Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds in the World


There is a huge craze for cats all around the world. Different cat breeds exist in this world some are average but some are usually bigger than an average house cat.  Domestic cat breeds and wild cat breeds they both are very famous among people. Feline lovers spend a huge amount of money to buy different cat species. Cats are cute and loveable so that is the reason everyone wants to have cats in their house. There is also a curiosity among people that which is the largest cat breeds in the world. So to end this discussion we made the list in which you will know about the largest cat breeds and their different characteristics. Following is the list of top largest cat breeds in the world.

1. Maine Coon


Marine Coon is the largest cat breed having valuable hunting skills and distinctive physical appearance. They are also considered as best cat breeds among domestic cat breeds and capable of maintaining a weight of 15 to 25 pounds.

2. Savannah cat


Savannah is very popular among wild cat breeds and mostly found in Africa. Savannah is one of the most exotic cat breeds having an average weight of 25 pounds. But not only heavy in weight they are very much tall than average house cats.

3. Ragdoll


Among different cat species, Ragdoll has outstanding personality with cute charm. No list of large feline breeds is complete without Ragdoll. With the average weight of 10-20 pounds, it is at number 3.

4. Chausie


This large hybrid feline is created by crossing domestic felines with their wild cousins. In easy words, we can say that it is the most brilliant cross of the jungle and domestic cats. Chausie is found very rare and that is the reason they are quite expensive. Having a weight of 15-20 pounds they are at number 4.

5. Ragamuffin


Just like a ragdoll, they are also popular among people due to their outstanding personality and good temperament. If you those cats who can easily become a good companion, then this one is ideal for you. They also get easily familiar with dogs and other pets in the house. The weight of a male is around 20lbs and weight of female can go in between 10 to 15 lbs.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat


They are large in size and extremely beautiful as well and have an average weight of 13-22 pounds. They are fully covered with many hairs and basically quite muscular as well. They are waterproof and that is the reason they can survive the Scandinavian winters.

7. Siberian Cat


With a weight of 10 -20 pounds they come at number seven in the list. Their size is quite large and can become an incredibly good companion. Mostly found in Siberia, this densely coated feline is ideal for houses because they are too friendly and easily adjust in the house atmosphere.

8. British Shorthair


These British felines are one of the most popular and largest short-haired felines around the world. When in order to make companions they are wonderful companions having an average weight of 9-18 pounds. As with beautiful shape, they are most affectionate and loveable felines around the world.

9. Turkish Van


They are very rare breed basically originate from central and southwest Asia. With the average weight of 9-13 pounds, Turkish Van is at number 9 in this list.

10. American Bobtail


They are distinctive felines and the reason behind that is their tail. This amazing breed was very carefully created by natural selection. They come at number 10 with the average weight of 7-15 pounds. Their stubby bobbed tail admires people around the world. Many people think that it is the same as Japanese Bobtail because their name and physical type are quite similar. But actually, they have no relation with Japanese Bobtail.

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