Top 10 interesting facts about Moldova


Moldova is in the eastern and beautiful European side. This state borders Ukraine on the north, east, and south. But on the west, Moldova shares its border with Romania. Chisinau is the metropolis and most populous city of Moldova, there are many amazing and interesting facts about Moldova. It has an approximately 2.6 million population where several ethnic groups live here like Moldovans, Romanians, Ukrainians, etc. Romanian is used here as an official language.

Moldova considers the poorest state in Europe with a GDP per capita is only $1,843.2 as of 2015. After the breakup of the USSR, the newly independent state has suffered from great financial challenges in the past. The uncertain conditions and weak administration stressed the state’s economic sector. Now, however, after the stability, the state’s government has introduced numerous financial reforms and applied new policies to allow the state’s economy to stabilize and positive impact on visitors. Here is the list of the top 10 most interesting facts about Moldova.

10: Splendid monasteries in Moldova


Moldova is an antiquity state, which has many splendid historical sites like Orheiul Vechi is a crumbling open-air monastic multifaceted that dates back more than 2,000 years. The interesting facts of Moldova are that it has many motivating places for tourists who are looking for a new experience away from the norms and concerned about old-styled destinations.

Tipova Monastery is a famous tourist attraction in Moldova. It was engraved in the sixth century that has placed beside a river, which was considered holy monastery. Tipova Monastery has been much romanticized, partially because it was uninhabited for a long time. Abandoned cave structures alongside sacred rivers will always become linked with local folklore, but some legends helped this.

09: Impressive birds of Moldova


Moldova is a hub of many impressive arrays of birds, with nearly 300 different species calling it home. Some are year-round inhabitants, some come to extent breed. But some simply pass through these routes to warmer climes, and others come to escape from harsh winters further north. It is interesting facts of Moldova which, is attractive for birds seekers.

08: You’ll have to take your shoes off


Another one of interesting facts about Moldova is that when you’re entering someone’s home, it has considered ill-mannered to leave your shoes on. You have to leave them at the door. The house rule applies in most former Soviet states, for hygiene conditions. For entering in the house of Moldova’s guests are almost always provided the slippers.

07: Moldova’s wine cannot be sold in Russia


Interesting facts that Moldova wine cannot be sold in Russia. It is not because of the poor quality of the wine. Rather, it is due to a political clash that occurred in 2006. At some time, Russia was the biggest importer of Moldova’s wine. You know around 90% of Moldova’s wine exported to Russia at that time. But when it banned that time Moldova suffered great economic loss. However, Moldova is still one of the largest wine-producing states around the world.

06: Landlocked state – interesting facts about Moldova


Moldova is a landlocked state, which means it has covered by European neighboring countries. There is no coastline, no port, and no beach in Moldova. They do all the trading via land routes or air networks. Moldova’s people have to travel to other European states if they want to enjoy a beach picnic. This is one of the most interesting facts about Moldova.

05: Moldova’s people are alcoholic


The interesting facts about Moldova people that they consume too much alcohol in daily routines. Moldova is not the only largest producer of alcohol but, also the largest consumer of alcohol. According to the World Health Organization, Moldova ranks at the second-largest alcohol consuming nations of the world. Belarus has ranked in the list of the largest consumer of alcohol than the Moldovan. According to a report, the Moldova state consumes more than 15 liters of alcohol per capita every year.

04: Moldova’s people celebrate a special wine day


As you know, Moldova is the 2nd largest state which consumes almost 15 liters of alcohol every year. Interesting facts about Moldova people have such a great love for wine that they even celebrate a National Wine Day. This festival is celebrated for two days on the 3rd and 4th of October. On festival days, the winemakers open cellars and wineries for the local people of Moldova, isn’t this a crazy and interesting facts about Moldova. Wine gets in these days very cheaply or free as compared to the normal days.

03: Moldovan cuisine


Like all the countries that must have some national cuisine or dishes, Moldova also has a national dish is porridge and, it’s called Mamaliga. This porridge is made with yellow maize flour and, it is present alongside many other dishes.

02: Europe’s largest Jewish Cemetery is in Chisinau


In the Past before World War II, Moldova had Europe’s largest Jewish population. Though many Jews fled before Germans arrived here, they killed nearly 60,000 Jews during the Holocaust in Moldova. The sad facts of Moldova are that there are more than 23,500 Jews are buried in this cemetery on the outskirts of Chisinau.

01: Moldova has a faster Internet connection


Moldova has many interesting facts but, this one is very surprising because due, to the developing state it looks unusual. Moldova has the fastest internet connection and, even Orange launched high-definition mobile service there two years before anywhere else. Maybe, it considers as the fastest connection nation due to the closeness of Romania.