10 Coldest Countries that will frigid Your Soul


Winter vacations have been started around the world and people are planning to visit coldest countries to make their vacations more exciting. But the question arises that which is the coldest place in the world?? So to figure out the coldest place on earth today we have created a list of 10 coldest countries in the world.



As everyone knows that Antarctica is right to know the coldest country in the world. Although you cannot actually say that Antarctica is a country basically it is the coldest region which is fully covered with snow throughout the year. This Frigid Zone is at the top and handling the extremely cold climates is very difficult here. Antarctica is also in the list of most inhospitable places in the world because of the high speed of the wind, no food or shelter, and potable water. Living in this place is very difficult only those animals and plants that can handle this coldest temperature on earth can live.



Kazakhstan was also a part of the former Soviet Union and is located inside the Arctic Circle. Basically, this country is just below Russia which is one of the largest countries in the world. Majority of regions in Kazakhstan are covered ice and in winters temperature goes below O degree. This neighbor of Russia is at number 2 in the list because of its extremely cold weather. If you are planning to visit this place then for sure you will get a double dose of cold. In winters people living there have some fascinating and interesting survival tactics like ice fishing to deal with the weather.



Many regions of Russia remains cold in all seasons and that is the reason it is in the list of coldest countries in the world. In most regions, the temperature of summer is also below 0 degrees. Russia is very famous among people due to its beautiful romantic places and also known as a city of love. It is also the largest country in the world. Siberia is a region which is completely covered with snow and the coldest temperature ever recorded is -50 degree. Siberia is a place used by the communist regime to banish prisoners for a long time.



Many people thought that this country will be full trees and greenery because of its name. But this is not the reality there is nothing green in Greenland. Everything here is white and fully covered with snow. The area of Greenland is quite large and this northern landmass is at number four in the list of coldest countries in the world. All of its sides are completely surrounded by frigid oceans. The temperature in summer is below zero degrees and also has long day and nights relying on the season. You cannot see properly at night due to extreme fog.



Canada is located in the extreme north but has plenty of lakes and greenery. In winter whole Canada is covered with ice because of the heavy snowfall. The coldest temperature ever recorded is -40 degrees making it one of the coldest countries in the world. People love visiting in Canada and it is also ideal for tourism and that is the reason it is also one of the most visited countries in the world. The extreme cold of this country is bearable because the air is most. Canada is a country which offers extreme darkness in a night and extreme sunlight in the day.



The United States Of America is located in the south of Canada and is at number 6 In the list of coldest countries in the world. Canada is famous because not all the regions have the same or uniform temperature. Its northern regions are very cold because they receive heavy snowfalls in the winters. The southern and central regions are well suited for agriculture process because they are usually warmer. The temperature drops well below than zero degrees in the winter. Due to different climatic conditions, it has a huge value among visitors.



In winters Iceland is fully covered with a white sheet of snow. Actually, it is warmer than Greenland because the summer in Iceland is green and quite fresh but in winter is very cold. Temperature can decrease to minus 10 degrees or lower as well making this one of the coldest countries in the world. Its northern regions have sub-zero temperatures throughout the year. But the amazing thing is that the air is moist so the climate is favorable for the good growth of vegetation.



Finland has a long winter season and receives heavy snowfall with a cold breeze. It is basically located in the extreme north of Europe. Finland is completely covered with the white sheet of ice and amount of light depends upon the season. Sometimes there is a rule of darkness in winter and sometimes a good amount of sunlight is present. Finland is highly famous for the Northern lights and it is an icy country whose temperature can decrease well below minus 20 degrees.



Estonia is a European country having a sub-zero temperature but there is no constant snowfall happens. We see the presence of heavy and constant snowfall in all other coldest country but Estonia is different from them. It doesn’t mean that the temperature is not cold. The winds of Monsoon bring extremely cold temperature making it the coldest place in the world.

10. Mongolia


Mongolia is located in Central Asia and has huge scattered mountains ranges which easily make the climate even colder. The temperature in the winter quickly drops to minus 20 degrees. It also has nomadic tribes and a majority of them lives on high mountains. They have now adopted this cold environment and living their life under frigid temperature.