10 Best Fragrant Flowers for your garden


I think no one in the world doesn’t like flowers. Everyone loves their beautiful colors, shapes, and aroma. Flowers recognize as bloom or blossom, it is a reproductive system that found in flowering plants called “angiosperms”. Flowers’ sweet fragrance stops you for a while, to appreciate its pleasant aroma. Now in this article, we will talk about the 10 best fragrant flowers that you can grow in your lovely garden.



Lily of the valley occasionally recognizes as a highly poisonous forest flowering plant with a sweet fragrance. It calls by like “May bells, our Lady’s tears, and Mary’s tears” or many other names in different languages. This flower consists of six white tepals with bell-shaped. Easily its fragrance spreads in a fertile mass and even in deep shadows. In late spring, when it blooms and gives off a strong, loaded aroma. It can stay in a flower vase for at least one week. In calm winters in early March in the Northern hemisphere, this fruit grew in small size having the orange-red color like a berry. It is one of the fragrant flowers for your garden.


jasmine fragrant flowers

Jasmine is a category of shrubs and vines in the family of olive. In the region of Eurasia and Oceania, there are almost find 200 species that are native to tropical to warm temperatures. Extensively it is cultivated for its distinctive aroma of flowers. It can be either deciduous or evergreen flowering plant. Jasmine’s plant can be detected from far away. Its smell is so heady that’s why some people don’t like its intense fragrance. In many perfumes and fragrant oils, it uses its fragrance. Hence, it marks one of the best fragrant flowers.



No doubt, everyone loves the aroma of rose. Rose is a sort of flowering shrub that comes from the Latin word “Rosa”. It comes in many sizes and colors. It’s mostly species are related to Asia but the smaller number of species can be native to Europe, North America, and Africa. Roses have cultural importance in many societies. In many festivals and ceremonies, roses are used frequently. Thus, rose is a strong and beautiful scent flower. It ranks in the best fragrant flowers for the garden.



Gardenia comes in a sort of blossoming plant that is from the coffee family. It grows in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and pacific islands. It is one of the best fragrant and most favorite flowers in a garden. Its shrubs are evergreen that grows to the length of 1-5 meters. The milky-white flowers create a strong, exotic odor in your garden. In the rainy season, its flowers give powerful perfume that can be felt by far areas. Though it has similarities with jasmine it is not nearly as irresistible. Easily it can be grown in the garden because it needs little attention and care and grow almost in any environment.



Through its name, anyone can guess about it so the exotic word is good to describe it. Passiflora is a kind of plant that has about 550 species in the world. It is one of the best fragrant flowers in the garden. That has a delicate scent and find in multiple colors like white, red, or pink petals ringed with blue corona. This flower opens slowly but remains open all night. The majority of passion flowers find in Mexico, Central, and South America.

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Hyacinth is comprising of the famous and best fragrant flowers of modern gardens. It is a tiny kind of bulbous fragrant vegetation. It is admired because of its gorgeous look and aromatic smell. Each flower produces 4-6 linear leaves. It is available in a wide collection of beautiful colors. Fortunately, its new varieties are just as sweet-smelling as older ones. Even though it is grown in tropical areas but it suits cold climate also.



Lavender is a kind of flowering plant that linked to the mint family that has almost 47 species. The flowers and plants of this perfumed herb pervade the countryside of southern France in midsummer. If a lavender hedge, grew next to a pavement s everyone will catch a nice scent of its perfumed that presence every time you pass by. It is one of the favorite fragrance of hummingbirds. Lavender’s calming odor and bright purple color attract everyone. No doubt it consists of the best fragrant flowers for your garden.



Even if they had no scent, the fascinating spiderlike white flowers are enough motivated to raise this plant. Two to five blooms top tall, strong stems last well in a container. It looks beautiful and its light smell is a good addition in fragrant flowers in your garden. The fast-growing summer bulbs bloom in warm weather in less than a week. Its bulb after 2-3 weeks ago brings new flowers in late summer. In the first frost lift the bulbs in a cool, dry place until nighttime temperature stays above 60 degrees.



Alyssum is a sort of around 100-170 varieties of flowering plants. It relates to the family of Brassicaceae that finds in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Its highest diverse varieties found in the Mediterranean region. According to traits it is small in size and grouped in terminal clusters. It mostly finds in yellow, white and can be pink or purple. It can be a good addition to the best fragrant flowers for your garden.



The evening primrose plant raises to the height of five feet, and it produces buds that only open at night time. When the flowers finally open, they also give off an intoxicatingly pleasing smell until the sun begins to rise. It is available in different colors like white, pink, and yellow flowers. The evening primrose is a great accumulation in borders and container gardens. it is one of the best fragrant flowers in the world.