10 Weirdest Pets in the world


Weird pets are extremely famous in the world. Everyone love these weird creatures because they look great and have amazing characteristics. No one can deny this fact that weird pets are a great conversation starter. These weirdest pets are totally different from other animals that is why this name weirdest is given to them. Following is the list of 10 Weirdest Pets in the world.

10. The Alien Kat


Words can’t explain the beauty of this cute cat. The Alien Kat is among those unusual pets which are extremely famous for their attractive looks. It comes at number 10 in the list of weirdest pets in the world.

9. Zeus, the giant dog


Among all other weirdest creatures the giant dog is very unique. This dog is very popular and the reason behind it is that it is extraordinarily tall. It was the tallest dog in the world. This monster animal was 44 inches in the shoulder and that was incredible. When this giant dog stand he was amazingly seven-feet-four inches in height. The sad news is that this monster dog has died at the ripe old age of six.

8. The Twin Destroyer (two-headed snake)


The twin Destroyer marks its name at number 8 in the list of weirdest pets in the world. It is among weird creatures because it has two heads. That’s sound really strange but it is the reality.

7. Obie ( fattest dog)


The weight of this strange dog is more than five stone seven pounds. This was even double than the average weight of the breed. In order to reduce the weight, this fattest dog is following a strict weight loss diet and also undergone surgery to reduce the excess fat.

6. Duncan ( two-legged dog)


Duncan is the most amazing animal you have ever seen. The rare facts about this unique animal are that it doesn’t have any back legs. That sound strange, he actually moves around using prosthetics or a wheelchair.

5. Goldie ( largest goldfish)


Another unique creature in the list named Goldie. Just look at its size, Amazingly 16 inches in length and weighing over two pounds.

4. The grumpy cat


The grumpy cat is a well known American internet celebrity cat. You can easily recognize this amazing cat because of her permanently “grumpy” facial appearance. This unique facial appearance was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism. She became famous because of social media. Her cute picture was posted on September 22, 2012.

3. Micro Pig


Micro Pig is among those weird creatures who are extremely famous for their cute expressions and eye-catching looks. Besides being amazingly cute, micro pigs are really cheap to keep and they also prefer to eat your leftovers. Keep them in outdoor spaces, but remember one thing that they actually turn into rather large adult pigs.

2. Pygmy Goat


Pygmy Goat comes at number 2 in this list. It is actually a breed of miniature domestic goat and can adapt to virtually all climates. With the weight of 24 to 34 kg and height ranges from 41 to 58, this amazing animal comes in seven breed standard approved colors. Pygmy Goat can be categorized into black patterned, caramel patterned and agouti patterned. In these amazing categories, you will find black agouti, caramel with black markings, brown agouti, brown agouti, black with white markings, and solid black.

This pet is very friendly and self-excising but in order to keep them, you’ll need a little bit of land. You will not have to spend a lot of money for their care. That’s why these attractive little goats make for the perfect, low maintenance family pet.

1. African Pygmy Hedgehog


African Pygmy Hedgehog is leading the list of weirdest Pets in the world. This amazing creature is mega cute and extremely friendly in nature. They are gaining a lot of popularity in the UK because you can easily make them a house pet. They can eat many things but mostly they eat insects. They usually prefer a diet that is high in protein and low in fats. Prepared foods are also available for these kinds of weirdest pets. In these foods the high amount of protein is present, and foods are actually made from insect components.

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