Top 10 Beautiful Places in Bosnia


These beautiful places must be visited at most concise once in your life. Notwithstanding the amazing reputation of all over Croatia, Bosnia is a goal. Somehow continued almost unexplored and off the hidden tracks. Hence, traveling to Bosnia is a breeze and offers an unusual path trip. All the beauties like dense green rolling mountains, ancient remains, well-known ports and towering cascades blending into flourishing lakes. Everything explains about these beautiful places in Bosnia

10. Una National Park

Image Source: Hasan Zulic – panoramio/wikipedia

The charm to visit Una Park is surely Štrbački, a beautiful 24-meter long terraced cascade circled by seeing programs where clear water waterfalls into the twisting lakes beneath. This ornament is so striking it survives to establish Plitvice to humiliate, giving it the head gemstone of the whole park. But that’s not complete: there are lots of other blemishes to travel in the space. That consists of the likewise beautiful Milancev. Buk fall, an arrangement of rambling paths connecting the graphic of Japod Islands. The Sultan Mosque in memorable while the Serbian-Orthodox Monastery devoted to Saint Nicolas that revealed a political achievement. These ports are the beautiful places in Bosnia.

09. Pliva Waterfall


Jajce is present in the interior part and among the beautiful places in Bosnia. Pliva Waterfall, the point where River Pliva faces the River Vrbas is the tiny town’s fascination. Snuggled in the container of rich greenery, this Waterfall is a perfect sight for photography. Either you are enduring underneath it or staring forward from higher, the Pliva waterfall produces a wondrous landscape. It is assumed that the waterfall was developed up to 60,000 years back.

08. Zepce

Image Source: Marijan/wikimedia commons

Beautiful places in Bosnia and present within Doboj and Zenica. A wonderful village in the channel that’s encircled by hills. The roaring stream Bosna circulates throughout. It is the city of the district present in Zenica-Doboj Canton. This stream Bosna circulates within this city. Nearby the village and within the population, there are almost 15 fountains of rock water. This beautiful place is on the channel and enclosed by hills.

07. Banja Luka

Image Source: Sasa Knezic/wikipediam

Sloping into the heart of beautiful Banja Luka. A pleasant stream changes by and the elaborate facade of the huge christ Cathedral is certain to transmit you dumb. Banja Luka is the second most extensive town in Bosnia. Whereas the whole point to sink in for several evenings as a home for holiday tours around Bosnia. Famous for these beautiful places in Bosnia is its cafe lifestyle. Furthermore, there are 900 bistros. Banja is the sort of position you’d be happy to just sit behind, rest and observe the environment.

06. Sarajevo


Famous Sarajevo is the most preferable place. Bosnia highway tour stays and its antiquity gives it a captivating area for past buffs. Moreover, then a couple of decades later the harsh attack that split up Yugoslavia, proof of the struggles endures. Such as shell spaces in homes and a sea of white mixtures branding gravesites. To achieve penetration into knowledge was like when those wicked dates, title to the Crimes Facing Humanity and Genocide. Hence, it includes the list of beautiful places in Bosnia.

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05. Mostar


In all beautiful places in Bosnia, Mostar is the place that’s not to be missed on a Bosnia course. Hands down the most attractive of all Bosnian cities. It is popular for its charming connection Stari Most which arches beyond the Neretva right in the center of the ancient village. The hard time pays back, and it’s presently one of the nation’s most exemplary buildings in Bosnia. Especially the picture of Stari’s point is important while the golden hour. When the day-star emits a faint brightness on the colorful aspects from the enclosing restaurants.

04. Blagaj


Among the beautiful places in Bosnia, only a ride of 15 minutes towards the road from Mostar. A tiny and amazing village called “Blagaj”. Bosnia, which is hometown to one of the nation’s most recorded positions. The Velagić Point and a cloister, both actually organized into the bottom of a mountain. Growing Buna stream which proceeds for a beautiful contradiction toward the church’s surfaces.

03. Kravice Waterfalls


Kravice Waterfalls, which are thought to be one of the most enjoyable points to see in Bosnia. Whereas, these are the beautiful places in Bosnia. It’s worth using an intact, festival at this beautiful locality along the Trebižat stream. Furthermore, a series of almost two dozen drops fall off a limestone precipitate down into the underground. Utterly, as a thick cover of moss and figs. Anyone can visit this Kravice Falls from May to October, along with washroom facilities and restaurants for visitors.

02. Drina River


UNESCO-compile Ottoman bridge over the Drina while that was planned by one of the most famous designers of the period. Such beautiful places in Bosnia are the major visitor’s fascination. Moreover, there is a beautiful cabin-like home on the cliff in the center of the Drina river that attracts the tourist mainly. Whereas this place was destroyed almost 8 times during the raise water level in the river but was reconstructed each time.

01. Bjelašnica Mountain

Image Source: Xe0us/wikipedia

Bjelasnica, a range in the center of Bosnia towards the capital Sarajevo. Moreover, it has a commercial ski resort and is listed among the beautiful places in Bosnia. While the Winter Olympics in the 1900s, the range received the men’s aerial skiing. Few states are still in jeopardy of unexploded bombs, but it’s reliable if you penetrate to the visitor tracks. Bjelašnica’s most exaggerated height, through which the whole range collection occupied its name, extends to an altitude of 2067 meters.