Top 10 Beautiful Hair Animals


Beautiful hair animals are the most inspiring and unique creatures found in this vast world. Our personality very much relies on our hairs. That’s why we spend a lot of money to keep the hairs look healthy and shiny. But did you know that there are beautiful hair animals that have brilliant hairs naturally and they don’t have to put in a single stitch of effort? They don’t need any straighteners or any hair products to achieve the perfect look. These beautiful hairs are actually a gift of god for them. Following is the list of 10 beautiful hair animals.

10. Polish Chicken


Polish chicken is the highly famous crested chicken in the world. This graceful breed is originated from Poland. The male chicken contains large and attractive crest of feathers. This beautiful crest chicken has great importance in Europe.

The unique thing about them is that their head is covered by large crests. Polish chicken plumage comes with a variety of colors including gold, buff-laced, silver, and black.

9. Valais Blacknose Sheep


Valais Blacknose sheep is usually found in the Valais region in Switzerland. They are among beautiful hair animals because of their thick wool. They prefer to live in the high mountains of Switzerland. The whole body of this unique creature is covered with hairs.

8. Silkie Chicken


Silkie Chicken is extremely famous for its fluffy hairs and is one of the most beautiful hair animals living in this world. Their whole personality is very much adoring. Their plumage feels like silk and has blue-black skin and bones. Its striking features and characteristics make them different from other chicken breeds.

7. Racka Sheep


This unique creature is originated in Hungry. Their attractive cork-crew shaped horns and thick wool are very famous. The colors of their attractive wool vary from brown to light brown to black. Few species also appeared in white colored wool.

The long spiral horns are another adorable feature of Racka Sheep. The length of these elegant long spiral horns is 20 inches.

6. Gypsy Horse


No list of beautiful hair animals is complete without this brilliant Gypsy horse. They are highly admired for their amazing leg feathering and straight and silky hairs. Other famous names are Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Colored Cob, and Irish Cob.

The coat of colors this unique creature appears in a different pattern. But white and black is the most common and popular as well. Leg feathering is the most prominent feature of this horse. They look so pretty with these leg feathering.

5. Hairy Guinea Pig


Guinea Pig has different species and each has different appearance and availability. Guinea Pig is one of the most adorable pets notable for their long and smooth coat. The Silkie, Alpaca, Merino, Peruvian, Coronet, Lunkarya, Texel and Sheba are very popular long-haired breeds of guinea pig.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat


Norwegian Forest Cat is a good looking domestic cat with a long glossy coat. It is also popular with the name of “ skogkatt “ in Norway. The amazing thing about their long woolen coat is that they are water-repellent and appears in many colors.

This unique creature has a strong resemblance with American long hair breed. The almond-shaped eyes and triangle shaped head is the most striking feature of Norwegian Forest Cat.

3. Komondor Dog


Komondor Dog contains the dense coat of white cords and is the highly intelligent and protective breed of dog. Their thick coat actually helps them to survive in extreme weather conditions.

They can grow up to the height of 30 inches and are one of the largest dogs In the world. Their white cords don’t require combing but you must keep them clean to avoid parasites.

2. Highland Cattle


The highland cattle are an elegant and attractive Scottish breed of cow with long horns and long haired coat. Highland Cattle is among the beautiful hair animals and is one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world. Their thick coat is quite useful and actually helps them to survive within harsh conditions of the Scottish highlands. The coat of highland cattle comes in different striking colors including red, yellow, dun, black and silver.

They use their long powerful horns to dig through thick snow to find vegetation in the winter season. Another advantage of their long horns is that they use them to defend against predators like mountain lions and bears.

1. Lhasa Apso


The Lhasa Apso is a beautiful long haired dog originated in Tibet. As the name indicates they have an elegant dense and heavy coat. The color of their coat varies as white, white, red, black and silver. Lhasa Apso also appears on different popular dog shows.

The Lhasa Apso dogs can grow up to the length of 10 inches and weighs between 6-k kilograms. They are very social and extremely protective. Professional training is required to make them an obedient dog. Their long hairs require frequent combing.

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