Top 10 tallest lighthouses in the world


Tallest Lighthouses have great value in the world and are also known as the most essential and significant buildings as well. These famous lighthouses are used for many purposes like to direct ships to harbors around the world. Tallest lighthouses are used for centuries to warn ships at sea about unsafe and dangerous weather conditions such as fog or huge storms. Another advantage of the beautiful lighthouses is that they are loved by tourists. A huge amount of visitors come to see these stunning and peaceful places. A lot of them are built-in ancient several centuries by the previous European colonial powers. Many are also build in this era of new technology.

This list will provide you proper information regarding the tallest lighthouses along with their background history as well. In past times when technology is not that much grown and the architectural arena was also not advanced. At that time many beautiful marine lighthouses were amazingly constructed. People love to visit the oldest lighthouse and have a curiosity to know about their background history. They are proven very helpful for ships because in the past they are used to serve as an important navigational aid for ships. This topic is especially for those people who want to get complete information about the tallest lighthouses in the world.

10. Osinovezckiy Lighthouse


With a height of 230 feet, it is located in Lake Ladoga, in Leningrad Oblast, Russia. It was first constructed in 1905 and is completely made up of stone. The focal height of this stone tower is 243 feet with a cylindrical shape and also has balcony and lantern in it.

9. Punta Penna


Punta Penna is at number 9 with a height of 230 feet. This highly famous concrete tower was first constructed in 1906. The shape of the tower is octagonal with a balcony and lantern. Its focal height is 277 feet that is the reason it has made its name in the list of tallest lighthouses in the world. Mains power is the light source with the range 25 nautical miles.

8. Storozhenskiy Light


This active lighthouse is basically located in Lake Ladoga, Russia. With a height of 233 feet, it is the eight tallest lighthouses in the world having a focal height of 76 meters. This cylindrical tower also contains a balcony and lantern with it and is completely made up of stone.

7. Baishamen Lighthouse


Another masterpiece with a height of 236 feet located on Haidian Island, Haikou, China. Its focal height is 256 feet having a range of 18 nautical miles. It is a marvelous triangular prism tower basically rising from a 4 story hexagonal basement. This white tower is completely made up of concrete.

6. Mulantou Lighthouse


Mulantou Lighthouse is also famous with the name of Hainan Head Light located in the province of Hainan, China. It is the 6th largest lighthouse in the world with a height of 237 feet. This historic lighthouse is built in 1995 with a focal height of 289 feet. The scene is gone crazy and adorable when it emits two white flashes every 15 minutes. It is basically a cylindrical tower with a balcony, observation room, and lantern. It’s the concrete tower with an amazing range of 25 nautical miles. A huge number of people come from different countries to watch this masterpiece. Its beauty is remarkable and that is the reason it is in the list of tallest lighthouses in the world.

5. Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Light


Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Light is the most magnificent and historic lighthouse with a height of 239 feet. It is a 5th world’s tallest lighthouse with 249 feet focal height. It also contains several galleries and lanterns and basically tapered cylindrical in shape. It is basically a concrete tower with a range of 10 nautical miles.

4. Gatteville lighthouse


Gatteville lighthouse is at number 4 in the list of tallest lighthouses in the world with a height of 247 feet. It was first constructed in 1775 with a range of 29 nautical miles. Its basic structure is cylindrical with a gallery and a lantern.

3. Lighthouse of Genoa


This highly famous lighthouse of Genoa was also known as Lanterna is a symbol and trademark for the city of Genoa. In the Vicinity, it is also a very essential and important aid to night navigation. It is completely made up of stones and its shape is two square prisms. It is 249 feet tall and its focal height is 384 feet. Electric power distribution is the light source with a range of 25 nautical miles.

2. Yokohama Marine Tower


Yokohama Marine Tower comes at number 2 with a height of 106 meters. The location of this historic lighthouse is Yokohama Inner Harbour Japan. It was first constructed in 1961 and was deactivated in 2008. But on May 23, 2009, Marine tower was reopened to celebrate its 150th anniversary. The look of this tower is amazing, eye-pleasing light characteristics are marked on this tower by flash. The scene of alternating red and green light is memorizing and amaze everyone. If the conditions are properly clear anyone can see Mount Fuji from the observation deck which is 100 meters high. Its focal height is 341 feet having a range of 25 nautical miles.

1. Jeddah Light


This light tower is very famous and is approximately 436 feet long. Firstly this masterpiece was constructed in 1990 and is located at the north side of the Jeddah seaport. The shape of the tower is cylindrical with the spheric observation building and has a balcony on the top. The focal height of this beautiful lighthouse is 140 meters with a range of 25 nautical miles.

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