7 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds


Allergies are very common, constant sneezing and uncontrollable itching can deter from the affection you’d like to give cats. Allergies can happen any time and you are not alone, many cats and dogs got these allergies and if not properly cure they may die as well. People who keep cats and dogs as pets in their houses already know that they gonna face this problem anytime, so in order to prevent these allergies, they quickly take safety precautions.

If you are among those person’s who love to keep cats then you should have proper knowledge about the different cat breeds. There are some “hypoallergenic” cat breeds are well known to produce fewer allergens than other cats.

7 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

1. Balinese


When you look at this cat by the face you will never believe that this breed can cause allergy. But the reality is that this cute cat produces less of the Fel D1 protein than other cats, and is highly responsible for causing fewer allergic reactions in allergy sufferers.

Keeping this cat in the house is fun because it is very cute and beautiful. They are actually famous for their amazing ability to communicate vocally. If you are dealing with stress then this cat can help you a lot. Balinese is among those cat breeds that are very sensitive to your mood and are more than willing to cheer you up with extremely good vibes and happy chatter if you’re feeling gloomy.

2. Oriental Shorthair


Oriental Shorthair is basically a non-allergenic cat, but it is still an acceptable and good practice to actually groom your Oriental frequently to keep dander to a minimum. Its personality is very unique from other cat breeds and is well known for its distinctive coat. People in huge amount keep this pet in their houses because they are natural entertainers.

3. Javanese


Javanese cats are extremely famous for their amazing communication skills. They have less fur which actually translates into fewer allergens. Javanese cats are well known for their devoted and sportive nature. The intelligence level of this breed is also very high. They eat food and then burn their calories by doing different activities. If you are looking for a responsive cat then you will never find the best option then Javanese.

4. Devon Rex


Devon Rex is extremely popular for their jumbo satellite-dish ears, due to these large ears it was also compared with space aliens. Its appearance is very loud and different from other cat breeds. The most interesting and funny thing about this cat species is that at night it will beautifully cuddle up with you and when you wake up in the morning it will kiss you. This amazing cat is very lovely and sweet in nature. The look of this cat is wonderful but they can attract dirt. In order to keep it healthy, you must clean this cute cat. You have to make sure that its ears were properly cleaned. Use cotton cloth and products that are only made for cleaning cats.

5. Cornish Rex


The Cornish Rex actually requires more grooming than the Devon. frequent baths are required to mitigate the oil buildup on their skin and to remove the dirt as well.

Cornish Rexes are active, intelligent, inquisitive, gazelle-like felines that have a playful temperament. They are extremely entertaining and for them, everything is a game, and they can be hard to ignore when they’re in a sociable mood. Most of the time you will see them playing. These cat species are very kind and loving towards their favorite humans. Cornish Rex is among the best cat breeds for allergies, so should choose the cats that match your personality.

6. Sphynx


The most interesting and unique fact about this cat breed is that they are hairless often associated with being a hypoallergenic cat breed. They don’t have hairs but it doesn’t mean that they don’t require proper cleaning and care. Yes, they are hairless but they have skin and it attracts the dirt. To clean up the dirt, this cat requires frequent baths. Sphynx contain large ears and these large ears also required frequent cleaning. At least you have to clean your adorable pet once in a week. Get bored?? Keep this pet at your house and believe us it will provide you a complete dose of entertainment and fun.

7. Siberian


They contain long coat but still, this breed is hypoallergenic because of the lower-than-average enzyme levels in their saliva. They like playing and are very affectionate and good in nature. Most of its calories are burn because of its habit of playing continuously. It is amazingly friendly and very easy to handle. Their level of intelligence is very high and that’s the reason people in large amount keep it as a pet in their houses.

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