing places which are best for taking photos.

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2. Scenic Highway 12, Utah


Also famous with the name of State Route 12 is at number 2 in the list of beautiful highways. Its attitude is 5000-9000 feet above the ground. You can reach this amazing road through US 89 or the other way is Highway 12. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Museum and State Park Museum are highly famous among tourists.

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3. The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road


The length of this amazing road is 7 miles and it snaking towards the second topmost peak in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Travelers experience the stunning view of a panoramic glimpse of the Al Ain town which is located below this mountain. Restaurants and hotels are also available for travelers so they can stretch their legs and then again start their unforgettable journey.

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4. Great Ocean Road


Enjoy the beautiful view of sceneries breathe in the salty air and see those glamorous views of nature with your own eyes. Enjoy the most comfortable drive along the eye-pleasing south-eastern coast of Australia. This road runs from Torquay Warrnambool in the domain of Victoria and offers breathtaking and dramatic coastal views that will blow your mind. Different restaurants, museums, and beaches are also an astonishing part of this journey.

The majority of people have a dream to drive on this road because it also passes The Great Otway National Park, Apollo Bay, Twelve Apostles, and Shipwreck Coast. You will find a lot of exciting places on one route that sound amazing.

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5. Overseas Highway, Florida


The Overseas Highway was built in 1930 the path of a railroad track which is now obsolete. There was a time in the past when this railroad track crossed over the Florida Keys. This 113-mile elegant and magnificent Overseas Highway operates as a southernmost leg of US 1 and the amazing part is that it extends from mainland Florida to Key West. The view of turquoise water is amazing and eye-pleasing. Everyone loves to pay a visit to this location because it is very magnificent and peaceful.

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6. Stelvio Pass


Stelvio Pass is located in Italy close to the Swiss border. A huge amount of people come and visit this place and that is the reason it is one of the most visited roads. But the bad thing about this beautiful highway is that it is also on the list of most dangerous roads in the world. Built in the 1820’s having 60 hairpin turns, is a famous and ideal route for bicycle races and rallies of motorcycles. Stelvio Pass has made a huge name in the heart of bicycle and motorcycle racers and now is the highest drivable pass in the Eastern Alps.

7. The Atlantic Roadway


The Atlantic Roadway is also known as the National Tourist Route. A large number of tourists come and visit this exciting place which is part of Norwegian National Road 64. This beautiful highway was first opened in 1989 and now has four views. Ideal place for taking pictures and passing your free time. The whole scene is very delightful and peaceful and also a huge area is available to accommodate a large number of tourists. Driving on this elegant and delightful route is a dream for many people.

8. Cabot Trail


This glamorous route is full of green forests and beautiful sceneries that attract travelers. Along the exciting route, different hotels, restaurants, museums, and stunning galleries came which are another reason for attractions.

9. Col de Turini


This road has many tight turns and huge heights so if you get sick or are scared of these dangerous curves you have the option to skip this route. It is basically located in the south of France and reaches an elevation of 5200 feet. The astonishing part is that Col de Turini is also used for the Monte Carlo Rally car race. The whole sight was amazing and delightful, such a peaceful place that admire travelers. Before driving on this route make sure that you must have good driving skills because it contains many tight turns, So driving on this curvy road is not that much easy.