Top 10 Beautiful Places in Latvia


The northeastern European address is known as the “Land of Blue Lakes” recognition of its 12,000 rivers and 3,000 small lakes. From big-city elegance to genuine people entertainment. Latvia has a friendly handshake for every company. Explore antiquated castles, walk through beautiful canyons or laze on distances of strands in this Baltic treasure. Here are the top 10 beautiful places in Latvia.

10. Riga


Riga’s extraordinary Old Town delights with its skyscraper-sized cathedral towers and rows of interesting lines. Using the escalator to the top of St. Peter’s Church for 360-degree panoramas of the city. It is a complete need, along with a holiday to the Gothic House of the Blackheads and the Riga Cathedral. One of Riga’s most important events is the Freedom Monument. Built-in recognition of the militants stopped throughout the Latvian War of Independence. Standing at a length of 42 meters, it’s determined by the gateway to the Old Town.

09. Gauja National Park


Gauja National Park is the ideal place to destress. Walk miles of beautiful hiking paths. Whereas investigating interesting ancient buildings or responses to bungee jumping, bobsleighing, and other courageous exercises. There are above 500 educational and traditional buildings in the township of the Gauja Park 

08. Jurmala


A favored spa purpose since the late 18th century. Devotees of Jurmala have incorporated the likes of Communist executives Leonid Brezhnev and Nikita Khrushchev. Filled with stunning art nouveau dwellings, white sand shingles, old-fashioned pine trees and reach out eateries. It’s not difficult to realize this opportunity town’s permanent request. Nearby Ķemeri National Park could surely be substituted for the Dead Marshes in J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” nature due to its fantastical aspect. One of the most interesting simple sights of these beautiful places in Latvia. The wildlife preserve is produced by marshes, creeks, and woodlands.

07. Kuldiga

Few Beautiful places in Latvian addresses can struggle with Kuldiga when it comes to beauty and elegance. Long favored by writers and artists, this charming town is known as the “Venice of Latvia”. Due to the river running forward many of its churches largely old wooden homes. Established in the Kurzeme region, Kuldiga is also home to the Venta Rapid. The most voluminous waterfall in Europe as well as a memorable red brick bridge, built-in 1874. There are herbs with buckets jutting contemptuously on doors shutters and pathways.

06. Liepaja


Liepaja is one of the nation’s most bizarre purposes for these beautiful places in Latvia. Set on the Baltic Sea, it continues a captivating melange of design, along with many gleaming white sand shingles. The more or less neglected section of Karosta holds various captivating patterns of the area’s naval culture. Its crumbling fortifications and red brick manage a part of the naval headquarters. Liepaja has utilized its dark antiquity into an interactive display with the Karosta Prison museum.

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05. Cesis


Cesis appears like a rather sluggish, humble place at first glimpse. Unfortunately, there’s much more to this beautiful city than satisfies the eye. The majestic Cesis Castle, produced by the Livonian Brothers of the Sword in the early 13th century. Furthermore, it’s the main fascination of these beautiful places in Latvia. One of the biggest ways to examine the romantic castle is by using a candlelight journey of its hidden vaults and stairways. Visitors can also take portion in interactive seminars and ancient enterprises, such as archery. Located in the middle of Gauja National Park, Cesis is a large foundation for those enthusiastic to review the famous sandstone cliffs.

04. Ventspils

Image Source: Algirdas, Lithuania/wikipedia

Ventspils is one of the various appealing seaside addresses in Latvia. These beautiful places in Latvia based in the hamlet of Irene. It highlights two radio glasses, a workroom, and diverse presentations. Ventspils is perfect for those who endure long rambles progressing the sea. While one of the best programs is from the South Pier to a lightly rejected green and white beacon. Once a center of the Hanseatic League, Ventspils is one of the most memorable seaside addresses in Latvia. Further, is it located in the northwestern part of the nation, it was the front part of the Duchy of Courland.

03. The Rundale Palace


It is set amidst the productive Zemgale Plains in the south of the most beautiful places in Latvia. Most of the internal designs were built between 1765 and 1768 when a carver from Berlin Johann. The primary section contains the Duke’s staff with gathering saloons and private opportunities. Whereas the easterly segment a fully renovated series of Duchess’ cabins. The display halls illustrate shaped art, expensive art, and classical compositions. Moreover, the palace receives the Early Music Festival and performances of traditional harmony.

02. Daugavpils


Present on the edges of the Daugava River, the center is quite known for its impressive fort. Assembled at the origin of the 19th century. The shrine has remained the Napoleon attack as well as both World War I and II. Whereas it remains almost completely stable. The Daugavpils fort is also the place of the Mark Rothko Art Centre. Which rests inside its armory construction. While this art and learning market highlights a wonderful presentation about the world-famous symbolic expressionist.

01. Cape Kolka


The most abundant extended spike at the beautiful places in Latvia. Cape Kolka prevails where the fast Baltic sea reaches the slow waves of the Riga Gulf. Once a Soviet naval station connected to the people, it’s now a foreign address with a breathtaking coastal view. For the best scenes, guests can rise to the head of the temporary bird viewing pillar near Lake Kaņieris. Moreover, the passengers have the prospect to employ the evening in a barrel at Saules majas. Therefore it allows barrel-shaped clapboard cabins with a sea view. The modern benevolence is a wonderful scene to view mornings and evenings as well as the players.