Top 10 interesting facts about Belarus


Belarus is a landlocked state in Europe. It shares borders with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia in different directions. It located in the heart of Europe that right beside is the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. Belarus meansWhite Russiaand is derived from local Slavic people who used to wear white clothes. Many people assume it is a part of Russia perhaps due to its name containing the “Rus” component. It is a beautiful state and, also has a connection with Russia due to the neighboring country.

Belarus and Russia are as Ying and Yang of Slavic nations. Russia is the great brother, grand, sturdy, and sometimes very exciting like the Slavic spirit. While its western brother Belarus is different from Slavic characters such as peaceful, clean, non-violent, and in a state of perpetual serenity.

Belarus has a total mass of area 207,600 square kilometers. Almost 40% area has covered with forest. Minsk is the capital and most populated city of Belarus. It has a presidential republic government. President is elected for five years under the constitution of 1994. It has about 31 banks 30 of them are working under the government but only one is privately working. Belarusian Ruble is the currency of this state. It is the only state in Europe where the death penalty is still legitimate.

Several popular people were born in Belarus like Marc Chagall Balarasian Artist, Pavel Sukhoi a Soviet aircraft engineer, and Larry King a famous American television and radio host. Furthermore, Louis Bart Mayer the well-known American movie producer and the originator of the Hollywood movie studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer, as well as the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards the Oscar, was born in Minsk. Additionally, two Israeli presidents were also born in Belarus.

Belarusians enjoy food that has cooked or simmered slowly. They eat lots of vegetables, and meat including pork and bread. They eat very little at breakfast but, they do special arrangements for dinner. There are a lot of interesting and fun facts about Belarus.

10: Locals rarely speak Belarusian

interesting facts about belarus

It is a common fact every nation is proud to use its language but, you know there is a difference in the case of Belarusian. Census evaluations show that local people of Belarusians use to speak their native language but Belarusian deny this fact. Local people rarely use their language. Interesting and fun facts about Belarus, there are two official languages, that are spoken here: Belarusian and Russian.

Belarus was once part of the Russian empire for a long time and then it was part of the Soviet Union. Therefore it has been under Russian influence for a long time and, though Belarus got independence after the Soviet Union dissolved, that’s why the population still speaks Russian. Because they were using this language in the past. Though, local people tell that they don’t speak the regular language spoken in Russia. They speak another language “trasianka”, a mixture of Russian and Belarusian.

09: 20,000 Rivers

interesting facts about belarus

Belarus is a flat territory. There is just one highest mountain that is called Dzerzhinsky, it is just 345m high above sea level. But is an interesting fact that Belarus has 20 thousand rivers, the largest river is the Dnieper, the Zahodnjaja Dvina, and the Neman.

08: High Literacy Rate

interesting facts about belarus

Belarus is a state of literate and intelligent people. Many intelligent and popular people were born here. You know the literacy rate here is 99%, which is even higher than in the U.S. Amazingly, Belarus was the first state where the first book was published in 1517. It was “Psalter”, Francysk Skaryna printed it. Interesting and fun facts are that he was the first publisher of Belarus, who took this initiative, and also, he was a famous historical figure. Svetlana Alexievich won the Nobel prize and was also a Belarusian writer.

There are very rare institutions that provide free education around the world. Most institutions charge money and a lot of it. Some European countries, like Sweden and Germany, offer full-time free higher education for all students. Belarus is also one that offers free higher education for all of the students that register in their state-owned higher education institutions. Though, only 50% of the members that perform better in their admission exams get to have free education.

07: Medical tourism

Medical tourism

Every state tourism industry is associated with the idea of people traveling to other destinations either domestically or internationally for any purpose. Closely, it links with several sectors like transport and hotel for keeping tourists happy. But you know the Belarus tourist industry is promoting medical tourism as well. Annually, almost 200,000 foreigners come here for treatment.

The up-to-date medicine in Belarus is a mixture of the latest technologies plus some ancient folk traditions. At the same time, interesting facts about that the income of a regular doctor in Belarus is $200-$300 dollars, parallel to that of a plumber or a car mechanic here. Belarus has a free medical system for its citizens. Any citizen can go to any physician and get essential treatment free of charge.

06: National emblem

National emblem

Each country on this planet has numerous national symbols, which are tremendously vital for its national identity. These symbols comprise various things such as the nation’s flag, the national anthem, or more tangible things like a national bird, plant, flower, and as well as a national emblem. These things become exceptional entities that represent a certain state. Like the other national symbols that have selected in the 1995 poll were also the national emblem.

The fundamentals of the emblem comprise a ribbon in different colors of the national flag, a map of Belarus, wheatears, and a red star. At the base of the ribbon, the republic’s official name wrote in the Belarusian language. The emblem is a reference to the one used by the Byelorussian SSR, designed in 1950. In the Soviet version, a hammer and sickle substituted the map of Belarus and the ribbon all became red. On the left and right ribbons, the Soviet motto Workers of the world, unite! appeared in the Belarusian and Russian languages.

05: Belarus superstition

interesting facts about belarus

Superstitions are a part of many cultures and nations. In this regard, Belarusian culture is no exception from it. Most superstitions are now apparently no longer relevant. Yet people follow them like sacred orders. For example, almost every child is careful never to make a whistle inside the house it means that the whistle will blow all your money away.

Another one doesn’t ever pass things over a threshold it means you will trap in immediate trouble. One of the interesting superstitious facts for the unmarried ladies in Belarus is don’t sit at the corner of a table, or you won’t be able to get married for at least the next 7 years.

04: Belarus is the land of potatoes

Belarus is the land of potatoes

Although there was a time when Ireland was dependent on potatoes and recognized as a land of potatoes. Belarus is the state where you’ll explore the higher number of potato recipes in the world and interesting and fun facts about Belarus.

Since the 19th century, potatoes are considered to be at the very essence of Belarusian cuisine, around 300 dishes are containing potatoes in their recipes. On top of that, Belarusians are the nation that eats most potatoes all over the whole world, almost 500 grams per head each day.

03: Hidden treasures in Belarus

Hidden treasures in Belarus

Belarus is near Russia, for a long time and has become a battleground for many wars. It seems, that Belarus has hidden treasure. Because famous personalities like Napoleon and the Radzivil family must have buried some of their treasures in Belarusian soil. The interesting and fun fact, is from over the past 2 centuries thousands of treasures have been found in Belarus.

In the past, many people went there for sake of hunting treasures here but they returned unsuccessfully. It is a common belief that Napoleon’s container of gold is still hidden here in this attractive country but no one has any idea where it might be.

02: Extremely low unemployment rate

Extremely low unemployment rate

One of the interesting facts about Belarus is that it has an extremely low unemployment rate. You know just 1% of beggars you can see there and homeless people are also few here. That’s why the crime rate is also low there.

01: Man-made mountains in Belarus

Man-made mountains in Belarus

Geographically, Belarus is a flat land due to a large amount of glacial scouring on the land. This destruction causes by glacial action is also responsible for the elevated different lakes and rivers that are found in the Belarusian territory. However, tourists who are visiting Belarus will amaze to find mountain-like elevations on land that technically suppose to be flat.

Mining industries are responsible for these so-called man-made mountains in the European country. The elevations that are visible in Belarus aren’t natural, they’re spoiled tips. Spoil tips are enormous piles created by the accumulation of waste material, that is removed during the mining process. You know visiting or climbing these man-made mountains is strictly illegal. Though, these are interesting and fun Belarus facts.