Top 10 interesting facts about Bosnia


Bosnia is sometimes called Bosnia–Herzegovina and is often recognized as just Bosnia. This state exists in South and Southeast Europe and within the Balkans. Sarajevo is the capital and largest populated city of Bosnia. Traveling helps us and provides us the opportunity to learn, know, and appreciate the world from a different perspective. In this way, you can learn and remember things easily. 50% of Muslims are living in Bosnia. Its name has derived from Bosnia, which is an Indo-European term that denotes “water”. Due to considering this state has covered a lot of stunning lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and some parts of the Adriatic Sea. This name suits it a lot. I am sure these interesting and strange facts about Bosnia, will increase your knowledge about this state.

10: You can’t get Bosnia’s currency outside of the state

interesting facts about bosnia

The currency of Bosnia is the Convertible mark (BAM), which you can’t get from outside of Bosnia, you must have to exchange and get Bosnian currency from inside of the state. This means that the currency is relatively useless outside of the state as it can’t be replaced with another currency too, these facts add in interesting and strange facts about Bosnia.

9: Three languages and Three presidents

interesting facts about bosnia

Bosnia is having a very complicated and complex history. Interestingly, a Bosnian citizen can either be a Bosniak, Croat, or Serb based on his or her religious associations as a Muslim, Catholic, or Orthodox Christian correspondingly. Besides separate religion, each group has its language also, which is based upon Slavic and shares resemblances with each other too. In 1990 due to some conflicts, Bosnia split along ethnic lines. In addition to what you know now, each group has also a president. It is also one of the interesting and strange facts about Bosnia that a state is having three languages and three presidents.

8: Winter festival continues two months

Winter festival continues two months

One of the interesting facts about Bosnia is International Sarajevo Winter Festival which, takes place in Sarajevo and continues from February to March. This winter festival initially started in 1984, where citizens celebrate and appreciate the art, culture, and creativity of the state. During the long-lasting festival, the shows and events are held every day throughout the city for two months. Tourists can also join dance performances, theatre shows, or art exhibitions. Thousands of people from all over the world visit here to witness this exciting festival.

7: Full of land mines

interesting facts about bosnia

Combatants hid millions of mines during the Bosnian War that took place from 1992 to 1995. Interesting fact that Bosnia has a lot of land mines. And now, Bosnia is struggling and trying to trace all the land mines that are secreted within the country. Approximately 30,000 active land mines still need to be revealed, this fact is making Bosnia a state with one of the worst land mine issues in the world.

6: The Bosnian national anthem has no official lyrics

The Bosnian national anthem has no official lyrics

This is one of the interesting and strange facts of the state that hasn’t any specific and official national anthem. It is just because three different communities that are not agreed on by one entity. The state has made several efforts to create lyrics for its national anthem. But it didn’t get successful yet. Serbs have even been famous to boo during presentations of national anthems. Its Project of creating lyrics which proposed thrice since 2007, but no official lyrics have been chosen so far.

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5: The Golden Lily

The Golden Lily

Bosnia’s national symbol is the golden lily. In history, it was representative of the 14th-century pre-Islamic Bosnian Kingdom and has come to signify both Bosnia and Bosniak Muslims. The old Bosnian flag used six lilies in contradiction of a blue background. But it doesn’t simple as they seem, which led to a strange contradiction in the three communities. Often, Lilies have also been linked with Christianity, but they are Bosnia’s national symbol, a nation that has Muslims in the majority.

4: The Climate

interesting facts about bosnia

Bosnia has a Mediterranean climate at the southern tip of the state. Fascinatingly, the snowy and cold winter climate. in addition to the hot summer season is perceived in many portions of Bosnia too.

3: Bosnian coffee is thick

Bosnian coffee is thick

Bosnia lies in one of the twenty top countries for coffee consumption. The interesting fact that Bosnia citizens drink an estimated 6.1kg of coffee per person, is amazing! Commonly they consume coffee drinks such as espressos, lattes, and instant coffee which, are popular in the country. Furthermore, Bosnia has an exceptional form of traditional coffee that is very different in taste from other areas and, it has served in Bosnian cafes. Here entire raw coffee beans are baked and crushed through the hand. After that boiling water is mixed with coffee to create a thick finish. Bosnian citizens drink coffee from a cup without a handle, frequently with a piece of a sugar cube in their mouth.

2: Bosnia has a Rainforest

Bosnia has a Rainforest

I am sure you didn’t know about the Bosnian rainforest. But, it’s true Sutjeska National Park’s Perucica in eastern Bosnia near the Montenegro border which, has covered 1,400 hectares of rainforest. You know there are a total number of 170 species of trees and 1000s of different sorts of plants, sideways with plenty of wildlife. An interesting fact about Bosnia is that estimation according to UNESCO this forest is more than 20,000 years old. Skakavac Waterfall is also one of Bosnia’s highest which, has comprised of 75 meters in height and also finds close to the rainforest.

1: Islam is a major religion

Islam is a major religion

Bosnia has three different communities and, all have separate religions. But the interesting fact is that Islam religion considers the major religion of Bosnia. Ottoman Empire conducted it here. Approximately 50% of the population has been linked with Islam and follows its rituals. Due to the presence of the Islamic religion, society, and cultural customs have changed.