Lychee a powerful antioxidant fruit


Lychee has a unique shape but has an incredible taste with many amazing nutrients. It is packed with different important antioxidants and micronutrients. Lychee is also rich in many powerful key compounds that help a lot in improving our health.

Lychee is basically a tropical tree that belongs to the soapberry family. You can grow lychee tree anywhere between 50–90 feet tall and it will produce highly delicious small fleshy fruit. Its outer skin is rough and internally it contains white flesh and a dark seed. Actually, lychee is native to China but know this fruit is available all over the world. It is widely used in different desserts, dishes, appetizers, shakes, etc.

Lychee Nutrition Facts

Lychee will provide numerous health benefits. It is a great source of fiber and vitamin C as well as other micronutrients, such as vitamin B6, potassium and copper.

A cup of raw lychee fruit contains approximately:

125 calories

1.6 grams of protein

2.5 grams of dietary fiber

31.4 grams carbohydrates

0.8-grams fat

136 milligrams vitamin C (226 percent DV)

0.2-milligram vitamin B6 (10 percent DV)

0.1-milligram riboflavin (7 percent DV)

0.3-milligram copper (14 percent DV)

325 milligrams potassium (9 percent DV)

26.6 micrograms folate (7 percent DV)

58.9 milligrams phosphorus (6 percent DV)

0.1-milligram manganese (5 percent DV)

1.1 milligrams niacin (6 percent DV)

19 milligrams magnesium (5 percent DV)

Lychee also has iron, zinc, selenium, and calcium in small amounts.

Top 7 Lychee Benefits

1. Enhances Immune Function

Lychee is rich in vitamin C which is a necessary water-soluble vitamin that helps the body to fight against free radical damage and optimize immune health. That’s why eating a rich vitamin C diet is very important for the body because it makes the immune system strong. When the immune system of the body is strong then it can easily fight with different infections and also remove them. Vitamin C actually promoted overall heath during the time of sickness.

If you are dealing with any type of allergy, illness, and infections, common cold then immediately add vitamin C rich foods in your diet they will help you a lot. Lychee is a great source of Vitamin C and although it will definitely protect your immune system.

2. Packed with Antioxidants

Eat lychee and get a great dose of antioxidants. This small fruit is loaded with many important antioxidants, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. It is also an excellent source of ascorbic acid, gallic acid, antirrhinin, chrysanthemin, and oenin. One cup of this magical fruit will provide you 226 percent of the vitamin C. A one-cup can easily fulfill your daily requirements of this antioxidant.

People are not well aware of the importance of antioxidants. They help to reduce oxidative damage to the cells and fight free radicals. According to the research the antioxidants also support long-term health and can prevent different chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer.

3. Relieves Inflammation

If the inflammation continues for a long period of the term then it can cause chronic diseases, autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. As per the studies, lychee is great in controlling the inflammation happening in the body. This fruit contains compounds that are capable of reducing inflammation and can effectively prevent the buildup of free radicals in the body.

4. Supports Blood Sugar Control

According to the research adding this magical fruit in your diet will help to maintain the normal blood sugar levels. It helps supports blood sugar control because it is high in fiber. You will get 2.5 grams in a one-cup serving, that is brilliant. Fiber basically slows down the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream which actually provides cells with long-lasting power and energy. It will definitely stabilize your blood sugar levels. So it is quite beneficial for people who are dealing with this problem.

National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan conducted an animal study which shows that lychee provides great help in reducing insulin resistance in mice to support healthy blood sugar levels. The insulin resistance in the body can be very dangerous because slowly body loses the ability to use insulin. Fight with insulin resistance by consuming a high amount of fiber. In lychee, you will get a sufficient amount of fiber and it will help to deal with this chronic problem.

5. Boosts Brain Function

Mostly the current researches are based on animals, some evidence suggests that this magical fruit can enhance and improve the brain function and also protect the cells against injury.

6. Contains Antiviral Properties

As mentioned above that this magical fruit contain quality antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties but some study suggests that it also have powerful antiviral properties as well. Lychee flower extracts are effective in blocking the growth of herpes simplex virus in corneal cells.

7. May Fight Cancer Cells

Studies show that this fruit can bring some big and important benefits when it comes to cancer prevention. Its pulp, peel, and seed contain important compounds that can inhibit tumor formation and effectively block cancer cell growth.

Lychee Uses in Traditional Medicine

Due to its excellent nutrient profile and impressive antioxidant content, it is widely used in traditional forms of medicine. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lychee contains warming properties. It provides impressive help in order to nourish the blood, increase appetite, improve and strengthen the digestive system and also keep the spleen healthy.

According to the Ayurvedic diet, this fruit will definitely support the reproductive system and improves the process of digestion. Many people are facing power digestion problems and this effect really badly on their overall health. Because if your body is not digesting the food properly then you will not be able to achieve your goals. Lychee can help you a lot with this problem. It is also effective in reducing the inflammation and it will provide quality help to naturally treat issues like nerve pain.

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