Top 10 most famous walls in the world


In earliest walls built to mark the borders and to keep the opponents away. Moreover, the walls now build for serving as monuments, the formation of art and significance of politics, history or culture. Whatever the reason for constructing walls it builds for the safety of kingdoms and for dividing cities. The top 10 famous walls in the world, listed here.

10: The Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China built its wall between two seasons (spring and autumn) in the 5-8 century to protect its region. Especially, it built from protection from Mongols. With this Great Wall, numerous walls built with it. China’s first Emperor, Qui Shi Huang built the most famous wall between 220-206 BC. Rest of the walls built in the period of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD).

According to the archeological survey, the whole Great Wall with all its branches expands for 8851.8 km. It marks as one of the top 10 famous walls in the world. The condition of a wall from many locations is not repaired but near the tourist points its condition is good and extremely renovated.

9: Wall of Ston


Ston wall is the second longest wall in Europe and it is famous walls in the world. It has a series of self-protective pebbles fixed on the peninsula in the south of Croatia. It joins the mainland to the peninsula’s narrowest point. The wall stretches 5.5 km that links these two small countries. In the 15th century, it completed, along 40 towers and 5 castles. It constructed to save Dubrovnik and its nearest salt pans, which were the dynamic strength of the city’s financial system.

8: Western Wall


In the 19th century, Herod the Great constructed the western wall in Jerusalem. It built with ancient limestone. The 488m long wall had become the holiest place where Jews have permission to pray. Even, their sacred place Temple Mount beside the wall, where they pray. According to Judaism, the Western wall recognized as the sole of the Holy Temple. Now it has become a pilgrimage for Jews and categorizes as famous walls in the world.

7: Hadrian’s Wall


Romans built Hadrian’s Wall, which is one of the mysterious places. Some historians believe it built for Britannia to save from Scotland tribes. But some believed that it built to stop immigration and smuggling. It has approximately 117 km of length across northern England to the northern sea. Its construction started in 122 AD and accomplished in almost 6 years. About 9000 soldiers appointed garrison around the wall to defend the country. This wall is one of the top 10 famous walls in the world and tourists’ point.

6: Gum wall


Over 20 years ago public started sticking gum on the wall of the theater while waiting for tickets. Now it has become famous walls in the world. This wall is in the Pike Place Market in Seattle. People started to stick to bubble gum practice in 1990. Once, the wall cleaned from gums in 2015 but people didn’t stop from their act. Now, this wall has become a tourist attraction and photographers come for shooting here.

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5: Wall of Babylon


The Babylon wall is in Iraq. This is one of the eponymous and famous walls in the world. It considers impenetrable by opponents. It completed with blue glazed tiles and marked with bas-relief dragons. This wall has ruined because of many conflicts and abandoned for many years. After that Saddam Hussein began the restoration work of the wall. According to some scholars, it has the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

4: Berlin Wall


Belin’s wall built-in 1961. it marks as famous walls in the world. It was an effective move by East Germany to stop its inhabitants from escaping from the Soviet-controlled East German state to the west of the city. This action, taken to save inhabitants from Americans, British and French. Around 5000 people tried to flee circumventing the wall during the existence of the wall. According to estimation the result of death tool vary in 98 to 200. In 1989 hundreds of citizens started tearing down the concrete separation.

3: Great Zimbabwe Wall


Great Zimbabwe was the once capital of the sovereignty of Zimbabwe, but now this highly populated area lies in ruins. That is, however, bounded by gigantic walls, which stand as an alarming reminder of the might of this once great kingdom. The leftovers of Great Zimbabwe time back to the 11th century and are scattered transversely a region of almost 80 hectares that is an area small town. It knows as famous walls in the world. At a halt, at its climax, approximately 18,000 individuals were considered to have crammed into the city.

2: John Lennon Wall, Prague


In 1980, after the murder of the Beatles singer John Lennon, an ordinary wall of Prague plastered with political graffiti. Soon the wall becoming famous all over the world, it turned into a political outlet for Prague’s youth. Despite whitewashing many times, the secret didn’t accomplish to keep it clean for a long time. This wall is now taken by the Knights of Malta and they have given the task to whitewash this wall.

1: Ranikot


The Great Wall of Sindh knows as Ranikot Fort. It believed as the largest and famous forts in the world. Approximately, it stretches up to 32 kilometers. It categorizes as the top 10 famous walls in the world. The Fort’s fortifications have been compared with China’s Great Wall. In 1993, this place nominated by the Pakistan National Commission of UNESCO world heritage site.