Top 10 interesting facts about Spain


In this article, we will learn about the top 10 most interesting facts about Spain, it is formally recognized as the Kingdom of Spain. It is located in the Peninsula and some parts of Southwestern Europe. It is an independent state, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second-largest country in Western Europe and directly behind France, which is the fifth-largest nation in the entirety of Europe.

Spain’s populace is 47.3 million individuals, while its capital city of Madrid is home to 3.2 million individuals. Spain has one official language that is Spanish anyway Basque, Catalan, Galician, and Occitan are also spoken all through different areas of Spain. Spain’s flag has two even red stripes encompassing an extensive yellow stripe. The Spanish emblem is imprinted on the yellow stripe of the flag. There are more interesting and amusing facts about Spain.

Spain’s name has changed in different periods. Initially, when the Carthaginians were here about 300 BCE, they called it Ispania, which meant “land of the rabbits”. Afterward, the Romans dominated and Latinized the name Hispania. After some time, this changed to España. So basically, Spain means the land of rabbits.

10: Spain did not participate in any world war


You know Spain consists of those countries which didn’t participate in any world war. They avoided the arguments despite the ideologies of their pioneers agreeing with the Pivot powers. Numerous individuals from Spain fought in the subsequent universal war, however. Its residents who were against what was happening in World War II ended up making a trip to France and enrolling to battle under their flag. Even though Spain wasn’t formally associated with these wars, it would be insincere not to recognize the sacrifices of the valiant Spanish men who battled and kicked the bucket during this contention. It is one of the interesting facts about Spain.

09: High life span


Another one of the interesting facts about Spain is that they live longer than other neighboring countries. The average life span of an individual is around eighty-two years. It is one of the most noteworthy future rankings in the whole world. As you would expect, the ladies have a longer life span than the men. Women can live up to eighty-five years of age all things considered and, men live until seventy-nine years of age.

08: Highest numbers of UNESCO World Heritage Sites


UNESCO World Heritage Sites have existed in almost all countries, but interesting facts about Spain are that there are around 48 UNESCO sites. It lies, the 2nd in this list of the highest numbers of World Heritage Sites. The champs are China and Italy along with 55 destinations in both countries. The most tourist destinations in Spain are Gaudi’s Works in Barcelona, the idea of Ibiza, and Alcázar of Seville.

07: Wind power is vital to Spain


One of the interesting and fun facts about Spain is that this nation is an early adopter of wind-based force technology. They manufactured many breeze turbines for many years ago and also have utilized this power source ever since. In 2013 they displayed that Spain gets one-fifth of its capacity from wind-based sources. Through this technique, they get most of their power.

Numerous European countries are putting forth a valiant effort to grasp sustainable power source advancements. They are considering increasing the power gets from sources. For example, the wind will increase in the coming years. Spain has positively demonstrated that a breeze-based force can be very possible for a nation with a huge populace.

06: Producer of Olive oil


The interesting and fun facts about Spain, you may don’t know that it is the nation that produces a high amount of the world’s olive oil. They produce more than 1.5 million tons of olive oil on a yearly premise. Generally, their olive oil creation has revolved around Andalusia in the southern area of the nation. On the off chance that you are making a trip to Seville, the capital of this area, make certain to book Olive Oil Visit. You will get an opportunity to taste it and perceive how they created. Olive oil is an extremely vital export for the Spanish and, they get huge profits from it every year.

05: Cork trees


Another one of the interesting facts about Spain is its Cork trees which are very prominent in Spain and Portugal. These are providing the whole world with cork. These two nations are the hub of over half of the world’s cork forests. If you drive through the Alentejo region of eastern Portugal, you will notice the hundreds of cork trees lining the road. These regions are famous for grape growing, winemaking, and especially cork.

04: Ancient Cave Art


Cave art paintings were very popular in the oldest nations. The interesting and fun facts about Spain are that there is an ancient cave painting that dates back around 40,000 years ago which, was found in the Cave of El Castillo. There is an assortment of imprints and creature drawings enriched with the roof of a cavern around 40,000 years prior. Another early cavern is Abri Castanet in France, around 37,000 years prior; once more, its specialty is constrained to imprints and creature drawings.

03: The ‘first’ novel has written in Spanish


One of the interesting facts about Spain is that you know the first novel around the world has written here. In 1605, Miguel de Cervantes composed Wear Quixote, generally viewed as the world’s first present-day novel. The fundamental book has been viewed as one of the most significant bits of Spanish writing at any point composed and is an establishing work of the Western script.

02: Beaches of Spain


On the off chance that you consolidate every Spanish seashore into one stretch, it would be 8000 kilometers in length Along these lines, it shouldn’t come as an unexpected this is one of the most well-known goals for a bright excursion! A few of the best seashores in Europe can be found on the shorelines of the Spanish territory just as the Spanish islands, for example, Balearic Island, and the Canary Islands.

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01: Unique tree


One of the interesting facts about Spain is that it has unique dragon trees, which were once considered as the wellspring of mythical serpent’s blood since its orange organic product contains a thick, red fluid. On the island of Tenerife, the most seasoned and tallest monster tree arrives at 70 feet high.