Top 10 Interesting Facts about Human Eye


The human eye is an essential part of the body. Most of the information is captured through the eyes. We often don’t realize the importance of our eyes until something goes wrong then, we realize how vital they are. Our eyes are not just objecting to expressing our state of mind and sentiments; they are way more than that. Many interesting and incredible facts are associated with the human eye that will make you realize how vital these are.

10: The eye muscles are the strongest in our body

The eye muscles are the strongest in our body

The external muscles in the eye are the sturdiest and the most active part of our body. However, the exterior muscles of the eye are larger in weight and size of the eyeball when it comes to strength plus, they are the sturdiest muscle for the job. The eye’s muscles are made in that way where it constantly moves to readjust the position of the eye, even when our head is in motion too. One of the interesting facts that did you know is that the human eye also works during sleeping. Our eye muscle moves constantly during sleep and also continues REM Rapid Eye Movement continuously. Though, our eyes also feel fatigued. Therefore, human eyes need rest after constant working for almost after an hour.

09: Eyes heal quickly

Eyes heal quickly

Another interesting fact is that the human eye has been designed in a way that heals very quickly. Why? Because when the external layer of cells of an eyeball becomes injured, so cellular replacement takes place speedily as an eyeball contains living cells. These living cells can travel and restructure themselves to the place where cells were lost and heal it. Through proper hygiene care, an eye just takes around 48 hours in repairing a corneal scratch.

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08: Cornea doesn’t need blood

Cornea doesnt need blood

As you know, the cornea is one of the vital parts of the vision in our eyes. Therefore, blood vessel deficiency can affect proper visualization. So, the cornea is a solitary living cell that, is not directly linked with blood vessels in the body. Plus, its internal part has been designed to get nutrition from the aqueous humor which, is a thick watery substance that is found between the cornea and the lens. While its external part gets the nutrients and oxygen from the tear liquid.

07: It has a blind spot

interesting facts about human eye

Light enters the eye through the pupil then, it hits the retina at the back of the eye. Usually, the retina is covered by light-detecting proteins which, perform a vital part in regulating the amount of light that gets into our eyes. Afterward, the retina sends the imagery info to the visual nerve which, conveys this information to the brain. Then it generates a blind spot in human eyes. Frequently these blind spots are aligned correspondingly which, plays a role in compensating for the loss of one eye field vision in the other.

06: Automatically Adjustable

Automatically Adjustable

The images which see an eye are sent to our brain upside down and backward. Interesting fact that the human eye can automatically adjust it. It adjusts in just milliseconds to keep constancy whensoever you move your head. Interestingly, your eye’s pupil changes its size to let the light in the correct amount. You know a human eye can distinguish around 500 shades of gray easily.

05: Light Weighted

Light Weighted

One of the interesting facts is that the essential part of your body, the human eye has a ball just, which contains a weight of 24 grams. It makes up more than 70 % of the whole weight of the eye and, the rest of the part has comprised of veins, arteries, and other tiny organelles present in the human eye.

04: No Transplant possible yet

No Transplant possible yet

Now science has made progress in almost every field but, still, eye transplant is not so far promising to make the blind can see. As the optic nerve is so complex and sensitive and it has not yet been exposed that how to recommence healthy retinal cells. Though, advancement is continuously being made in this field also.

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03: Eyes can be sunburned

Eyes can be sunburned

like human skin, eyes also suffer sun damage, but it’s a different process from what happens to your skin a continuous process can damage your eye. You should wear UV protective sunglasses under sunlight, it is not just essential in summer, during all seasons you should care for your eyes. Furthermore, sunglasses are beneficial for you it also protects the delicate skin around your eyes from wrinkles!

02: Wonderful thing

Wonderful thing

Human eyes are a wonderful thing. Interesting fact that the human eye works like a camera, only much more intricate. Interestingly, your eyes adjust to light and dark easily and automatically. You can experience it with yourself, walk into the darkroom, and then turn on the light while looking into the mirror and observe how your pupils shrink after this experiment.

01: Around 10,000 years ago, all humans had brown eyes

Around 10,000 years ago all humans had brown eyes

Brown eyes are said to be common and old. Blue eyes are a more current wonder caused by genetic alteration around 6000 years ago. It means that humans are still evolving. If your eyes are blue or green, it means you share common ancestors in the world.