10 Best Travel Destinations for Art Lovers


If you love art, you will find beauty anywhere. Our world is filled with natural and artificial beauty, for exploring it you have to travel. Travelling is also a wonderful activity; it provides new energy into your life. When life becomes monotonous by routine, we should take time and explore the beauty around us. Today we shall talk about the 10 best travel destinations specifically for art lovers. For exploring beauty, you need the best travel camera so you should consider it. Here is the list of Top 10 Best Travel Destinations for Art Lovers

10. Pakistan


Pakistan is also existing in South Asia that is known as the fifth most populated city. It is filled with a rich culture and also claims several exclusive sculptures. Pakistani sculptures are related to the long history of this country that was made with natural materials like stone. For the art lover, the best destinations to visit are Buddha of Swat Valley, Minar-e-Pakistan, and Pakistan Monument which is a fascinating structure that replicates the past, culture, and unity of Pakistan’s provinces. Moreover, you can visit the tomb of Jahangir and three swords monuments, if you have much time.

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09. India


In Asia, India is famous for the traditional artwork which had great influence in the first minimum when Buddhist art spread in Indian regions to all over Asia. It also greatly influences Hindu art. In that time thousands of seals, human and animal figures were found from the Indus Valley civilization which shows the art sense of ancient people.

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08. Midtown Manhattan


Midtown Manhattan is the central area of New York City. Here you will get the Museum of Modern Art that is simply known as MoMA. For art lovers, there are the finest collections of modern art. In its museum, you can see the 150,000 treasures of “The Starry Night. It was the famous artwork of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh that captures a view of southern France from his sanatorium room window.

07. Australia


Australia is also rich in artwork as it has contained around 100,000 aboriginal rock art sites. If you get a chance to visit Australia then you should see the traditional designs, patterns, and stories of Australian art. Australia has many prominent artists that are related to Western and Indigenous Australian schools. Many of them comprise the late-19th-century Heidelberg School Plein air painters, the Antipodeans, which are coeval examples of well-known High modernism and Postmodernist art.

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06. Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is the most populous and capital city of Dubai. If we talk about the artwork of Abu Dhabi, it displays the artworks of French museums, it includes from prehistorical work to Contemporary. There are many architectural edifices which you should visit, these have the greatest attraction for art lovers. The most popular mosque is Sheikh Zayed which represents a key feature of the city’s architectural ancestry.

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05. New York, United States


New York is a state in the Northeastern area of the United States that is also rich in art. There are also great attractions for art lovers if you are considering about to travel the best destinations of New York. Then you should visit some excellent museum-like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and the most famous Guggenheim Museum. Here you will get the artwork of ancient and modern artists. Moreover, this city is also popular for its finest street art. The most popular street artists are Banksy, Keith Haring, and more. 

04. Shanghai


Shanghai is the most populous city in China. It flourished in 1930 when it became a primary commercial and financial hub of the Asia-Pacific region. For art lovers, the best destinations for travel or exploration are Shanghai Museum. Here you will get a huge collection of Chinese artifacts of the world. Moreover, you will get here ancient and modern artwork of great artists. The most famous collections of the Shanghai Museum are ancient Chinese bronzes and ceramics. Another one of the largest museums of Shanghai is the China Art Museum which attracts a lot of people from all over the world. it is also considered a huge museum in Asia. It shows the animated copied models of the 12th-century paintings. If you have much time then you can visit Shanghai Natural History Museum, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Here you will get the wonderful work of several artists.

03. Italy


In Italy, you will get a lot of artwork about wester, Roman, Greece and much more. Greeks were too much influenced by Roman arts and it has its unique features. Roman art is existing here in the form of wall paintings but if you are a fan of Renaissance art. Then, you must visit Tuscany here you will get the world’s greatest artwork. The renaissance period was known as the golden period of Italy as a concern to arts. Many artists like Paolo Uccello. Masaccio. Filippo Lippi, Raphael, and much more artwork have been displayed here.

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02. Amsterdam


Amsterdam is the most populous city in the Netherlands. Its most popular museum is the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum. These are located on the Museumplein that is called Museum Square. This city holds the work of Van Gogh who is the greatest artist. If you have much time then must visit this Museum, here you will get the painting work by Van Gogh because this museum is dedicated to him. It’s a marvelous painting like a bedroom in Arles, and many self-portraits are found here.

01. Melbourne – Travel Destinations for Art Lovers


Melbourne is a famous city in Australia and it is also known as cultural capital. For art loves it is one of the best destinations for travel. It is an artistic city, for explorers, it is an incredible place. Many walls of the city have been decorated with vibrant street art and striking sculptures found everywhere. If you have enough time then you can visit the museums of this city but if you have not much time then you must visit the National Gallery of Victoria. It is one of the oldest, largest, and richest art museums in Melbourne. Here you will get a striking collection of paintings, photos, sculptures. Decoration pieces and much more.