Top 10 Evil leaders in history


Power makes some people best and some best. During the power ship, some leaders wanted to get better the quality of other people’s life. But some prefer their interest in others. Their selfish behavior let to abuse of power resulting in the name of honor killing or destruction of numerous lives. Now in this article, we shall discuss the evil character leaders in history.

10: Herod


Herod was the Roman king of Judea. He is famous for the colossal building projects all over Judea. His name consisted of the reformation of the second temple in Jerusalem. He was well known as the evil leader in the history of the world. He gave an order of murder boys of two ages and in the process of killing Jesus. Historian Joseph got evidence of his evil deeds and he warned in a dream about Herod’s intension of killing Jesus. He and his family fled to Egypt and stayed until Herod’s death. Herod killed his three sons and his favorite wife also. He died after an unbearable illness of vague cause that called posterity “Herod’s evil”. Josephus confirmed that he attempted suicide because of intolerable illness pain.

09: Nero


Nero was the last Roman monarch of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. His rule is generally linked with cruelty and absurdity. He had some negative assessment of his personality and sovereignty. Roman people thought him as a corrupt leader and they assumed that the “Great Fire of Rome” was his planned grand complex, the Domus Aurea. After that, he blamed the fire on the Christian, tormented and killed them. He counted in history as evil leaders in the world.

08: Saddam Hussein


Saddam Hussein was the 5th President of Iraq. He was a chief person of the revolutionary Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party. Always he had an invasion in his mind with clear visions of rule over the Arab Empire. He invaded Iran and Kuwait, which overwhelmed his army and economy. Because of his harsh orders, his many friends, family and close relatives were murdered. He tortured and raped his opponents and their close relatives. At the end of his life because of his crimes and bad deeds he was captured and suspended. His name marked as evil leaders in history.

07: Muammar Gaddafi


Muammar Qaddafi is known as colonel Qaddafi of Libya. He ruled Libya as a revolutionary chairman from 1969-1977. His rule thought of as the most brutal in North African history. He worked as a dictator and banned private projects, freedom of speech. He also dismissed his opposition by making it out of the law. In his country’s just a few people get prosperity. As he wasted most of his nation’s money on terrorist groups. He was one of the evil natured leaders in the history of the world.

06: Fidel Castro


Fidel Castro was a revolutionary communist politician in Cuba. He became prime minister from 1959-1976. Under his administration, his nation became a one-party communist state. In his era of rule, newspapers were banned he forced for reeducation of priests and homosexuals. He denied the basic rights of civilians like freedom of speech. He counts evil-minded leaders in the world’s history.

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05: King John


John was a king of England until his death. He was the 3rd ruler of Plantagene’s house. In England, he considered evil leaders in British history. He stole the authority from his brother by conspiracy with France’s king. When his rivals made hurdles in his way he threw them in a donjon and starve them to death. According to his orders, he built a huge army and fleet. He heavily charged tax and took away areas from aristocrats. He imprisoned and tortured Jews until they pay his desired money.

04: Timur


Timur was the first emperor of the Timurid dynasty. Timur became a dictator and cruel conqueror of Asia and the Middle East. He conquered some parts of Russia, Moscow, and Persia. Timur smashed their cities and murdered their people. He called the cruelest and evil leaders in history as he made towers from their skulls. Whenever he went he prevailed destruction and slaughtered thousands of people.

03: Caligula


Caligula (Gaius Julius Caesar ) was 3rd Roman emperor who ruled from 34-41. Through some existing sources of her ruling era that describe his noble and modesty in the first 6 months of his reign. Later than the resources tell us about his brutality, sadism, lavishness and sexual distortion presented him as an insane dictator. He announced himself a god, he killed many people according to his interest. Hence, he counted in evil leaders in history.

2: Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler was one of the notorious and evil leaders in the history of the world. He was the leader of the German Nazi party. Personally he involved in the armed process during World War II and perpetration of the Holocaust. He wanted invasion over European and African states. According to his orders, millions of Jews tortured, raped and killed in camps. He also slaughtered many known and unknown people. Historian responsible him for killing approximately 11 million people during his e

1: Osama bin Laden


Osama bin Laden was the former creator of the militant organization “al Qaeda”. He was notorious in history as evil leaders. He was also responsible for several terrorist attacks on the US. Bin Laden is famous for his part in masterminding the attacks on 11 September because nearly 3,000 people died and it encouraged War on Terror in the United States. Many of his orders involved in honor killing as suicide bombers.