Top 10 interesting facts about New Zealand


New Zealand is an island state which exists in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It has comprised two main landmasses one is the North Island and, the other one is South Island. Around it, 600 smaller islands have covered a total land area of 268,021 square kilometers. The state’s diverse landscape and high-pitched mountain peaks, plus the Southern Alps, owe much to tectonic uplift and volcanic eruptions. Its capital city is Wellington, and one of the most crowded cities is Auckland. The name of New Zealand has derived from the Dutch term “Nieuw Zeeland”. First European explorer Abel Tasman gave this name after the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. There are a lot of interesting and strange facts about New Zealand.

10: Three official languages

interesting facts about new zealand

English is a commonly spoken communicated language in New Zealand. Additionally, if you are planning to go there for spending vacations or for work purposes so, you must be fluent in English. Maori is used as a second official language in the state. Although, just 15% of people are using Maori here, and only 3% of kiwi speakers. In both languages, all the official websites are also available here. The most interesting and strange fact is that the third official language of New Zealand is also here and is the “sign” language.

09: There are no dangerous animals in New Zealand

interesting facts about new zealand

One of the interesting facts is that there are no dangerous animals in New Zealand. You know there are no dangerous snakes, giant spiders, or crocodiles. During visiting New Zealand, you will find only sandflies, a kind of fly/mosquito that swarms on the shores of the state, and whitetail spiders whose bite can be pretty painful but not dangerous.

08: A glowing cave

A glowing cave

It is not an artificial cave where humans put glowsticks on the wall, but it is a natural wonder. Interestingly, the glowing caves in Waitomo are occupied by glowworms known as Arachnocampa Luminosa. From sometimes, it has developed into a famous tourist destination where boat rides take people through the glowworm caves.

07: Least corrupt state in the world

Least corrupt state in the world

Like other corruption-free states, New Zealand has pride itself due to being the least corrupt state in the world. And, it is one of the interesting facts about New Zealand, that’s why it is one of the best places to live.

06: Nelson’s Blue Lake

Nelsons Blue Lake

New Zealand has one of the clearest and best lakes, which is Nelson’s Blue lake. It is famous as Rotomairewhenua which, is holding the title of the clearest lake in the world. Blue lake considers as blue-violet hues seen only in such pure natural waters. You know its visibility can be seen as deep as 70-80 meters underwater.

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05: Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand

Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand

probably you know that Elizabeth II is the Queen of Great Britain, but also, she is the Queen of New Zealand, Canada, as well as twelve other independent states of Europe. Interesting fact that this is the main reason that’s why New Zealand has two national anthems, and one of them is “God Save the Queen”.

04: The Native Kea Bird is a Car-wrecker

The Native Kea Bird is a Car-wrecker

The Kea bird is famous for damaging rental cars and local vehicles all around the world. They are well-known for eating the strips of rubber off windows and dragging windbreak wipers of cars. Interesting fact that the native bird of New Zealand has even also been recognized as working in teams to get the job done as quickly as possible. While visiting here, make sure to get your rental car protected if you are planning to drive in the area of Kea birds.

03: Passionate Locals

Passionate Locals

Kiwis are implausible people, and they are immensely proud of their backgrounds. They are the most welcoming and sociable individuals with a great sense of humor in worldwide. They are passionate local people who love their country a lot. Additionally, they are very possessive and passionate people in New Zealand.

New Zealand is an island state which has full of excited locals who cannot wait to show you their beloved state. This unique and vibrant country will give you good times and generous hospitality.

02: Full of marine life

Full of marine life

Being a small island nation, New Zealand is a hub of too much native marine life. Kaikoura is the only place on the planet where you can see giant sperm Whales on tour, for around a year. Once fur seals were hunted for their meat but, now they are protected species. They have been found near the shorelines of Kaikoura, the Caitlins, and Fiordland, and even as far north as the Bay of Islands in the winter. Hector’s dolphins are the planet’s minimum and regular creatures of water around where you will be able to swim with dusky dolphins all year round up the road in Kaikoura.

01: Olympic gold medals

Olympic gold medals

One of the interesting and proud facts is that New Zealand has gained more Olympic gold medals per capita, than any other state in the world.