Top 10 interesting facts about Orange


Orange is a family of several citrus family fruits that calls Citrus Sinensis. In other words, sweet oranges to discriminate from bitter oranges. It is a tropical to a semitropical, evergreen, small flowering tree. It grows up to 5-8 m tall and contains a weight of around 100-150 g. Traditional sweet oranges have different varieties. Orange has some other interesting facts that will refresh your mind.

10: King of Citrus fruits

interesting facts about orange

First and foremost, interesting facts about oranges are dominant in the list of all citrus fruits all over the world. All citrus fruits belong to the only genus Citrus and remain almost completely interfertile. These include grapefruits, lemons, limes, oranges, pineapples, and numerous other types. Citrus fruits have long been valued for their healthy nutritious and antioxidant elements.

Scientifically it is a fact that citrus fruits particularly oranges by their richness of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals are a source of benefits for many. Besides, it also acknowledges that the other physically active, non-nutrient components in the citrus fruits such as phytochemical antioxidants, and soluble and insoluble dietary fiber assists in minimizing the risk of cancer, and chronic diseases like arthritis, obesity, and coronary heart diseases.

09: 600 varieties of oranges

600 varieties of oranges

There are many citrus fruits available in the world but you know single orange has almost 600 varieties. Common oranges like sweet, sour, blond, and naval are accessible to everyone. The majority of the crop is used for the extraction of juice from it. These are some worldwide varieties of orange.

The Valencia orange is a late-season fruit, and also a wide variety when navel oranges became out of season. Hamlin is small, smooth, not brightly colored, and juicy having pale-colored juice, particularly in fruits that come from the lemon rootstock.

This may be seedless or may contain several small seeds. Its tree is high-yielding and cold-tolerant and produces good-quality fruit, which is harvested from October to December. Other varieties that are suing all over the world are Bahia, Bali, Cherry Orange, Gardner, Jaffa orange, Lima and Navel, etc.

The navel oranges are seedless and you can easily peel them. The navel orange is interesting, the facts about that they all came from a single tree planted a tree in Brazil. Due to an exceptional transformation, the tree produces two oranges inside one single part of the fruit. The second orange grows in the base of the fruit and looks a little like a human navel.

08: Youthful and evergreen tree

Youthful and evergreen tree

Another interesting fact about an orange is that it is a youthful tree. It has been observed that mature oranges for too long can change colors from orange to green. This process is known as re-greening that only affects its color, while its taste and quality remain the same. So, its green color is not certainly immature, but even more mature after ripening. Its season starts in October and lasts until February. Mature fruits gathered from the tree using machines and due to this process may sustain slight superficial injuries. Such small scratches on the surface of fruits, however, it does not affect the quality and taste of the fruit.

07: Storage process of orange

Storage process of orange

You can keep orange at room temperature for a week or so long. It can keep well for up to two weeks inside the fruit container of your home refrigerator easily. For the sake of storage, keep them loose in a fruit container and place them in a cool place away from extreme humidity as they get mold infection early. You can store freshly squeezed orange juice inside the refrigerator for future use. You also can preserve dry orange zest in a cool, dry place in a sealed glass container that can save it from moisture. Through these interesting facts, you can enjoy or get benefit from orange in multiple ways.

06: Skin-friendly fruit

Skin-friendly fruit

Interesting facts about orange, it is skin-friendly. It has antioxidant elements that assist to refresh your skin. you look young for a long time. You know its peels are also used in various face-washes and sunscreen for protection from harmful radiations.

There are many more benefits of orange juice, it has vitamin C, which is essential for the whole day. Furthermore, it is a powerful antioxidant that works to fight against radicals in the body that can harm your healthy cells and increase the possibility of cancer and heart disease. This vitamin supports the immune system and is often active to help avert colds because the vitamin has been shown to reduce both the severity and duration of colds, flu, and other minor sicknesses.

05: Vitamin and minerals Supplement

Vitamin and minerals Supplement

Everyone knows it is the biggest source of Vitamin C, which is an essential element of your body. But you know other vital vitamins and minerals are also present here like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and vitamin B-12.

Vitamin-A is compulsory for keeping healthy mucosa and skin and vital for good eyesight. Consumption of natural fruits that are rich in flavonoids supports the human body and saves from lung and oral cavity cancers. Orange is also a very good source of B-complex vitamins like thiamin, pyridoxine, and folates. These vitamins are crucial for the human body.

It also comprises some amount of minerals like potassium and calcium. Potassium is a significant element of cell and body fluids that aids to control heart rate and blood pressure by contradicting the pressing effects of sodium. These are other interesting facts about oranges that provide essential elements to the body.

04: Low calories fruit

Low calories fruit

Now every person is facing the problem of weight. We always think about calories before taking any food. Now, you can freely add this fruit to your diet without much thinking about calories. It is beneficial and interesting facts about orange, it finds in low calories. It contains no saturated fats or cholesterol, but in diverse it is rich in fiber, and pectin. Pectin is a laxative, that helps to protect the mucosa of the colon by minimizing its exposure time to toxic substances as well as by binding to cancer-causing substances in the colon.

03: Columbus brought orange in the U.S

Columbus brought orange in the US

Another interesting fact about oranges, Christopher Columbus was the first person who not only discovered America but also, he brought orange seeds to North America in 1493. Once they were the biggest consumers of orange juice. But now Americans just consume around three gallons less in a year. Orange juice used to be the core beverage of a healthy breakfast in the past.

02: Orange also use in perfumes

Orange also use in perfumes

It is not only used as a food but also used by the cosmetic and perfumed industries. It counts in also interesting facts of orange that it has a sweet and sour smell that provides refreshment. Sweet orange oil has a lovely sweet, fruity, fresh, and sharp smell, which makes it one of the most commonly used aromatic ingredients in the perfume industry, particularly in floral and Cologne-type scents.

01: Health risks

Health risks

No doubt orange has a lot of benefits but you know excess of everything is bad. So, oranges are great for you, but you should use them in moderation, Flores said that eating too many oranges has some also side effects. You know when oranges are consumed in excess, the greater fiber content can affect your digestion, which causes abdominal cramps, and could also lead to diarrhea. So, eat oranges but with certain limitations.