Top 10 interesting facts about Swan


Swans look so beautiful and, the mark of elegance as these birds have been featured in fairytales and amusement parks. Due to their graceful look, anyone can fall in love with their pure white feathers and classic neck curving. That’s why they are usually presented on ponds of public parks as well as on artificial bodies of water. I think no one in this world will not fascinate by their look. Many species of swan exist in this world and, some 7-8 are related to black swans which, you will find in Australia. There are many interesting facts about the swan, which will astound you.

You know the swan has around 25,000 feathers in its body and, they are closely related to geese and ducks. They exist on both sides of the Equator across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The white swans with orange-colored beaks are generally found on the northern side. And the mixture of white and black with red, orange, or black beaks found on the southern side.

10: Permanent partners

interesting facts about swan

The interesting fact is that human beings swans also have a partner permanently in life.  They are faithful creatures which mean that they just need one mate for the rest of their life. However, divorce may occur due to breaking off their bondage and mating with others.

09: Life span of swans

interesting facts about swan

The life span of swans is longer than other creatures. They live for around 20 to 30 years. But absolutely some variations exist between the different species of swan. The trumpeter swan is known as the largest swan in North America, which lives for an average life of 24 years in the wild world. And also famous for living up to 33 years in someone’s custody. But, a mute swan lives for an average life of 19-20 years, and the tundra swans have a similar life expectancy. The black swans of Australia and New Zealand, which find in North America and Europe, can live for up to 40 years in the wild.

08: Swans are herbivores

Swans are herbivores

Generally, swans are herbivores, they feed upon aquatic vegetation. Interesting fact that for this Swan long neck helps them to feed on plants growing on river beds. They also eat small insects that cling to plants like mollusks, and small fish, frogs, and worms. But their main diet is natural vegetation.  They graze in fields, eating grass if it is available here.

07: Swan’s natural predators

Swans natural predators

 Due to their bulky size, they have few natural predators in the wild world. The main predator of the swan is the human who hunts the swan for its meat and feathers. Other are wolves, raccoons, and foxes they prey both on the swan itself and also its eggs.

06: Different names according to genders

Different names according to genders

One of the interesting facts is that gender discrimination swan is called by different names. A male swan is called a cob, and its female is called a pen. A baby swan is called a cygnet and, a group is called a wedge in flight. You know the amazing thing is that a cob acts responsibly towards its cygnets and for his partner. He always defends his family by making a blow using his knucklebone.

05: Nest building

Nest building

Swans also build their nests on land with twigs and leaves where the female swan lays 3 to 9 eggs. Interesting fact that the baby swan hatches out from their eggs after incubation of just over a month.

04: Habitats of swan

Habitats of swan

Swan can live in different environments like meadows, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and wetlands as well.

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03: Swans are angelic creatures

Swans are angelic creatures

 No doubt, they are full of grace, beauty, and angelic creatures. They are closely related to the species of the ducks-goose family and there is a Swan Lake ballet by Tchaikovsky, the most popular ballet on Earth.  People associate these attractive and innocent birds with purity, emotional freedom, and kindness.

02: Intelligent creatures

Intelligent creatures

Besides the interesting facts about a swan, this one is very amazing. If we say these attractive birds are highly intelligent, even more than dolphins. So, it will of inappropriate. You know that swans remember can remember not only human faces but also the way they treat them So, don’t you try to mistreat a swan – it will always remember that!

01: Largest flying birds

Largest flying birds

Swans are also included in one of the largest flying birds. The interesting facts besides the heavyweight of 15 kilograms and as long as 1.5 meters. They can easily fly in the air. As a concern as their wingspan, they can reach up to 3.1 meters. But the “friendly” geese are much smaller than these loving swans and have slighter feet and necks.