Top 10 interesting facts about frogs


Frogs are unique creatures of God; their color indicates the quality of the environment. They go from living entirely underwater to an animal that respires air. There are so many charming and interesting qualities and facts about frogs! In this top ten list, we’ve composed some of the frog’s points that you might not have known.

Frogs are belonged to the Order Anura, the main of the three groups of amphibians. Generally, there are three groups of amphibians; Newts and salamanders, Caecilians, and frogs and toads like the Order Anura. Frogs and toads have also been referred to as anurans which, represent the largest of the three amphibian groups. Out of 6000 species of amphibians, in which about 4,380 belong to the Order Anura.

Many species of frogs exist in this world. The most famous is a poison which, is the most amazing, highly adapted animal on the planet. Most people think that frog is green colored creatures, semi-aquatic animals with webbed feet. Which typically hides away during the day and lays hundreds of eggs in ponds. But the Poison Dart frogs break all these rules and different ones! Another of the largest existing species of frogs in the world is the Goliath frog which grows up to 13 inches and weighs about 8 lbs.

Interestingly, you know each species of frog have a unique call. They make different dialogues by forcing air through their larynx. Males sing in loud choruses to inform other males about the danger and also for attracting the female frogs too.

10: There is no taxonomic difference between frogs and toads

There is no taxonomic difference between frogs and toads

The terms “frog” and “toad” are informal and do not reflect any fundamental taxonomic variances between them. Normally, the term toad is just applied to anuran species that have rough and warty skin. Frog is related to anuran species that have flat and moist skin. So, they are almost the same.

09: The life cycle of a Frog

The life cycle of a Frog

There are approximately three different stages of the frog. These are the ovum, larva, and adult. Interesting fact that as frogs nurture, they interchange through these stages and this process is called metamorphosis. Many other creatures also undergo the metamorphism process in which amphibians experience a remarkable change throughout their life cycles, as do many species of invertebrates.

08: Frogs are carnivores

Frogs are carnivores

As you know, all creatures are relying upon three main categories like omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores. Interesting fact that frogs are carnivores they take feed from insects and other invertebrates. Some species of frogs also get feed on small creatures such as birds, mice, and snakes. Many frogs wait for their hunt to come within their range and then swing after them. Few species are more active than others and, they follow in pursuit of their prey.

07: Upper jaw has teeth

Upper jaw has teeth

One of the interesting facts about frogs, they are considered in those creatures which have teeth on their upper jaw. They use it to keep their prey in one place until they can swallow it. Furthermore, frogs swallow the feed using their eyes; their eyes retract into its head and help them to push the food down to their throat.

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06: They don’t drink, just absorb water

They dont drink just absorb water

Another interesting and unique fact about frogs, they don’t drink water with their mouths. They absorb water through their skin and fulfill their drinking need. Interestingly, frogs have leaky skin, which means fluids and gases can pass through it. It is a bad thing to have permeable skin. They are at risk of absorbing water whatsoever pollution is mixed in it. Additionally, water is a basic requirement and, they can easily get dehydrated if they are away from water for too long.

05: Different colors of frogs

Different colors of frogs

Frogs come in different and bright skin colors from cobalt blue to strawberry red warn predators of their poison. Many other species are found in numerous designs and colors, with the Strawberry Dart frog, Oophaga pumilio, being one of the most polymorphic creatures in the world.

04: Behavior


Contrasting to most tropical frogs which, are only active at night due to the fear of predators, poison frogs’ skin toxins and warning coloration let them be diurnal. Interesting facts about the dart frogs they have different behavior from normal frogs. Some species spend their time on the woodland floor chasing through leaf litter, whereas others are great climbers.

03: cooperative creature

cooperative creature

Green and black dart frogs work as cooperative members of a team when it comes to child care. Interesting facts about the female frogs are that they lay clusters of up to 13 eggs in leaf litter after that, males take care of the eggs before carrying the hatchlings on their backs to small still-water sources in the trees.

02: They eat their members too

They eat their members too

African bullfrogs are notorious for strange behavior as it eats the members of their species on different occasion. Plus, there is no family bonding they even don’t care about their kids. They have even known for eating their offspring.

01: Wood frogs can endure the cold environment easily

Wood frogs can endure the cold environment easily

As you know, many creatures hibernate in winter but interesting facts is that Wood frogs don’t mind the cold. Up to a third of this frog’s physical liquids can save them from freezing. It also allows them to survive in temperatures of 23 degrees Fahrenheit easily.