Top 10 Astonishing flightless birds


Have you ever seen flightless birds?? We usually see birds flying in a blue sky but there are few species of birds that cannot fly. They have short wings and can run on the ground and swim in the ocean. This article will provide you complete and most authentic flightless birds information regarding. So following is the list of 10 most amazing flightless birds in the world.

1. Ostrich


Ostrich is the large flightless bird with very powerful and strong long legs. The most amazing thing about Ostrich is that they can run very fast on land. No other bird can match the running speed of Ostrich. The eggs of this extinct flightless bird are also larger from any living bird.

2. Cassowary


The cassowary is mostly found in New Guinea and Australia. The cassowary is the heaviest extinct flightless bird in Australia. Be careful when you want to go close to it because Cassowary is the most dangerous animal. Cassowary comes at number 2 in the list flightless birds.

3. Emu


Emu has a huge height and that is the reason it is the second tallest bird in the world. This bird of paradise is mostly found in Australia. Australians love this large flightless bird because it is an important source of meat for them.

4. Emperor Penguin


No list of flightless birds is fully complete without the Emperor Penguin. One of the most beautiful and lovable bird lives in the coldest environment on earth. They look so innocent and adorable. People have huge craze about Emperor Penguin and it is at number 4 in the list of flightless birds. When it’s come for beauty among all non-flying birds Penguin is at the top. People go to cold areas to watch this beauty. Another amazing thing is that they are the heaviest species of living penguins. There are 18 species of Penguin and all of them can’t fly but they can run and swim very well.

5. Rhea


Basically, Rhea is native to South Africa and actually, it is closely related to emu and ostrich. There are two species of Rhea that exist within the South American content to Brazil and Argentina. The name of two species is greater rhea and lesser rhea.

6. Kakapo


The kakapo is the large flightless parrot native to New Zealand. They are highly famous for their yellow and green color and are an excellent climber as well. They live under trees and mostly move around night.

7. Kiwi


Kiwi is the smallest ratites living in the world and is mostly found in New Zealand. As we all know that Kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand that’s why they are usually called as Kiwis.

8. Campbell Teal


Campbell Teal is also native to New Zealand and listed as endangered. Campbell Teal has marked its name at number 8 in this list. They are world rarest duck but highly famous among birds lovers.

9. Inaccessible Island Rail


They only found on Inaccessible island and also the smallest bird in the beautiful world of the rail family. Due to their short length people easily identify them.

10. Galapagos Cormorant


Galapagos Cormorant comes at number 10 in the list they are famous because they are unique. The fact of the matter is that they are the only Cormorant that has actually lost the ability to fly. They have webbed feet’s and very strong legs. Their favorite food is fish, small octopus, and all other small marine creatures. Galapagos Cormorant belongs to the Phalacrocoracidae family which is very popular. People have a huge craze for them because the slightly look like ducks. The astonishing part is that the appearance of both male and female are the same. In height, males are superior them females because they are larger in height. As same as other birds their feathers are not waterproof.

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