10 Scientific Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats


Dogs and cats both are the most cutest and loyal animals you have ever seen. But those who are cat lovers say that cats are better and dog lovers say that dogs are better. Cat lovers don’t admit that dogs are better and dogs lovers also not admit that cats are better. So the question arises that who is superior?? So to end up this discussion we take help from science. So we bring you the most precious list of 10 scientific reasons dogs are better than a cat.

10. Dogs are smarter


As compared with dogs cats have a large number of neurons in their brains. But dogs are more active to adapt things and at performing tasks and obeying commands. They are too good at understanding commands. Even they can easily understand and follow the hand gestures to find hidden treats. According to the recent research, I have been shown that this amazing animal is technologically-advanced and its intelligence level is very much high. In the research, it was mentioned that dogs are capable of responding to written commands as well. Nowadays people are training them to take selfies, isn’t it cute?

9. Dogs can sniff out cancer


It is the real fact that cats have better and more attuned sense of smell than dogs. But still training cats is the most difficult task to perform. It is harder to train this cute species. But on the other hand training dogs is not a problem. This unique species is capable of sniffing out different cancers such as lung cancer, ovarian and prostate cancers. The most interesting thing is the accuracy rate and it is 99%, that was amazing.

8. Dogs are heroes


As we all know they are extremely popular for their keen sense of smell. With the help of this sense, they actually have been trained to sniff out various drugs, dangerous bombs and interestingly can locate survivors of disasters. This unique species is also used for security purpose as well that’s why they are truly heroic animals.

7. Dogs are loyal


When the discussion begins about loyalty then no animal can beat them. They are very much affectionate and can make a special bond with their masters. Its main motive is to protect its owner at any cost. According to the study that was published in 2013, it was mentioned that dogs can build relationships with their owners as same as parents with their children.

6. Dogs make life worth living


Having a dog in a house is a good way to relieve your stress. Particularly older people do this trick to make themselves busy so that stress not enter in their life. A dog can prove to be your funniest companion. It will love you, play with you anytime you want. As per mentioned in the study that this unique species will give you the reason to live.

5. Dogs help to keep us fit


Cats actually don’t require any physical exercise, they will keep moving into your house going from one place to another. But dogs actually require these physical exercises to remain active and healthy. So they keep their master motivated because he has to go with them. So, in this case, both the dog and the owner can have a good and healthy walk. A regular walk will keep both of them fit.

4. Dogs have a sixth sense


A study was published on National Geographic magazine and it was written in that they can alert their owners if there is any danger. Just look at the intelligence level they can even easily dial an emergency button 911.

3. A dog can help to save endangered species


If trained properly of a professional trainer dog can easily find out the endangered species and provide it a rescue. They are among those amazing creatures who will quickly help others. They have been properly trained to actually sniff out the feces of animals such as tapirs, wolverines, killer whales, iguanas, and wolverines to basically help ecologists to find these animals in the wild.

2. A dog can make people laugh


According to the studies it was proven that dog owners laugh more than cats owners. The reason is a dog is more active and always in search of performing a new thing to entertain their owners. Cats are usually less active and are judgmental too. Dog, on the other hand, is happier in nature.

1. A dog can help people to make friends


Walking with a dog can even create more chances of friendly interactions. The cat owner can’t experience this particular thing. The reason is cats usually remain in houses. As walking with this unique creature you may find another dog lover as well who will start asking about its name, breed info, etc. So yes in this way they can help people to make friends.

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