10 most advanced and well-equipped hospitals in the world


Now science has made progress in all the fields of life. Where medical research is continuously pushing the limitations of health care and explaining what is possible or not. Like all the hospitals across the world are constantly updating their types of equipment and services to provide the latest technology in the medical field. Now we shall discuss the 10 most advanced and well-equipped hospitals in the world.

10: National Center for Child Health and Development


The National Center for Child Health and Development is one of the most advanced and well-equipped hospitals in the world, placed in Tokyo, Japan. Japan’s Ministry of Health designated it. It provides developing innovative treatment and research procedures in a huge variety of pediatric fields. They are promoting progressive medicine and innovative research in health care for newborn offspring. Their high technology specialties are advanced Retinopathy procedures, Premature child services, Living donor transplants, Microtia cure, and Blood sampling.

09: George and Marie Backus Children’s Hospital at Memorial Health Medical Center


The George and Marie Backus Children’s Hospital at Memorial Health Medical Center offer inclusive pediatric care facilities throughout Southeast Georgia. It consists of highly advanced and well-equipped hospitals all over the world. It ranging from disease organization and critical care to child life services and consistent checkups to certify proper child growth and development. This hospital is also renowned for specialized treatments and facilities, such as assistive tech for disabled patients. It has a “gait laboratory” that combines cameras and treadmills to deliver treatment for children who have trouble walking. Even aquatic tech for rehab, physical therapy, and circulatory promotion as well.

08: The Royal Children’s hospital


The Royal Children’s Hospital is a major specialist pediatric center in Victoria that consists of the most advanced and well-equipped hospitals of the universe. It provides a full range of clinical facilities to infants and young people too. This hospital is receiving nationwide funding for cardiac and liver transplantation programs. The thing that making is pioneering, not due to these conventional matrices, but also it has made commitments to provide its patients and family highly comfortable services. The new RCH building has a scenic park that allows its patients sunbath and allows them to play in its ground and enjoy the fresh air.

07: Kaiser Foundation Hospital


Kaiser Foundation hospital established in Fontana, California in the year of 1943 and introduced its advanced facilities in 2009. HMC Architects designed it, which comprises 7 stories having 420 medical beds. HMC improved the efficiency of the hospital for patients and medical staff as well. According to the report of U.S. News, this hospital is using advanced and well-equipped expertise services in diabetes & endocrinology, ear, nose & throat, geriatrics, pulmonology, and urology issues.

06: Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies


It is one of Florida’s famous hospitals for women and babies that provides the latest advanced facilities. It counts in the most advanced and well-equipped hospitals all over the world. The Winnie Palmer Hospital has the world’s latest neo-natal intensive care units for its patients. It opened for the general public for in the year 2006, that furnished with the latest technology and capacity of 285 beds. Its building has a striking dark glass, large globe structure, and calming interior tones provide the sick persons with a quiet and peaceful environment.

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05: Florida Hospital Waterman


Like Winnie Palmer Hospital, this hospital also renowned by the same architect, Jonathan Bailey Associates UK Ltd. This hospital first found in 1908, comprises 22 campuses. It is famous for inclusive services and state-of-the-art medical imaging department, the facility boasts a 12,000 square foot entrance that has restaurants, a gift shop, and florist. In 2003, it has flourished with the most advanced and well-equipped latest technology hospitals, 18000 sq. ft cancer center and 24 hours active emergency sector.

04: Katz Women’s Hospital and Zuckerberg Pavillion


Katz Women’s Hospital and Zuckerberg Pavillion are fully equipped with the latest technology. It has 10 story building having 162 single bedrooms, 10 operational rooms, C-section rooms, obstetrics, gynecology, post-partum and medical-surgical beds, as well as physical therapy services. This hospital has consisted of the most advanced technology and well-equipped hospitals in the world.

03: Clemenceau Medical Center


Clemenceau Medical Center is affiliated with Johns Hopkins private medical centers that opened in 2006. In Lebanon, this hospital contains 158-bed hospital residences all the specialty branches of Neurology, General Surgery, Pulmonary, Cardiac, Urology, OB/GYN, Fertility & IVF Center, Digestive Disease & Colonoscopy-, Diagnostic Services, Robotic Surgery, Cancer center with Radiation Oncology Department, etc. This medical center consists of 10 most advanced and well-equipped hospitals around the globe.

02: Moorfields Eye Hospital


Moorfields Eye Hospital is a high-quality eye hospital in London. This hospital considers as the oldest and largest center for ophthalmic treatment, teaching, and research in Europe. It founded in 1805 as the London Dispensary for curing diseases of eyes and ears. It also ranks in the most advanced and well-equipped hospitals that having a friendly environment for patients.

01: Singapore General Hospital


This is the oldest hospital in Singapore that originated in 1821. It has fully grown from a British imperial troop cantonment close to the banks of Singapore River into the Island national major health organization. Currently, it is serving almost more than 1 million people every year. It offers affordable care to its patients as well as, advanced and well-equipped hospitals in technology. This hospital is also providing undergraduate to postgraduate informative training for both students and medical experts. It was also the first hospital in Asia that achieved the Magnet designation in 2010 for nursing excellence, bestowed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.