Top 10 interesting facts about woodpeckers


Woodpeckers are colorful creatures, recognized for biting the wood of trees along with their sharp beaks. It belongs to the order of Picidae, but just eight members of this order are flourishing now on the planet. These are jacamars, puffbirds, barbets, toucans, and honeyguides. Interesting facts about woodpeckers that around 200 recognized species of woodpecker, but just the two largest species, namely, the Ivory-billed woodpecker and the Imperial woodpecker are supposed to be extinct now. They are different from other birds due to behavior, appearance, living styles. Now we shall discuss the more interesting facts about the woodpecker.

They have an unusual bone in their head which, is called the hyoid bone. It is unique because it has wrapped around their entire skull inside their heads plus add protection to it. It saves them from “headaches” or injuries when they frequently smash their heads against trees.

10: They don’t Have Vocal Sound


Woodpeckers don’t have vocal songs, even though they can create peeps, chatters, and diverse alarm calls in numerous periods. Interesting facts that woodpeckers make sounds for communication they beat on resonant objects like hollow trees, stubs and logs, utility poles, chimneys, rain gutters, and trash cans, etc. Furthermore, any object which will echo loudly, they use it for communication.

09: Most famous woodpecker


The most famous woodpecker is an imaginary Woody Woodpecker, it was created by artist Ben “Bugs” in 1940. Despite his popularity, it is not a different species of woodpecker. His unique redhead, blue and black wings, and attractive white body show motivation from the red-headed woodpecker however, its size is related to the pileated woodpecker.

08: Zygodactyl Feet


Most of the woodpeckers have zygodactyl feet, which assist them to have a strong grip on trees and poles vertically. Interesting facts that woodpeckers use their toes for hanging with anything like the branches of trees. Numerous have even longer, and thicker claws than alternative birds, which assists them to have an exceptional grip on things.

07: They have super long tongues


Besides its unique feet, they have super long tongues too. Usually, their tongues are twice the length of their bill so that they can easily reach any insect which is nearby its hole. Interesting facts about woodpeckers’ tongue that it can roll back to its head between the skull and the skin. Interestingly their tongues are also adhesive which, assists them while hunting.

06: They have furry noses


Along with other unique qualities of woodpeckers they have a furry nose. They have fuzzy noses which, assists them a lot. Interesting facts that woodpeckers’ nostrils have covered within feathers that keep the splinters and dust away from them.

05: Woodpeckers prefer dead trees


It has a sharp beak which can make a hole in any tree but, mostly they prefer dead trees. They like it because its heartwood is already soft, which makes it easier for them to dig out their nest hollows. Furthermore, in dead trees the softwood already has many sorts of larvae and insects which may be lurking inside the tree, so through dead trees, they can get more amount of food than a lively tree. Interesting facts that that’s why woodpeckers prefer it.

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04: Life span of woodpeckers


The average life expectancy of a forestry woodpecker can be from 4-12 years it also depends upon the species. Generally, the bigger woodpeckers have a long span of life than other small species. It may live up to 20-30 years in perfect living conditions. In imprisonment, They can live much longer than in the wild world because they get ideal nutrition, defense from hunters, and consistent veterinary care also.

03: They like to make music


As you know, they have no vocals but, they like to make music. Interesting facts about woodpeckers that these are the only creatures that make sound with parts of its body and other objects. They can beat a variety of items to communicate with other birds and to attract mates, to detect food, or for many other reasons.

02: Woodpeckers also love nuts


Like other birds, woodpeckers love to eat nuts. Furthermore, they like berries and other small creatures. Some like acorns so much stock them for the winter the red-headed woodpeckers will even seal up their store with wet particles that dry out to form a close-fitting cover. Interesting facts that you can even see the red-headed woodpeckers attempt to fill a house attic with acorns.

01: Woodpeckers don’t eat wood


Its name shows that it is a wood eater bird but, it is not true. Many people also think that they like to eat wood, like beavers which, also eat wood, but interesting facts that woodpeckers don’t. They just use their beaks to dig holes into the wood which permits them to unearth nesting holes or get other creatures like larvae for consuming.