Top 10 interesting facts about Kiwi


The Kiwi considers a small group of birds that live on the islands of New Zealand. Interestingly New Zealand people are also called Kiwis. Researchers spotted five different species of these birds, the Great Spotted, Little Spotted, Okarito, Common, and also including the North Island Brown Kiwi. Interestingly, most of these birds are just around the size of a chicken, but they have different shapes and don’t look like them.

These birds have long, narrow beaks, round-shaped bodies, and short legs, which makes them different from other birds. They are in uniform brown color and quite soft in look. They cannot fly high, and their wingspans are very small and useless for them. Most of these birds weigh just around six or seven pounds and measure about a foot and a half long. There are many interesting and unique facts about Kiwi, which makes them different from others.

10: Enormous Eggs

interesting facts about kiwi

The unique and interesting facts about Kiwis, are that they have large eggs, short and stout legs, or use their nostrils to detect prey. Kiwis lay the largest eggs as compared to their body size. Female Kiwis produce a single but huge egg. Additionally, the egg weighs up to a third of the weight of the female, which is around one pound. Wow!

09: Species of Kiwi

interesting facts about kiwi

The most common and largest species of Kiwi is the great spotted kiwi or Roroa. They are about 45 cm long in height and weigh up to 3.3 kg. The smallest species of Kiwi in the world are the little spotted kiwi, called Apteryx. These species can stand about 25 cm long in height and weigh up to 1.3 kg.

08: Kiwi’s eyes and wings

Kiwis eyes and wings

The eyes of the kiwi are the smallest unit as compared to the large mass of the body in all avian species resulting in the smallest visual field as well. Interesting fact that Kiwi eyes have some small unique features for a nocturnal lifestyle. But they rely on more than other senses like auditory, olfactory, and somatosensory systems. Their wings are only around 3 cm long but are useless, as they are completely hidden under their feathers.
The kiwi has strong muscular legs but it doesn’t have a tail. Its legs are very useful for it and about a third size of its body weight. Its strong legs help in running after prey and fighting with it.

07: Diet of the Kiwi

Diet of the Kiwi

Researchers cannot tell about the specific diet of Kiwis because each species have a slightly different diet than others. They are mostly omnivores, which means that they can eat both plants and animals. Also, they eat fruits and berries. It is a curious bird as it always searching for something in the soil with its long beak. Once they find their prey, they flick it on the ground to stun or kill it before eating it. They hunt worms, small fish, crabs, insects, grubs, frogs, insect larvae, spiders, and many more. Earthworms are the favorite of the items that they eat most.

Kiwis are a cultural icon in New Zealand and find frequent here. Unfortunately, humans have to face some problems due to it. One of the main problems is they like to eat the rubbers of windpipes and damage the car items.

06: Behavior of the Kiwi

Behavior of the Kiwi

They have a specific breeding season, and outside this season, they usually live alone or in breeding pairs. They utilize their time hunting on the woodland floor in search of worms and other small prey. Now, these birds hunt their prey at night and hide in undergrowth during the day. However, if they find nothing during day time they remain active during the day as well. Where Kiwis find no predators they forage during the day time.

05: They’re ready to go steady

Kiwi birds are among the few types that tend to live as monogamous couples. During mating season, the male and female Kiwis call out to their respective momentous others at night. And meet in their nesting holes after every three days. Interesting fact that Kiwi relationship bonding is so strong and, it can last over 20 years.

04: Grounded bird

Grounded bird

As you know, they can’t fly they have grounded birds. When humans didn’t arrive in New Zealand thousands of years ago, there were no global hunters endangering the kiwi population. So that time most flightless birds were comparatively safe on their nest in the ground. But now they are unsafe due to the population of humans.

03: Symbol of Kiwi in New Zealand

Symbol of Kiwi in New Zealand

One of the interesting facts is that the kiwi as a symbol first appeared in New Zealand during the late 19th century. , It was later introduced in the badges of the South Canterbury Battalion in 1886 and the Hastings Rifle Volunteers in 1887. Soon after, they also appeared in many military badges. Interestingly the fact that, when Kiwi Shoe Polish was widely sold in the UK and the US, this symbol became famous worldwide.

02: Camouflage in the woods

Camouflage in the woods

Kiwi birds have the same color as the wood and, they are fluffy, hair-like feathers that assist them to camouflage in the woods.

01: Maori people hunt for various purposes

Maori people hunt for various purposes

Maori are the people of New Zealand, they used to hunt Kiwis for their meat and soft feathers for various purposes. But just hunt it for needs because they believed that Kiwis had been protected by Tane Mahuta- God of the forest.