10 Astonishing cat breeds


If you want to know which is the most beautiful pet?? Then there is no doubt that cats are the most cutest and beautiful pets living on earth. These astonishing breeds are playful and very kind in nature and will definitely add joy and happiness in your life. Life is full of stress?? Keep a cat in your house and see the positive results. Yes, people also keep cats to remove stress from their lives. Cats are the most caring and affectionate animals.

10. Shorthair cat


These astonishing cats are also famous with the name of shorthaired Persian. The body of this cat is amazingly beautiful with a flat face, it is among those cat breeds that except the short case. It was developed in 1950 by crossing the Persian cats with different cat breeds. They are loyal, affectionate, sweet and playful. They will play with you even all day if you want. These cats want attention and love from you. They always want to sit on your lap. Their height is short and weighs up to 15 pounds. As same as Persian cats, they come with a huge variety of colors including blue, silver, black, cream and smoke. They come with a short nose, beautiful wide eyes, small ears, and an attractive broad face.

9. British Shorthair


If you are looking for an ancient cat breeds then look at this British shorthair cat. It is among the most ancient cat breeds and number 9 in our list. This astonishing cat Britain from Egypt in the 1st century A.D. The size of this beautiful creature is medium and is extremely affectionate and calm.

British shorthair cat is also a great indoor cat because it will easily get attach with family members. If you keep it with your other pets then it will also become a great friend of them too. The dense and short coat of this beautiful creature comes in white, silver, red, black, cream, blue and gold colors.

8. Abyssinian


This medium-sized Abyssinian cat has strong resemblance with a sacred cat in Ancient Egypt. It looks are very attractive and comes with wedge-shaped ears and pointed ears. It appears in a short and deep coat with deep reddish-brown shade. Their intelligence level is very high and is very active as well. Cats are usually difficult to train but you can easily train this breed. Its nature is calm and you will always find them playing.

7. Birman


If the discussion begins about which cat has an attractive personality then no list is complete with Birman. This breed is highly attractive with striking colorations. It is also famous with the name of ‘’Sacred cat of Burma’’. It is well known for its bluish eyes and the whole physical appearance is eye-pleasing. It was first introduced in Europe and the United States in the 20th century.

The interesting thing about them is that they remain in pure white color for the first two years. But after that different marks appears on their body especially on face, legs, ears, and tail. The colors of these marks are also different including cream, chocolate, red, blue, lilac and seal. But nothing different happens to the color of their legs, they remain white for all life. Birman has an attractive muscular body and weighs between 5 to 7 kg.

The size of their tail is medium and contain lengthy coat. Maybe you don’t this fact about Birman that they are not very much active. This cat likes to spend all of its time with its owner and that is the most loving thing about them. They will never keep their owners alone.

6. Toyger


It has strong resemblance with a tiger and was developed by crossing standard Bengal tabby and a striped domestic short hair. Their physical appearance is quite attractive and have unique tiger-like marking beautifully distributed on a light orange colored coat.

They are among those medium-sized cat breeds who have a muscular body. Toyger weight is approximately 4-6 kg. It came with attractive small rounded ears and long tail and are playful in nature. It is very easy to train Toyger because they are very intelligent and learn things quickly. In order to catch small domestic animals, it can easily use their camouflage coat.

5. Scottish Fold


Famous for their unique ears amazingly folded forward and down. They have a clean rounded appearance. Scottish fold also contains round eyes and face. There is a difference between matured cats and kitten. The ears of Scottish fold kittens are straight and interestingly begins to fold after three weeks from the birth. Their coat comes with different variety of colors including blue, lavender, chocolate, red and different beautiful combinations of white. They love their owners and always wants to stay with them.

4. Ragdoll


This attractive semi-longhair cat breed is a very loyal, affectionate and home-loving cat. All of its features are amazing but its blue eyes are the most striking one. Very intelligent, learn things quickly and always play with you. Their coat appears in four different patters bicolor, pointed, lynx and mitted. Each of the patterns contains striking colors including cream, blue, chocolate, seal, red and lilac. Ragdoll has an average lifespan of 14 years and has weight in between 3.5 to 8 kg.

3. Maine Coon


Maine coon comes at number 3 in the list of astonishing cat breeds. It was originated from a cross between semi-wild and domestic cats and are also famous as American longhair. They appear in a wide variety of patterns and beautiful colors. Maine coon can easily be found in white, silver, red, cream, orange and black colors.

2. Siamese


This astonishing creature is extremely social and affectionate. As compared with other breeds their power of communication is better and will produce meaningful monologue for you. Their loud and harsh sound will exactly tell what they want. Great for keeping in the house, always follows you and will rest on your lap. They have a muscular body, elongated ears, an attractive triangular head, and almond-shaped beautiful eyes.

1. Persian cat


This astonishing creature is at top of the list. It is among the oldest and well-known cats in the world. This attractive animal was originally originated in Persia and has more than 80 color variations including black, chocolate, silver, red, lilac, cream and blue. Its astonishing eyes came with deep blue, blue-green or brown colors. Its size is medium and has a rounded head, short nose, full cheek, and amazing large rounded eyes.

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