Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World


In this article, we talked about the top 10 most dangerous dogs. Dogs are the most domesticated carnivores of the family. Dogs are from the Animalia kingdom and their family type is Canidae. Dogs are cute but some of them like Pit Bull and others are very dangerous.

10. Great Dane


Great Danes belong among a very sensitive and emotional breed of dogs. If they are not socialized and trained from an early age, they can be dangerous. These dangerous dog breeds were at first used for hunting wild boar, but now they are very gentle with other animals, dogs, and humans. Some Great Danes can be larger or smaller than the average size. Females are 28-32 inches in height and their weight is about 100 to 130 pounds. Males are 30-34 inches and their weight is about 120 to 200 pounds. Great Danes like to play with children.

This dog belongs to a healthy breed. They have short coats. They are commonly in six colors fawn, brindle, blue, black, harlequin, and mantle. These are large and easy-going dogs.

09. Boxer


Boxer dogs are medium size breeds. They are guard dogs. These dogs are muscular, intelligent, and fearless. Males of this dangerous dog breed are about 70 pounds. Females are typically 21 to 23.5 inches and their weight is about 60 pounds. Boxer dogs are devoted, energetic, cheerful, and loyal. These are high-energy dogs that’s why they need a lot of exercise. This most dangerous dog breed is also a part of AKC’s working group. They are good companions but they need proper training before getting socialized.

These dogs are known as working dogs. This breed is employed as police dogs and also used as seeing-eye dogs. Their life expectancy is about 10 to 20 years.

8. wolf hybrid


Some wolf hybrids are not aggressive but a higher percentage is likely dangerous. There are cases found of wolf-hybrid dogs attacking humans and other animals. Wolf dogs are illegal in many countries because of irresponsible ownership. These dangerous dog breeds are hard to control. These dogs are highly intelligent and independent Hybrid dogs are shy from humans and that’s why they attack them. Other names for these dogs are known as grey wolves or timber wolves. The weight of these dogs is about 26 kg

The life expectancy in this dangerous dog breed is 12-14 years. The fact about these dogs is that they are healthier than other dogs.

7. Alaskan Husky


Alaskan huskies are good-natured dogs towards the people who are familiar to them. They behave oddly with strangers. Huskies are beautiful, intelligent. The fact about Alaskan Husky is that it is a mix of Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, In-unit Husky, Border Collie and more. Huskies are not aggressive by nature but if they are not trained properly, they can be dangerous.

Its height is from 23 to 26 inches and its weight is about 40 to 60 pounds. The life span of this dangerous dog breed is 12 to 15 years.

6. Siberian Huskies


Siberian Huskies are aggressive, intelligent, and outgoing. Siberian Huskies are one of the dangerous dog breeds. These dogs are originated in Siberia. Their life expectancy is about 12-15 years. Colors found in these dogs are white, black and tan, silver-gray, black and white, sable and white, gray, red, and white. Males are 54 to 60 cm and females are 50 to 56 cm. Their weight is 16-23 kg female and males are 20-27 kg. Obedience training is a must for huskies.

Siberian Huskies have a beautiful and thick coat. Siberian Huskies also take part in racing, weight pulling, running, and jogging. The fact about Siberian Huskies is that their coat is water-resistant from the top.

5. Bull Mastiff


Bull Mastiff is a domestic dog with a short muzzle. Their life expectancy is 8-10 years. They are originated in the UK (United Kingdom). These are powerful guard dogs. Bull Mastiffs are very devoted, reserved, and courageous. Their weight in females is 45-54 kg and Male is 50-59 kg. Males of these dangerous dog breeds are 64-68 cm and females are 61-66 cm. They are in brindle, fawn, and red colors.

Bull Mastiffs are lazy and inactive. Bull Mastiff is very loyal and friendly with family but they get reserved in front of strangers. They are very loving with their owners.

4. Doberman Pinscher


Doberman Pinscher is an aggressive dog. Their life expectancy is 10-13 years. They are originated in Germany. Their height in males is 66-72 cm and females are 61-68 cm. They are obedient, energetic, and fearless. They are commonly found in white, black, fawn, and black and rust. Their weight is about 40-45 kg male and 32-35 kg female. This dangerous dog breed is super-active. Nick’s name for this dog is Dobie. Dobie is a wonderful family dog and is very trustworthy. These dogs are also friendly with other pets if they are properly trained.

These dogs are commonly used as war dogs, police dogs, and defense dogs. They have a short coat and a log muzzle.

3. German Shepherd


Other names of this dangerous dog breed are Alsatian wolf dog, Berger Allemand, Schaferhund, and Deutscher. Their common nicknames are Alsatian, DSH, GSD, Shepherd, and Schafer und. They are originated in Germany. They have a double coat in tan with black, sable, solid black, or bi-color. GSD is a herding dog and as being herding dogs they are originally developed for herding sheep. They’re obedient, intelligent, curious, alert, and watchful dogs. GSD is an all worker dog. They are good family protectors but only if they are properly trained and well socialized.

American Animal Hospital Association conducted a study in which GSDs are included in one of the most dangerous dog breeds. The fact about german shepherds is also included in most of the powerful bites of all breeds. GSDs around the world are preferred as police and rescue.

2. Rottweiler


Rottweiler is large and their look is very calm. Their height is 24-27 inches male and 22-25 inches female. Their weight is about 93-125 pounds male and 80-100 pounds female. Training is a must in these dogs. These dogs are mostly used as police dogs and personal safeguards. This dangerous dog breed is very confident and independent. A fact about them is that they were first used as guide dogs for blinds. Their life expectancy is from 9 to 10 years.

Rottweilers are originated in Germany. They are good-natured and self-assured. They are found in black, tan, and mahogany colors. If these dogs are abused or neglected they can be very dangerous and aggressive.

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1. Pit Bull – Dangerous Dog Breeds


Pit Bull is the most dangerous dog breed in the world. They are clownish and stubborn. There are many cases found of pit bulls attacking humans. Pit Bulls are very good with children. They are originated in the United States (US). Their weight in males is 15.8-27.2 kg and in a female is 13.6-22.6kg. Their height is 17-20 inches in males and females are 17-20 inches. They are found in black, white, brindle, fawn, tan, blue, grey, brown, and red.

They are obedient and affectionate. There are four types of pit bulls American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bully.