10 Health Benefits of Watermelon


Watermelon is the most delicious and juicy fruit and extremely famous for its cooling and hydrating effect. It is widely used in summer when the temperature is hot watermelons provide you a real freshness and hydration. There are many health benefits of this miracle fruit.

Nutrition Facts

One cup of watermelon will provide you the following nutrients

46 calories

0.2 grams of fat

12.3 milligrams vitamin C (21 percent DV)

11.5 grams carbohydrates

0.6 grams of dietary fiber

1 gram protein

170 milligrams potassium (5 percent DV)

0.1 milligrams thiamine (3 percent DV)

865 IUs vitamin A (17 percent DV)

15.2 milligrams magnesium (4 percent DV)

0.1 milligrams vitamin B6 (3 percent DV)

0.1 milligrams copper (3 percent DV)

0.3 milligrams pantothenic acid (3 percent DV)

0.1 milligrams manganese (3 percent DV)

10 Health Benefits of Watermelon

1. Boosts Immunity

According to the studies, eating watermelon daily will increase levels of arginine. Arginine is basically an extremely important amino acid that actually used for the synthesis of nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is very beneficial for our body because it helps to dilate your vessels to keep the blood flow efficiently and also reduced the risk of high blood pressure. Its also play’s an important role in regulating the immune system.

2. Improves Heart Health

Watermelon is rich in potassium and magnesium. These two important nutrients help to reduce high blood pressure naturally. Eating a proper amount of potassium and magnesium daily will also improve heart health and prevent different hear diseases.

Watermelon also contains Lycopene, which helps to promote good heart health. Lycopene keeps the heart healthy by reducing inflammation and improving blood lipid levels.

3. Relieves Pain and Muscle Soreness

One of the top health benefits of watermelon is that it reduces muscle pain and inflammation and promote muscle recovery. That’s why athletes eat this fruit very much because it relaxes the muscle and improves the process of recovery of the muscles. It also contains Vitamin C which helps to protect cartilage and bones. It is proven that Vitamin C will aid in the repair of tendons and ligaments and help speed up the process of wound healing.

4. May Prevent Kidney Stones

According to the studies, potassium helps a lot in flushing out the toxins and waste from the body. As watermelons are rich in potassium so it is quite beneficial for people who are suffering from kidney problems, especially stones. The good amount of potassium will clean the whole body and thus prevent kidney stones. Among numerous watermelon health benefits, the one which is very important is that it actually increases the urine production. This will allow the body to remove all the toxins and waste to protect against kidney stones.

5. Aids in Detoxification

Detoxification is very important for our body. If the body is not properly detoxify, then the toxins present in our body can provide a lot of damage. Because of the high water content, this miracle fruit is amazing for detoxification. According to an estimate, 91 percent water is present in it, which is great for detoxification.

6. May Help Fight Cancer Cells

One of the most amazing health benefits of watermelon is that it is great cancer-fighting food. A good amount of antioxidants are present in each serving. Lycopene is found in watermelons which have been linked to reduced the risk of prostate cancer. Its cancer-fighting abilities are one of the most important health benefits for men. Lycopene also helps to keep the cell membranes strong. In this way, they can actually protect themselves from toxins.

Watermelons are proven as a great supplier of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Both of these antioxidants plays an important role in fighting with free radical damage and also prevent DNA mutation to actually block the formation of cancerous cells.

7. Protects Skin Health

Skin is a very important part of the body. Everyone wants to keep their skin healthy. Antioxidants are vital for boosting skin health and watermelons are rich in them. Vitamin A and Vitamin C both are very good to keep the skin fresh, glowing and youthful. Both of these vitamins are present inside this miracle fruit. To improve your skin health by adding this delicious fruit in your diet.

8. Supports Healthy Vision

Yes, this miracle fruit will also good for boosting your eye health. The presence of beta-carotene, Vitamin C, zeaxanthin, Vitamin A and lutein makes this super healthy fruit ideal for protecting eyes from damage. These nutrients will definitely improve your vision. So if you really want to improve your eyesight then add this nutritious fruit in your diet and enjoy its benefits.

9. Helps With Weight Loss

So want to reduce your weight?? Looking for some amazing weight loss diet, that will give you quick results?? Add watermelon is your daily routine and see the magic. Despite having rich in different vitamins and antioxidants, this super healthy fruit is very low in calories. A single cup of this super healthy fruit only contains 46 calories, so yes it is a great addition to your weight loss regime.

10. Relieves Acid Reflux

It is also found in studies that watermelons are often used to reduce acid reflux symptoms. Melons are actually an important part of  GAPS Diet, which is specially designed to reduce the inflammation and provide help healing the digestive diseases as well. It also regulates the pH levels and helps to effectively soothe the gastrointestinal tract.