Top 10 dominant ancient Greek gods


The Greek gods have passed in history the litigated in the past to organize the forces of nature human’s activities. Mount Olympus represented the attempts of ancient Greek gods to give details about their chaos of the cosmos in the course of human nature. Thus these gods and goddesses are the personifications of human solipsism. Their stories of battlement, argument and sexual conquests have forever influences on western society. Here is a collection of the top 10 dominant ancient Greek gods.

10: Zeus


As you can know by the title, Zeus knows as sky and thunder god of ancient Greek gods. Who ruled on Mount Olympus as the king of gods. Zeus was a child of Rhea and Cronus and the youngest in all siblings. He was notorious for his erotic adventures that result from his many heavenly and daring offspring like Athena, Hermes, Apollo, Heracles, Artemis, Dionysus, and Muses, etc. Respectively, he called Allfather and the ruler of all gods and goddesses. His Roman at the same was Jupiter.

9: Aphrodite


Aphrodite was an ancient dominant Greek goddess that linked with love, splendor, happiness, and reproduction. She was born with white foam shaped by severed genitals of heaven. After that, his child threw them into the sea. In reality, extensively she worshipped as a sea goddess, also known as the goddess of war in some places like Sparta, Cyprus, and Thebes. The main festival of Aphrodisia celebrated in midsummer yearly.

8: Athena


Athena was an ancient dominant goddess that famous for a reason, wisdom, war, and so many things. Here are fascinating mythologies associated with her that she had abnormal birth and even she sprang from Zeu’s head that’s why she was the favorite child of Zeus. In Parthenon here is her main temple Athen, given name after her honor.

7: Hera


Hera is famous for the goddess of family, marriage, and childbirth. She was a very envious and revengeful goddess. Actuality was her fear that made her vicious. She was a very brutal goddess that has zero patience. There are countless deeds of brutal acts related to her that torment to other women. She was one of the dominant ancient Greek gods.

6: Heracles


Heracles was one of the dominant ancient Greek gods that well-known in Greek and Roman myths. He was the son of Zeus and Alcmene and became the monarch of Greece. His life was not simple and easy, he bore many trials and accomplished his scary tasks. As a result of his sufferings, he would forever live among the gods at Mount Olympus.

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5: Hermes


Hermes, known as the herald of gods, at the same time as the defender of humans. He played the function as the soul guider and messenger of God. He could move rapidly between worlds of the mortals. Often he represented the son of Zeus and Maia. He called one of the dominant ancient Greek gods.

4: Apollo


Apollo was also the son of Zeus. He has ruled upon many things. He distinguished as the god of art, truth and prophecy, healing diseases and heavenly bodies. The Greeks devoted him as the controlling of health issues. A very interesting fact is that he was one of the dominant ancient Greek gods that Romans also worshipped him under the same name. On the other side, Romans just focused on him as the god of prophecy and Healer.

3: Ares


Ares called the Greek “god of war” and “blood lust” in ancient Greek gods. He consisted of 12 Olympians. He was one of the sons of Zeus and Hera. The reference of Ares in the Roman god Mars. He played a limited role in Greek methodology because of his numerous love affairs and a huge list of offsprings. In the literature of Greek, he is famous for his physical and brutal distinctiveness in war. Mainly his pieces of equipment in the war were head covering, shield and weapons.

2: Gaia


Gaia is famous for “Mother Earth” in an ancient dominant Greek goddess. In the Greek mythological story, she formed from all things in the starry sky to the universe, seas, and mountains. She has pretty comprehensive and shocking historical stories. Often, she was present at the birth of Zeus, but according to the number of mythologies that Zeus was her enemy for the reason that she was the mother of the massive bodies and almost 100-headed monsters like Typhon. In many historical cities like Athens, Sparta and Delphi have several temples.

1: Uranus


Uranus means sky or heaven. He associated with Caleus in Roman’s God. But, According to ancient greek literature is known as “father sky”. Even though he had a confused relationship with Gaia whether she was his mother or his wife. Uranus and Gaia had many kids but due to his prophecy, he killed several kids in Gaia’s womb. He and Gaia were the reason for many dominant ancient Greek gods.