Top 10 most beautiful places in Cyprus


Cyprus is an island state in the Eastern Mediterranean of the USA. Which has crashing waves, ancient history, and splendid scenery. It is the third-largest and most populated island. It has situated in the south of Turkey; Syria and Lebanon in the west; Egypt and Israel in the north; Greece in the southeast. Moreover, here you’ll soon explore innumerable traditional taverns, an implausible environment, and an assortment of ancient and cultural experiences to enjoy. These are the top 10 most beautiful places in Cyprus; you should visit if you got the chance of going there.

10: Tombs of the Kings


UNESCO has attested and formally made a part of the Paphos Archaeological Park, which calls as the mighty Tombs of the Kings are certainly worth a mention in their own right. Its date back is around 4th century BC and offers a vision into the great mingling of architectural traditions and cultural heritage that took place on Cyprus in ancient times. It is one of the beautiful places of Cyprus which, has been dominated by the Egyptian and Greek styles with excavations revealing Doric colonnades and subterranean cracks where the figures of Hellenistic and Roman noblemen have stowed.

9: Nicosia


Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus, but it is not like other capitals of states. It had divided between the northern part of Cyprus which has ruled by Turkey and, the Greek Cultural Republic of Cyprus in the south. Now, tourists come here to experience one of the rich and most beautiful places in Cyprus. It is one of the destinations where a romantic old town of Venetian-style palazzos and sun-splashed squares gives way to a labyrinth of twisting backstreets. There are many museums like the Cyprus Museum, the Byzantine and the Ledra Observatory Museum. Furthermore, there are many more attractions for tourists from all over the world.

8: Konnos Bay


It is one of the most famous beaches in Cyprus, and beautiful places we shouldn’t be missed. Konnos Bay, places in the Ayia Napa area and a breathtaking destination. It is a popular place for locals and visitors, and it became very crowded during the summer season. During this time, it is almost impossible to find a place to put your colorful and graceful beach towel and, umbrella as well.

7: Protaras


Protaras is one of the relaxing and accessible beautiful places in Cyprus. It is also gorgeous beaches but, it is difficult to beat the resort of Protaras. You can swim here in the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Here is a natural park of Cape Greco, which has a peaceful and family-friendly atmosphere. You can walk along the path of 15 km which, lets you enjoy the ocean and city views, and the nightlife offers sufficient entertainment until the morning.

6: Kourion Amphitheatre


If you want to see Cyprus’ ancient beauty, you can visit the Kourion Amphitheatre also. It has a civilization dating back to around 1000 BCE and supervising the azure blue sea. It is one centerpiece and beautiful places of the expansive archaeological site which you can now visit for a trivial fee. During the summer evenings, you can see different performances which are still taking place in the theatre.

5: Omodos


Odomos is one of the wines making beautiful places of Cyrus. Besides making some of the best brands of wine this village is also popular due to its fruits. It has large orchards that produce apples, pears, pears, and many other fruits that have often been presented to the tourists as gifts.

4: Agios Georgios


It is by far one of the most well-known and beautiful places in Cyprus. It has importance due to architectural sites. Agios Georgios is located in Peyia Village which, is open all day for visitors. Originally, it is a Christian settlement that dates back to the 6th Century. It has three large Basilicas, which has the original buildings to be discovered, along with a bath.

3: The Karpaz Peninsula


Karpaz peninsula is the only visited beautiful places in Cyprus each year. Visitors who come here expect to find a magnificent mixture of craggy rocks and salt-sprayed cliffs. Tourists must visit the 10th-century Byzantine fortress of Kantara, which lies at the very core of the peninsula, and the Apostolos Andreas Monastery – a pilgrimage place for the local community.

2: Famagusta


Famagusta is a culturally rich town on the eastern end of Cyprus, one of the beautiful places. It is a city of more than 40,000 people. The spot’s real gem, the medieval heart is the real gem of this area, now hailed as one of the most enchanting walled cities in southern Europe. Tourists visit the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and Gothic structures that belie its previous moniker like the Cathedral of St. Nicholas.

1: Polis


Polis is a laid-back, sun-splashed coastal town that draws the attention of visitors from all over the world. You can enjoy your exciting holiday here. It has surrounded by extensive ridges of eucalyptus trees and dusty seaside rocks and offers an old town center of low-rise buildings clad in stones. There are private beaches that run along the coast to the west and a stimulating collection of Attic ceramics at the Polis Archaeological Gallery.