Top 10 most beautiful crested birds


The world is full of beautiful and exotic birds. Different types of birds exist in this vast universe. Some of the species of these exotic birds can fly even that much higher than you can’t even imagine. Some are capable of talking in a human language with surprising accuracy. We bring the most amazing list of birds that can not even fly high but are the most beautiful crested birds that you have ever seen. So following is the list of beautiful crested birds that will surprise you.

10. Hoopoe


Mostly found in astonishing places in North Africa and Eurasia. It is highly famous due to its beautiful crest of feathers. These long feathers contain fine black tips and are very adorable as well. Mostly their crests fall backward on their head and the astonishing thing is that when they are active they display their crest in an adorable round shape. The body of Hoopoe is also very beautiful like their crest.

The eye-catching cinnamon coloration attracts many people who love crested birds. Hoopoe wings also have attractive black and white stripes. The birds with crested heads are very popular among bird lovers. This bird sounds amazing and has many interesting characteristics. One of them is their long black bills which they use to dig out insects from the ground quickly.

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9. Great Crested Grebe


Highly famous for their long beak, neck, and distinctive black crest with orange tippets. Through amazing characteristics, it easily marked its name in the list of crested birds. Also known as an elegant water bird and is mostly found in Europe. Beautiful crest of feathers can easily be seen on both male and female grebe. It lives in shallow water bodies and is also the largest bird of the grebe bird family.

They have pretty head-plumes but the amazing part is that they are very popular for their elaborate courtship display. This Great Grebe comes at number 9 in the list of crested birds.

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8. Himalayan Monal


No list of birds is complete without this stunning bird named Himalayan Monal. It is an eye-catching colorful bird that is endemic to the Himalayas. The males are more popular than females because they are more colorful. Their elegant beauty shines more because of their exceptionally beautiful plumage. It is a mixture of Red, purple, metallic blue, and green colors. You will also notice metallic green head plumes on male birds.

Females are not that much attractive because they don’t have such stunning coloration that male has. Females have head plumes but are small in size with brown coloration. Himalayan Monal has marked its name as number 8 in this list of birds.

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7. Nicobar Pigeon


Most people are not well aware of this species but it is exceptionally beautiful and that is the fact. Mostly found in the Nicobar Islands of the Bay of Bengal. Having stunning iridescent green feathers they are one of the most beautiful crested birds. Graceful long green-blue feathers are also present on the upper neck. Due to these long feathers, it seems like they have hairs on their neck. Their appearance is very unique from other species present in this list of birds. The females are usually smaller than male Nicobar Pigeons and have brownish underparts

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6. Secretary Bird


They are very large having a height ib between 1.2 to 1.4 meters. They also have 3 meters of huge wingspan. There is existence is found in savannas and grasslands of Africa. They are not on popular for their long size but also for their beautiful plumage and crest of feathers. They consist of many features but their feathers are the most attractive and distinguishable feature you have ever seen.

The feathers present on the back side of their head are long and their color is black. When Secretary Bird raises them it looks like a crown. Extremely popular and have huge respect among birds with crested heads.

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5. Cockatoo: Most beautiful crested birds


Another beauty of nature is in the list of birds. Cockatoo is present in Australia, Indonesia, and Guinea. They are mostly found in wooded areas and are one of the most beautiful species of parrot. They have a yellow crest of feathers present on the back side of the head and the whole body is covered with white feathers. The large gray bill Cockatoo and its glamorous black round eyes are adorable and also part of its main features. Males and females both look the same.

4. Guinea Turaco


Guinea is a medium-sized crested bird with extraordinary plumage. This adorable bird is hugely found in savannas and forested areas of Africa. Its plumage is green that’s why many people call it a green parrot. Its look is so attractive and has dark purple coloration on the tail and back part. Guinea Turaco consists of many exciting features but the long green crest is extremely famous among all. You will find many birds with crested heads but Turaco is very unique and has eye-catching striking features.

3. Golden Pheasant


Golden Pheasant is the most stunning and extremely popular among the prettiest parrot species. Native to West and Central China. Both males and females consist of a variety of pleasant colors but the male has brighter coloration than female. Male is a mixture of several elegant colors but on the other hand, a female has a dull brown color. Its fantastic and adorable crest easily beat all its features including multiple colored plumages. This long golden-colored crest is present on its head and reaches the end of its neck.

When the discussion begins about its body the Golden Pheasant has red underparts, green upper back, long brown tail, golden rumps, and astonishing bright yellow wattle. The most interesting and surprising thing about the male Golden Pheasant is that it can make its tail up to two-thirds of its total length.

2. Grey Crowned Crane


Grey Crowned is a large bird that is mostly found in wetlands and grasslands of Eastern and Southern Africa. Having gray-colored plumage they marked their name at number 2 in this exciting list of birds. Their wings are a mixture of black and white brilliant colors. Its crown is very attractive and the whole personality of this Grey Crowned Crane is adorable and eye-catching. Grey Crowned Crane is one of the most valuable parrot species.

1. Victoria Crowned Pigeon


Victoria Crowned Pigeon is at the top of the list and is the most beautiful and largest parrot species living in the world. One of the most glamorous and elegant species of crested birds you have ever seen.  They can grow up to 30 inches and weigh 3.5 kg. They are mostly found in the lowland forests of Indonesia and New Guinea.

The most notable and striking feature of this pigeon is its spectacular lace-like crest of feathers with white tips. Its blue-gray body feathers are highly famous among bird lovers. Its maroon underparts and graceful red eyes are also the main part of its striking features.

The shapes of both males and females are almost similar. The only difference between males and females is height. The male is quite larger than the female. No other parrot species can match the beauty and excellence of this pigeon. Its dynamic personality and stunning coloration make it at the top of the list of birds with crested heads.