Top 10 biggest dog breeds in the world


The scientific name of a dog is Canis Lupus Familiaris. Many different dog breeds are spread all over the world. Dogs have different colors, sizes, and shapes. Dogs are domestic mammals. Many people like to keep dogs if you are among them then you should read this article.

01. S.t Bernard


S.t Bernard (Saint Bernard) is one of the biggest dog breeds. It is a giant dog whose weight is about 60 to 120 kg. The height is 70-90 kg male and 65-80 cm female. Saint Bernard dogs are not dangerous but quick to protect their family members. They are very gentle with children and are very careful not to injure them.

Saint bernards are from a lazy dog breed. St Bernard also does not have many exercise requirements like other dogs. The color of this biggest dog breed is red and white, brownish, yellow, and reddish-brown. These dogs are powerful and muscular. These dogs are known to be loving and tolerant.

02. Newfoundland


New Foundland dogs are very polite and friendly. They are also shy. They must learn manners to get socialized. These dogs are mostly in black, grey, and brown colors. The height of this biggest dog breed is approximately 69-74 cm for males and 63-69 cm for females. Their weight is about 130-150 pounds male and 100-120 pounds female.

They are working dogs. Newfoundlands are very well mannered with children and good with other animals but they have to be well-trained because their size can cause a problem. This breed of dog is very loyal. Their life expectancy is from 8 to 10 years.

03. Great Danes


These dogs are also one of the biggest dog breeds and can be gentle if they are well trained. These dogs are confident and reserved. Their height is 71 to 81 cm female and 76 to 86 cm male. The weight of this giant dog is 45-90 kg for females and 54-90 kg for males.

The coloration of these dogs is black, brindle, fawn, blue, mantle, and harlequin. They are friendly and easy-going dogs. They do not require extra grooming attention because of their short coat. Great Danes are large and these dogs are from a healthy breed.

04. French Mastiff


These biggest dogs are also known as Dogue De Bordeaux and Bordeaux Mastiff. French Mastiff looks aggressive because of their scary appearance but they are not aggressive by nature. These dogs need a lot of space to move around and also have exercise requirements.

The height of this biggest dog breed is 23-27 inches male and 23-26 inches female. They have big heads and expressive eyes. Males of this breed can go 110 pounds male and females are 99 pounds as well. Their life expectancy is from 5-8 years. French Mastiff dogs are very powerful with muscular bodies.

05. Anatolian Shepherd


Anatolian Shepherd or Anadolu Coban Kopegi is a powerful dog with good sight. These dogs are white, brindle, blue fawn, and liver red fawn. The height of males in these dogs is 74-81 cm and females are 71-79 cm. These dogs are not aggressive. They are not aggressive. They are very good family pets. An adult Anatolian Shepherd is 41-68 kg.

This biggest dog breed is bold, steady, and intelligent. These dogs are rugged and large with the ability to protect livestock.

06. Leonberger


Leon Berger is also the biggest dog breed. Leonberger is a domestic dog. The life expectancy of this dog is 10 to 12 years. These dogs are tall in shoulders and their height is 25 to 31 inches. The colors in these dogs are mahogany, sandy red, and yellow. Their weight is 41-49 kg female and 48-75 kg male. They originated in Germany.

These dogs are good watchdogs and they are very patient with children. Leonbergers are playful and loyal to family members. They are not aggressive with people but they get reserved with strangers.

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07. English Mastiff


English Mastiff is a giant dog. They are prominent because of their gentle and loving nature. Their weight in males is 150 to 250 pounds and in females are 120 to 200 pounds. They are large dogs and their height is 70 to 76 cm minimum. They are in silver fawn, apricot fawn, and dark fawn brown colors.

English Mastiff is a good-natured dog. They are good companions for kids. They are polite to everyone. Extreme shyness is also found in this breed. This biggest dog breed is very smart.

08. Landseer


Landseer dogs are used by fishermen. Landseer dogs are in black and white. The life span of this dog is 11 years. Landseer dogs are 66-71 inches in height and their weight is 45-68 kg. This biggest dog breed originated in Canada.

These dogs are very similar to Newfoundland dogs. They are sweet and gentle and are very easy to train. They have long coats and make perfect lifeguards.

09. Kangal


Kangal dogs work as livestock guardians. The other names of this biggest dog breed are Turkish Kangal and Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Their common nicknames are Kangal, Karabas, and Karnataka. They originated in Sivas, Turkey. Their height is 72-77 cm female and 77-86 cm male. Their weight is 41-54 kg male and 50-66 kg female.

Coloration in Kangal dogs is Dun, Light golden, Grey, and fawn stable. Their life expectancy is from 13-15 years. Kangals are very bold, intelligent, and independent dogs.

10. Tibetan Mastiff


Tibetan Mastiffs are guardian dogs. Their height is 66-76 cm male and 61-71 cm female. These dogs are protective, Aloof, and intelligent. Some families keep these dogs because of their breed featured. Colors in these dogs are black, black-tan, red gold, blue-gray, brown, and brown-tan.

Tibetan Mastiffs are lazy dogs. They are usually used as watchdogs. Features of this biggest dog breed are calm and gentle but they get aggressive with strangers. The features of this powerful dog include V-shaped years, brown eyes, and a broadhead.