10 Amazing Horns in the Animal Kingdom


Animals own different characteristics and they have an important role in our ecosystem. There are many types of animals some are extremely beautiful, some are aggressive, and some have amazing height. But did you know that animals with amazing horns also have great importance in this world? Because the horn is the most important component of the tissue that sheaths the bony core of horns and hoofs of different animals. Following is the list of 10 amazing horns in the animal kingdom.

1. Addax

Addax - Amazing Horns in the Animal Kingdom

The addax is also famous for the name the white antelope and the screw-horn antelope. They live in the Sahara desert. This unique creature has long and twisted horns typically 55 to 80 cm in females and 70 to 85 cm in males. The horns are present in both males and females and have two to three twists. The interesting thing about them is that the mid and lower portions of the horns are marked with a series of 30 to 35 ring-shaped ridges.

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2. Blackbuck


The blackbuck is found in the Indian subcontinent. This unique creature is the only living species of the genus Antilope. Only males have an amazing horn. These horns are cylindrical, spiral, diverging, and ringed throughout.

These amazing horns are 45.6–68.5 cm long. Blackbucks generally prefer to live on open woodlands and open plains in herds of 5 to 50 animals with one dominant male. They have strong legs and can run very fast. Speeds of more than 80 km/h. Blackbuck marks their name at number 2 in the list of amazing horns in the animal kingdom. The main predator of both fawns and adults is wolves.

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3. Moose


The moose is the largest extant species and is very famous in the whole animal kingdom. The antlers of males are present beautifully on both sides of the head. The size and growth of antlers depend on diet and age. Diet plays a key role in its growth.

Moose antlers are very attractive broad, and flat with points along the outer edge. The antlers are 200 cm long with a weight of around 36 kg.

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4. Markhor


When the discussion is about amazing horns no list is complete without Markhor. This unique creature is among a large species of wild goats. The amazing thing about them is that through their large coiled horns, they can even kill a snake. The male horns can grow up to 160 cm and in females, they can grow up to 25 cm.

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5. Capra Ibex


Capra Ibex belongs to a species of wild goats that live in the mountains of the European Alps. Capra Ibex contain black curving horns and in males, they can grow up to 98 cm in length.

The length of the female horn is smaller than the male. Horn is their main weapon against predators. Capra Ibex uses them to defend themselves from their potential predators. Capra Ibex is also famous for their agonistic behaviors which they show during the breeding season.

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6. Caribou


Caribou is the only deer that is both male and female and contains antlers. These large antlers can grow up to 100 cm in width and 135 cm in length. Their antlers are also used for productive purposes as well. They use them to dig through snow for food in winter.

7. Saiga


Saiga is a beautiful type of antelope and it lives in Central Asia and Alaska. They weigh 36 and 63 kg and can grow up to 2ft 7 inches. The horned males are larger than the hornless females. This unique creature becomes very aggressive during mating season. The horn is their main weapon in fights.

8. Mouflon


Mouflon is extremely popular and belongs to the group of wild sheep. Red-brown color and light-colored saddle patches with curved horns are their most prominent features. They inhabit the Caucasus, northwestern Iran, northern and eastern Iraq.

9. Giant Eland


Giant Eland’s main diet is grass, branches, and foliage because they are herbivores. Both males and females have V-shaped Horns. The size of a horn in the male can be up to 123 cm long and in females, it can be 66 cm long. Male horns are usually thicker, longer, and divergent than those of females.

10. Scimitar Oryx


Scimitar Oryx is a species of Oryx and is native to North Africa. This unique creature is a spiral-horned antelope. Their horns are very long, thin, and symmetrical. They are so thin that they can break easily.