Top 10 Most beautiful places in Malta


Malta is a European island, which is the tenth smallest country in the area. It shares borders with Italy, Tunisia, and Libya. If we talk about their beautiful places then there are a lot of destinations in Malta, and it is practically difficult to suggest the most stunning ones. It has flawless city landscapes, engineering features, and lovely artificial attractions, there is something for everybody to find here. Malta Island has a fascinating legacy surrounded by the purplish-blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea toward the south of Sicily. The Maltese language has derived from the Arabic language that is now a combination of Italian. This state has proud of the fabulous Knights of Malta, who fought off the Turks and launched the Crusades.

Besides its beautiful places, the weather of Malta is also perfect for enjoyment in spring and autumn. During the summer period, many religious festivals and outdoor concerts are held there. If you are planning to spend your vacations then, you should consider the beautiful and stunning places of Malta once in life.

10: Birzebbuga

Image Source: Alecastorina93/Wikipedia

Birzebbuga is just 8 miles away from the capital of Malta. It is a famous seaside resort town. Many visitors come here for the sandy beach of Pretty Bay. There are plenty of cafeterias, shops, and other tourist services. Plus, there is a rocky beach of St. George’s Bay which, is popular for snorkelers, sailors, and fishermen. However, there’s more to the town than the seashores. It has a colorful history, and tourists came here for exploring the history such as, the Ferretti Coastal Battery, entrenchments from the 1500s, and different archaeological sites that are related to the neolithic period and the Bronze Age.

09: Cospicua


Another of the fortified cities in Eastern Malta, Cospicua is located on the east side of the Grand Harbor. Sometimes it calls by the name of Bormla. Although, it has now filled with outstanding samples of traditional Maltese architecture. This city has populated since Neolithic times, and visitors can learn about its history in the Bir Mula Heritage Museum. It counts as one of the beautiful, attractive, and historical places in Malta.

08: The Idyllic Island of Gozo


Gozo Island is the most beautiful and tranquil places in Malta. This little island is the best place for enjoyment and relaxation during vacation. Though Gozo island is less advanced in Malta, however, it has plenty of cultural attractions. These are a fortified medieval city, Victoria; a lively seaside resort, Marsalforn; and Ggantija Temples. Visitors enjoy a stunning landscape, a charming retreat from the modern world. A patchwork of small farms has also covered gently with rolling peaks and valleys. These hillsides are leading to protected beaches and old-fashioned fishing ports. Hence, it is one of the beautiful and amazing places in Malta.

07: Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon is a superb destination for watching the lovely scenes of clear purplish-blue waters. Nature has bestowed beauty to this island which, has a white sandy seashore too. This severe tidal pond looks like a giant hot tub and, it is not very dangerous for kids.

06: Blue Grotto


The Blue Grotto has located near a winding street on a cliff high over the Mediterranean Sea. The staggering beachfront view gives a stimulating prologue to the nature spot. The astonishing view and sandstone are giving an image of pure silence. It is one of the delightful and beautiful places in Malta, which has been indicated in several folklores. The Blue Grotto was a hub of alarms ocean fairies who amazed sailors with their charms.

05: Marsaxlokk


On the southern side of the state, you will find a fishing village, Marsaxlokk. There is a huge fish market at the colorful decorated “eyed” painted boats. In the ancient era around the 9th century, many Phoenicians and later Turkish fleet during The Great Siege. Archeologists even have found the Bronze Age tools there. You will find the lip-smacking seafood. Green water is adding more beauty to this place, no doubt a lovely beach which is leading towards the gorgeous St. Peter’s Pool. Hence, it is one of the beautiful places in Malta.

04: Hagar Qim

Image Source: Cruccone/Wikimedia

It is one of the preserved beautiful prehistoric places in Malta which, are the standing stones known as Hagar Qim and Mnajdra. You can sit at the top of the sea cliff; you will enjoy the awesome atmosphere here. Hagar Qim is the first temple and has been restored originally. Besides, it has a 20-tonne megalith. It is the site where the popular Venus de Malta, or “fat lady,” statuette has found. Now, her statue is present at the National Museum in Valletta. Mnajdra is a series of three decorated temples which are related to 3000 BC. During the visit, many secrets related to this place are revealed to visitors.

03: Sliema


Sliema is one of the beautiful places, only 5k away from Valletta, it is the hub of delicious food and fantastic shopping. Now it is a resort but, once it was the playground of the state’s aristocracy. Here, you’ll get a lot of immigrants as well as a local community of Malta. You can enjoy boat trips around the Grand Harbour and, Sliema serves as the starting point of tour buses that cover the whole island. If you will visit the town, then try to go to the Independence Garden and the De Redin tower which, dates back to the 17th century. As you might imagine in a resort town, the nightlife will boost a lot of energy in you and, you’ll surely enjoy it there.

02: St. Julians


St. Julians is a place, which is known for entertainment. This resort town is flourishing with late-night fun. At the beach, the large flat rocks that line the coast make a perfect sunbathing bed and also offers a great place for a long walk. Portomaso Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Malta which, attracts tourists from all over the world. Visitors mostly come in August for the traditional summer Festa, dancing, dining, and fine wine also.

01: Mdina


Head inland is the “Silent City” of Mdina during the visit you will experience medieval Malta. It has built on a large hill in the mid of the state, plus this town has few people and the amazing thing about it that no car can enter. It is one of the beautiful places in Malta for relaxation. However, it is small, but there is a lot of activities to do. You can visit the Carmelite Church and Priory, the Natural History Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Magisterial Palace, and the Palazzo Falzon also here.