10 Admirable Success Stories in Pakistan


All these are the amazing personalities with admirable success stories in Pakistan. They have figured out how to bootstrap the organization into a multi-million dollar venture. Hence, launch campaigns planned for promoting the spirit of patriotism. Motivating Pakistanis and associating other people everywhere throughout the nation.

10. Farhan Masood

Farhan Masood is a brilliant and creative business person with one of the amazing success stories. He has won international awards for his contributions to innovation. Further, the awards received by this young man are Asia Pacific ICT Awards. Furthermore, he is the CEO of SoloInsight Inc. and SoloTech Labs (Pakistan). This aims to give innovative solutions. He has an incredible degree of ability in edge security. He is also the author of Go Green Pakistan.

09. Zafar Khan

Zafar Khan is the CEO and Founder of Sofizar. A Lahore based Internet marketing organization, while sells items directly. Moreover, dealing with consumers in North America, over web search tools, and through Facebook promoting. Sofizar story is from the most admirable success stories in the world. Additionally, he earns an excess of ten million dollars every year in income. Hence, he is likewise the CEO of Engro Digital, a chemical and processing plant. Where information taken from sensors collaborates with an AI-based system. It gives continuous flow and alarms.

08. Maria Umar

Maria Umar is the originator of the Women’s Digital League (WDL). An online stage that gives work opportunities and advanced learning for Pakistani ladies. The defining moment in her career was the Project Artemis/Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Program. During her time working in an online advanced redistributing circle. Furthermore, including Mashable, Forbes, Virgin, Ashoka, and Dawn. Hence her story is one of the most admirable success stories.

07. Ali Rehan

Ali Rehan is a creator of Eyedeus Labs and Ingrain. He did his graduation from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). He is likewise the CEO of Groopic Inc. Hence, it leads a team of five to develop, deliver and market the Groopic App.  Ali is the Co-founder of Ingrain, a local promoting platform. That permits the users to put programmed and individually focused recordings online in real-time. His success story is among the most hit success stories.

06. Monis Rahman

Monis Rahman is a Pakistani founder & CEO of Naseeb Networks, Inc. A business-centered informal organization, which fills the need for online occupation enrollment. In 2006, he began Rozee.pk, an organization meant to job opportunities in Pakistan. Hence, his story starts from this and hence considered in the most admirable stories.

05. Zia Imran

Zia Imran is an entrepreneur, creator, and motivational speaker in Pakistan. Which includes building home automation and energy-saving devices based on IoT technologies. Zia is the CEO of Vahzay, an organization situated in Lahore. Additionally, he has more than fifteen years of experience working at Silicon Valley. Hence he is among the personalities with admirable success stories.

04. Asad Umar

Asad Umar’s success story is present in the list of top 10 success stories of Pakistan. Moreover, he is one of the most generously compensate CEO throughout the history of Pakistan. His success story is really an inspiration for struggling Businessmen, students. Asad Umar did his B.Com from Government College and went to IBA. Additionally, he served in HSBC bank for few months but later on, joined Exxon in 1985.

03. Dr. Umar Saif

Dr. Umar Saif has broad involvement with the scholarly community. The board, counseling, and enterprise in the IT segment. Dr. Saif got his academic training from LUMS, Cambridge. While MIT. Dr. Umar Saif did his bachelor from LUMS. Whereas, Doctorate from the University of Cambridge and Post-Doctorate from MIT. In 2013. Establishing as a Vice-Chancellor of the Information Technology University (ITU). Although he is liable for setting up another openly contracted college. With programs in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

02. Sunny Ali

Sunny Ali is the founder and CEO of Extreme Commerce. While an established Extreme Commerce to empower Pakistani youth. Such business people with the right information have the ability to construct their online organizations on Amazon. Hence, his life-changing story is one of the most admirable success stories in the world

01. Mr. Salim Ghauri

Mr. Salim Ghauri, who dreamt of Pakistan having its own driving IT platform. While demonstrating the patriotic energy in establishing NetSol Technologies. Which over decades is today the main CMMI Level 5 association in the world. Moreover, this is a significant asset of Salim Ghauri.

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