Top 10 White Cat Breeds


There are numerous breeds that include a white cat, from the adorable Sphynx and the British Shorthair to the amazing Turkish Van. Cats are the most innocent animal and they are well known for showing unconditional love to their owners. You will see different types of cat breeds in this world. In this article, we will discuss in detail about 10 white cat breeds.

As per the name, these cats are completely white and the reason behind that is lack of melanin pigmentation.

1. American Curl


American curl is top of the list of white cat breeds. This energetic and playful cat will easily become part of your family. This cute cat is the complete package of beauty and entertainment. It loves playing especially with kids and will settle into a warm lap without an invitation.

2. American Shorthair


American Shorthair is perfect for the family. Not that much athletic but it is among extreme powerful and strong cats. It cute round face and short ears are its striking features. The size of the male is larger than the females.

3. British Shorthair


British Shorthair is extremely famous for its distinctively chunky body, broad face and dense coat. Its physical appearance is amazingly loud and different from other cats. It contains thick legs, with a broad chest and rounded paws. Its length is medium and has a blunt-tipped tail.

4. Cornish Rex


Cornish Rex is highly active and sociable and never thinks twice while stealing the food off your plate. It has a light coat that means it is perfect for indoor living in warm and dry conditions. Living in low temperature will cause a problem for them. They prefer to stay near warm places like light bulbs, shoulders, computer monitors and laps. Its intelligence level is very high and will easily adapt things. It is also very good for exploring new situations and its behavior is extremely friendly towards other animals as well.

Cornish Rex likes to fetch the food and play with other animals and also famous for doing acrobatic jumps. Majority of people keep this adorable cat as a pet because of its friendly behavior. It will make your life more entertaining because this cat always wants to do something new to impress its master.

5. Devon Rex


Its physical appearance is so much attractive that you will fall in love with this cute animal. It is also being categorized as one of the most hypoallergenic cats because of its type of coat. It has slightly rounded ears with large eyes, and its noses are slightly upturned. They are very caring and loving in nature.

6. Japanese Bobtail


Japanese Bobtails is an extremely famous and intelligent cat that perfectly knows how to keep the conversation going.  If you talk with them it will definitely give you a response. Most of its responses to be chirps that actually defines its large range of tones. You will feel like she was singing.

7. Maine Coon


Maine coon comes at number 7 in the list of White Cat Breeds. The interesting fact about them is that they also love traveling and happily join you in all of your adventures. This cat loves outdoor walk and quite friendly as well.

8. Wigan Forest Cat


This cute animal is very popular for its eyes that brilliantly match the color of the greenest forest canopy. This unique looking animal is a natural detective. It has almond-shaped eyes and large ears and has very strong claws. They are very good climbers and interesting thing is that they can even climb the rock as well.

9. Oriental Cat

oriental cat

It is the most beautiful member of the Siamese family of breeds. It actually belongs to the diverse group of cats that have their popular foundation in the Siamese breed. She likes outdoor activities like traveling, walking with owners, playing in gardens with kids. But the most amazing thing about this cute animal is that they will stop everything for love and affection.

10. Persian Cat


Everyone appreciates its beauty and charm and that’s why it has huge respect among white cat breeds lovers. All you have to do is to just earn its love and trust and then you will see how friendly it is.

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