Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World


When you consider a tree, what characteristics ring a bell? Maybe quality, quietness, relentlessness, adaptability, to give some examples. Oldest trees in the world hold a unique noteworthiness in numerous religions and otherworldly ways. They imply information, the pattern of birth and demise, edification, change. For certain societies, the oldest trees in the world are to be adored and are destinations of journey and love.

10. Jaya Bodhi (2302 years old)


The holy fig tree – found in the Mahamewna Gardens of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. This tree is said to be a sapling from the very tree. The Sri Maha Bodhi tree of Bodh Gaya, under which Lord Buddha accomplished edification. The young tree was taken to Sri Lanka and sowed in 249 BC. It is the most established living, human-planed tree on the planet that has an archived planting date. Buddhists around the globe perceive this tree as one of the most consecrated and worshipped relics, and numerous individuals make a journey to this site every year. Hence this tree is enlisted among the oldest trees in the world.

09. The President (3200 years old)


This superb sequoia tree among other oldest trees in the world dwells in Sequoia National Park in California, USA. The President tree isn’t the tallest tree on the planet. Yet, it is the third biggest and oldest tree in the world when positioned by the volume. In tree imagery, the sequoia connotes the life span of life, just as focusing on the most elevated throughout everyday life and living your fantasies.

08. Gran Abuelo (3645 years old)


Found in  National Park Chile, this “Extraordinary Grandfather” tree. It stays found at the site of Monte Verde. The insight that these trees were utilized more than 13,000 years prior to making apparatuses and weapons. Therefore it is among the oldest trees in the world. During the hour of the Spanish Conquest of South America, these trees turned into a significant wellspring of timber and cash in the locale. Today, they are ensured by the administration, and logging them is illicit.

07. Methuselah (4847 years old)


An extraordinary bowl bristlecone pine. For a very long time thought to be the most seasoned – solitary standing tree on the planet. This tree can be found in California, USA. Enlisted among the oldest trees in the world. In 2012, another tree in a similar zone was found and uncovered to be a couple of hundred years more seasoned.

06. Old Hara (5065 years old)


An incredible bowl bristlecone pine, the tree that in 2012. While was found to be the most seasoned, non-clonal tree on the planet. Assuming Methusela’s title and hence named among the oldest trees in the world.

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05. Old Huon Pine (3,000 – 10,000 years old)


Found in Mount Read, Tasmania, Australia. While a portion of the individual trees adds up to just being around 3,000 years of age. The clonal forest that they are a piece of has represented more than 10,000 years. Due to its extreme age, it is among the oldest trees in the world.

04. Old Rasmus (9,500 years old)


This Norway Spruce can be found in Härjedalen, Sweden, an area of Sweden that initially had a place with Norway, yet was surrendered to Sweden in 1645. The tree is named for the pooch of the researcher who found it.

03. Old Tjikko (9,550 years old)


Norway Spruce found in Fulufjället. A national park in central Sweden. It is almost of a similar age as is Old Rasmus is. Cell-based dating makes it hard to discover which one is more seasoned. Right now, it appears like Old Tjikko is the one that is more established. This tree is additionally named for one of the canines that were a piece of the group that did the examination fieldwork in regard to the times of these trees.

02. Jurupa Oak (13,000 years old)


Palmer Oak forest found in the Jurupa Mountains of California, USA. A clonal tree – the whole forest of contorted, hindered trees makes up one life form. At first, it was ignored and thought to be a disconnected forest of trees. Until researchers looked all the more carefully at the trees. People taking note that they didn’t create fruitful oak seeds, subsequently, they must be a clonal tree.

01. Pando (80,000 – 1,000,000 years old)


This calm, shuddering aspen woods found in Fishlake. The USA ranges more than 107 sections of land and has more than 47,000 stems. Hence, the consolidated load of the stems and root framework make this the heaviest living being on the planet. Consequently, making it the most established tree framework, yet in addition the heaviest.