Top 10 Interesting facts about Germany


Germany is the fifth-largest state in Europe, which has covered an area of up to 357,022 square km. The three city-states of Germany are Berlin, Hamburg, and Bremen, and thirteen regions. It has connected with nine other states like Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. In this article, we will learn about the top 10 most interesting facts about Germany.

You know the name “Germany” originates from the Latin term Germania, the Roman called the lands north of the Alps, where the Barbarian tribes lived. Different nations called it different names in different periods like The French, Spanish, and Turkish call it Allemagne, Alemania, and Almanya, correspondingly, after the Alemanni tribe. Italians call the state Germania, but the German language in Italian calls it Tedesco. Many interesting facts have connected with Germany which, you may have never heard before.

10: College education is free even for internationals


The interesting facts about Germany are that college education is free even for internationals. Here studying is a lifetime chance for students. Because many governmental states provide free education of cost until the school level. But in Germany, a college education is also free. In 2014, the Government of Germany permitted a decision to eliminate international fees in all public colleges. Even though, in some constituent German states, international college fees have been re-imposed due to the cost of studying in Germany remains much lower than anywhere else.

09: The land of poets and thinkers


Famous composers like Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven were all born and lived in Germany. They like polka music which, is frequently played at many festivals in Germany. Some of the world’s greatest thinkers Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Heidegger also associated with Germany.

08: The world’s most famous inventions are also associated with Germany


There are many great inventions that have made our lives so easy. You should thank the Germans for the light bulb, the robotic calculator, and the auto vehicles. Germany’s inventions had not just restricted to these inventions, the credited for the discovery of insulin, the invention of the clarinet, the small watch, TV, paraffin, petrol/gasoline & Diesel engines, the automobile engine, discrepancy gear, and other significant devices all have linked with it. The motorcycle, the jet engine, the LCD screen, and the Walkman are also modern and interesting inventions and facts of Germany.

07: One of the world’s leading book nations


Germany has published around 94,000 books every year. The interesting fact is that it is a place where you’ll find international book publishing’s most important event, the International Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany. The original famous magazine has been published in Germany was the Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen, which was started by German poet and theologian Johann Rist.

06: One of the major economies in the world


You know Germany’s GDP is esteemed as $3.4 trillion and, it has ranked the fourth largest nation in the world. It is financially recorded as 4.5% of the world’s economy. The state has many industries in Europe and is graded as the second globally in terms of exports. Germany is a prosperous nation and controls the strength of the Euro.

05: Germany is a hub of museums


The interesting facts about Germany is that it is a hub of museums around the world. It has an inclusive diversity of museums like art museums, ethnological museums, historical museums, and musically oriented museums amongst others. The state has around 6000 museums and still increasing every year. The New National Gallery in Berlin is defined as the most attractive museum in the world and is referred to as the Temple of Glass. One of the most visited museums in Germany is the haunting Jewish Museum in the city of Berlin. This is one of the most interesting facts about Germany.


Germany is also taking credit for the origin of the Christmas tree custom, which began in the 16th century. The sincere Christians brought trees into their homes and decorated them in each year. Some of the trees are made with wood pyramids and used evergreens and candles to ornament them when the trees were rare. They spread these values to other parts of the world as well. For instance, the first Christmas tree in America was seen in the 1830s in the house of German Settlers.

03: Wind energy


The Northern side of Germany’s coast has almost 20,000 turbines that produce 35% of the world’s wind energy. These interesting facts about Germany give an example for those states which are not taking the matter of environmental circumstances seriously.

02: World’s largest car producer


Germany is one of the world’s states and is the largest producer of cars. It sold around 5.9 million cars in 2011. VW’s Golf is famous as one of the most popular selling cars of all time. It sold more than 430,000 cars in 2012. And, in 2013 the top-selling car brands were Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW in Germany.

01: Prison escape is not punishable by law in Germany


German law maintains say that it’s a fundamental human nature to be free and, therefore, prisoners have the right to escape from prison. Escapes from prison are still considered unlawful in many states. But prisoners would be held answerable if they cause any damage to the property or inflict bodily harm against any individual upon their breakout. This is one of the most interesting facts about Germany.